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Where is the safari zone?



shadowrazr98 answered:

You can find the Safari Zone to the left of Lilycove City.
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wakakakasam answered:

in the liycove town when you fly to that town and arrive at PC
go left and you can enter the safari zone in the building that near on two ladies and aqua team
or near from the trees you must cut....
in the safari zone you can catch the rare pokemon that you never seen before in the cave, see or grass
like herecross, phanpy, shuckel, houndor, psyduck, gligar, wobuffet, pineco, miltnk, ledyba, spinarak, and many rare pokemon...!!!!
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RaikouTGC answered:

Middle of Route 121 along the North Edge, Just above the Dock that you surf to Mt Pyre From.

And all those Pokemon Wakakakasam mentioned are only available after you defeat the E4
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