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My VGC 2010 Team. Recommendations?

Ok, so I've got this LV 50 team that I'm working on. Need some thoughts.

Iwanagi provided additional details:

-All are LV 50-
(Note, these have been transfered to Platnium, so If the moves don't look familiar, you know why.)

-Water Pulse
-Ice Beam

-Ice Beam
-Brick Break

-Energy Ball
-Shadow Ball

-Shadow Ball
-Iron Tail

-Leaf Blade
-Aerial Ace
-Dragon Claw

-Aqua Tail
-Giga Impact
-Need a move, LMAO.

Thx again!

o2awesome asked for clarification:

I own PLatinum but what is embargo

Iwanagi provided additional details:

Prevents the target from using its held item for five turns. During in-game battles, trainers also cannot use any items from their bag on a Pokemon under the effects of Embargo.

Thar ya go.

Iwanagi provided additional details:

o2awesome- Who? Define.

Iwanagi provided additional details:

It's up there.

Yeah, I'm thinking of switching Water Pulse.

Iwanagi provided additional details:

o2awesome: Which pokemon are you talking about?

Iwanagi provided additional details:

Whoops, I saw post.
What about the others?

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Blackviper17 answered:

I can see you've put a lot of effort into your team, and i think you'd be a pretty formidable opponent! However, there are a few things you might consider:
first, you've got all attacking moves. Thunderbolt, flamethrower, psychic are all powerful moves, but what if your foe uses captivate or charm to lower your attack or special attack? I would recommend cutting out some of your attacking moves, and adding some defensive moves like will-o-wisp to cripple strong physical attacks, or haze to reduce stat effects? You'd be surprised by how much stat-effecting moves can implicate battles. the lowest a stat can go is like 30% or something. That means a good flamethrower would do barely anything even if it was super-effective. (by the way, notice that three of your Pokemon know flamethrower!)
another thing: the Pokemon you chose are good, but you could get better ones. gengar and alakazam have super high special attack, and tyranitar can be nearly invincible with stone edge, plus if you give him a choice band.
don't be afraid to use moves like protect to scout out your opponents moves!
Yeah, i used to think all this stat stuff was stupid, but now I've learned a lot more!
Lastly, TEAM COORDINATION!! notice most of your Pokemon will have good attack and okay defense (except for gardevoir). Sometimes pokemon aren't really good by themselves, but can make a good team when partnered with another. (the vgc is double battle, just in case you didn't know). for example, if i have a golem and a porygon, the porygon can use magnet rise to make it resistant to golems earthquake attack, while porygon can freely use discharge, because electric doesn't effect ground!
Well, that's all the advice i can give you now, and keep up your good work!
(Oh yes, i think houndoom should know crunch/dark-pulse instead of shadow ball, because pokemon get extra damage for attacks that are the same type as them, and you should teach your gyarados earthquake, that'll give him a big advantage against electric pokemon, which is his biggest weakness. Embargo for houndoom is a good strategy! I'm a total houndoom fan, by the way!!)

: )
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o2awesome answered:

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Dexthe answered:

You might want to throw a Thunderbolt move on Gyrados,or shock wave works fine too.And you might wanna change Nidoking`s thunderbolt to a ground/poison type move.And WTH is embargo?
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o2awesome answered:

For nidoking I reccomend aerial ace, brick break, thunder, and ice beam
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o2awesome answered:

Aerial Ace for grass, bug, and fighting
Brick Break for ice, rock, steel, dark, and normal
Thunder for water and flying,
Ice Beam has more accuracy then Blizzard for dragon
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o2awesome answered:

The rest are GOOD TO GO! Sorry it took me too long to answer
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dudeman158 answered:

Good Team
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