Question from Moon_Rain

How do I get to (the 4th gym)?

I need 2 get there.

Accepted Answer

ansemdwise answered:

Go north of mauville city and keep going util u reach Fallarbor town than go to meteor falls (the cave south of fallarbor) save the guy, then take the cable car ( east of fiery path's entrance ) then defeat maxie, head south, cross the jajed pass, head west and go into the gym
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Emerald_Pearl09 answered:

You go to the upper part of mauville city... then you need to go to fallarbor town....then to the meteor falls (the cave) then go to the cable car... u need o defeat first the team magma the after that.... go down to the path where the 2 grunts are blocking the way which is not blocked anymore... then go down...u'll reach the gym
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