Question from wakakakasam

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find the wailmer/wailord?

I need it to catch the pokemon legendary regi's, thanks a lot to help me!

Additional details - 5 years ago

And after all when i can find staryu , corpfish and another rare water pokemon?

Accepted Answer

From: Dexthe 5 years ago

Unfortunatly,if you want Wailord you`ll have to have these things:
Super rod
Become champion at least once.
1st way:Go to ever grande city,go down the waterfall.Now some where near there,use the super rod to fish for it.
2nd way:Go to Mosdeep,run up,fish there using the super rod.
After you fished a Wailmer,Train it till lv.40.
Tip:You might want to fight the reporters for faster lvling.

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Oh.forgot one thing.Wailmer evolves at level40,so the wailmer you fish should be no lesser then lvl30-35.

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if yor lucky you can get a wailord by going from pacifidlog town to ever grande city but dont go to ever grande.PS:u need a super rod and leave one space in case you get a wailmer.

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