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How do i get to the 7th gym?

I can not get there

gta4fan245 provided additional details:

It is relly hard!!!!!!!!!

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pk18 answered:

when you are in Lilycove, and there is 3 wailmers blocking your way to get to the Mossdeep/7th Gym, Fly to slateport and go to the Slateport Harbor, don't go inside, talk to Capt.Stern which is entertaining with the reporters, after that, it will automatically go inside of the Harbor, Team Aqua will steal his submarine,when you are done, fly to Lilycove go on the place where wailmers blocking you and surf north, there will be a cave called Hideout of Aquas go inside and find the submarine of Capt. Stern,( the Master Ball is also in here in the Aquas Hideout), when you successfully find them, they will escape, now,get out of the cave, you can now surf to Mossdeep Island, the 3 wailmers will gone.
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squarefood24 answered:

Yea, only your gonna have to fight a lot of grunts, (im sure your used to that by now). Be careful with the Mossdeep leaders(yes, Leaders, there are two) they have physic pkmn, lunatone, solrock, claydol, slowpoke(?). use things like Absol, Mightyena, dark types to take'em down
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brandonwong1 answered:

Where can I find Capt . Stern when i reach Slateport City ??????????
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