Question from Gothic89

What is a good moveset for Metagross?

I taught earthquake to another pokemon before I got Metagross.
Is there another way to get earthquake? If not what is the best moveset without earthquake?

Gothic89 provided additional details:

Where can I buy it, Iwanagi? Plz tell me?

Accepted Answer

Iwanagi answered:

If I remember correctly, either the mall, or you can have a lady teach it to you at the battle frontier.
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oceanblackdog answered:

First you can see if you can buy it from the department store in lilycove or if you have it in ruby saphire, firered or leafgreen then let a pokemon hold it, trade it to your emerald, then copy that pokemon. the copying glitch is on the cheats section
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chaocross answered:

Or, have a full team or Level 40+ pokemon with the Pickup ability (Linoone) and fight some battles. There is a 1-3% chance of obtaining TM 26 that way.
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Iwanagi answered:

Uh...Buy it?
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