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How do I find Kyogre and Groundon?

I beat the part at the aqua base and now i can't find them. I also have a game shark I think it might have effected the game. Please help!

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orangeumbreon23 answered:

Go to the Weather Institute and they'll tell you about strange weather on a certain route. Go there to find a new area not normally there to find one of them. There should be a map of all the possible locations in the FAQs section.
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amp888 answered:

You have to beat the Elite Four first. Then read the above answer. You CAN get both of them in Emerald.
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anthonian answered:

Both amp888 and orangeumbreon23 is correct. You have to beat The Elite Four first before you can catch them both. The scientist in the Weather Institute will tell you about their location.
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apletkaiver answered:

On the routes the Weather Institute tells you, there will be a new entrances to the Marine and Terra Caves.
For Groundon, the entrance is located where it wasn't there before, near caves.
For Kyogre, you will have to dive into an underwater cavern and find a cave somewhere.

Try to find it quickly, because if you take too long, they will disappear and you will have to talk to the Weather Institute again for locations.
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aahh_man answered:

Once you've beaten the Elite 4,Go to the Weather Institute then go upstairs and talk to the guy using the computer and he'll tell you where there is extreme sunlight (Groudon)Then find a cave where there was no cave before.(i found that cave in the side of rusturf tunnel but in the rustboro side)but yours could be in a different spot.then go back to the institute then he'll tell you where it's raining a lot then that's where you'll go to find kyogre.(he lives in a diving my game,Ifound that spot near shoal cave and mossdeep.)

P.S.Groudon's cave is called terra cave and kyogre's is marine cave.
P.S.Both of them have 1-hit k.o. moves so use only rayquaza when battling them 'coz he's immune to those attacks.
P.S.S.Easy capture!weaken kyogre till his hp is in red or orange color then net me. super easy!Groudon is or red then a couple of ultra balls should do it.
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ZNYsnyyeah8 answered:

They're both right
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