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Asked: 5 years ago

What is the best place to catch whalemur?

I need help.

Accepted Answer

From: Iwanagi 5 years ago

Dewford Town-Fish (Good Rod) 20%
Dewford Town- Fish (Super Rod) 100%
Ever Grande City- Fish (Good Rod) 20%
Ever Grande City-Fish (Super Rod) 45%
Lilycove City-Fish (Good Rod) 20%
Lilycove City-Fish (Super Rod) 85%
Mossdeep City-Fish (Good Rod) 20%
Mossdeep City-Fish (Super Rod) 60%
Pacifidlog Town-Fish (Good Rod) 20%
Pacifidlog Town-Fish (Super Rod) 60%
Route 103-Fish (Good Rod) 20%
Route 103-Fish (Super Rod) 60%
Route 105-Fish (Good Rod) 20%
Route 105-Fish (Super Rod) 100%
Route 106-Fish (Good Rod) 20%
Route 106-Fish (Super Rod) 100%
Route 107-Fish (Good Rod) 20%
Route 107-Fish (Super Rod) 100%
Route 108-Fish (Good Rod) 20%
Route 108-Fish (Super Rod) 100%
Route 109-Fish (Good Rod) 20%
Route 109-Fish (Super Rod) 100%
Route 110-Fish (Good Rod) 20%
Route 110-Fish (Super Rod) 100%
Route 115-Fish (Good Rod) 20%
Route 115-Fish (Super Rod) 100%
Route 121-Fish (Good Rod) 20%
Route 121-Fish (Super Rod) 100%
Route 122-Fish (Good Rod) 20%
Route 122-Fish (Super Rod) 60%
Route 123-Fish (Good Rod) 20%
Route 123-Fish (Super Rod) 100%
Route 124-Fish (Good Rod) 20%
Route 124-Fish (Super Rod) 60%
Route 125-Fish (Good Rod) 20%

Among Others.

Fish (Super Rod) 45%-Seafloor Cavern
Fish (Good Rod) 20%-Seafloor Cavern
Fish (Super Rod) 100%-Shoal Cave Tidal Rooms
Fish (Good Rod) 20%-Shoal Cave Tidal Rooms
Fish (Super Rod) 100%-Slateport City
Fish (Good Rod) 20%-Slateport City

Decide what's best. You can also surf for it on the route right next to Lilycove.

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Exactly what Pokemon is "whalemur" ?

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Go around dewford and fish with the super rod. If you're going for wailord, you can catch a wailmer up to level 39, one level before it evolves into wailord. But Yea, with the super rod, you can find wailmers quite commonly actually. If you are going for wailord, then you can actually find it south of ever grande city, fishing with the super rod, and it is VERY rare.

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This Proves that it is not VERY Rare.

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