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Game corruption after elite 4?!

I need help!again! before i had a descent emerald game.i had captured all legendaries.Then i was such a dumbass.I removed my emerald from my gameboy while i was playing and then,then!,THEN! when i put the game back on the save file has been corrupted,then i bought a new copy but i did'nt do the stupid thing!i want to hear from an original emerald owner!what to do to ensure your emerald is real!and saves the file after elite 4!

P.S.I did not name my player ASH

Olivia_av asked for clarification:

Uh, I need more information... What exactly did you do after the elite four and before?

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NJDS answered:

Maybe your game was corrupted because it hanged or you charge while playing or maybe your cartridge
was broken if you drop your cartridge a LOT (either fake), if you restarting it means the game got corrupted when the game is not working. I'm sorry you have to redo again, i got that problem because when i was
going to fight one of the frontier brains(battle frontier) i save then off next thing was It was corrupted.
i think you should fixed your gameboy (if your gameboy has a problem) or buy a new pokemon emerald cartridge. If you blow out the inside your chance of getting that save data back will be at least 40-55%.
P.s more advice will be either tomorrow or another 2 days.
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GameFreakMania answered:

It's real if you can start the game without getting a message saying that the game's internal battery has run dry. If you can't, it's bootleg.

(Note that you will get the same notification if the internal battery really has run dry, but this definitely won't happen with a new copy.)
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Iwanagi answered:

But, can't you play from the revious save file? it would have loaded it...
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ericb982 answered:

The game usually saves its last save in the data banks in case it corrupts. I am stumped on what to do.
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360flip_all_day answered:

My game ran dry ive beaten elite four 7 times no lie and caught rayquaza kyogre and groudon no master balls no cheats but my game still works perfect.
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pokemaster45791 answered:

It does this to me.If I run out of charge while saving,when i turn it back on,it says"Save file was corrupted.Game will continue from last save file."
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Oho_Jee answered:

It didn't do that to me. You might have damaged the Gameboy when you pulled the game out.
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bluestargirl69 answered:

That also happened to my friend. Too bad.Because he caught Rayquaza with a Pokeball (why isn't that shocking)
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EnteiTrainer answered:

Load the previous file or just don't remove the game when you are playing
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Gameflamemaster answered:

If u got a glitch pokemon, its likely to do that. Or, DONT PULL OUT YOUR GAME WHEN PLAYIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Aquamarine2512 answered:

if after beating the E4 it says:"The saved file has been erased...." or like that, you can simply click option->emulator->save type->flash 128k, then defeat E4 again(I tested it and succeeded)
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Typomaster23 answered:

It means that the Pokemon Emerald that you bought is a piece crap(meaning it doesn't save after the elite four, it erases the file, so I suggest that you buy a Pokemon Emerald cartridge that is pure green)
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Typomaster23 answered:

Oh yeah! One more thing, the pure green thing I'm talking about......that's your clue if its not a piece of crap.
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computergeek100 answered:

Im with type master,if its not green,its a fakie.
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computergeek100 answered:

1.You might have broken the gameboy.

2.Your cartridge might be fake,make sure its green and has nintendo symbol on it.

3.Save after the elite 4 5 times in one spot,and dont move for a few secondsafter the saves,then save 1 more time then try.
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ericb982 answered:

You know, it is probably broke if it doesn't have the seal and is not green it is fake. If correct, take your game boy / game and get it fixed.
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hellsingfan116 answered:

Did u try shutting it off blowing out the inside and trying again mine has the same issue but it says its corrupted a lot just restarting it though brings up the data sometimes it just doesnt load.
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plainoldluis answered:

I would go with NJDS2`s answer.I have seen a fake version of the game before. It is black with a sticker like the real game.
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