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How do u beat the 7th gym leader in pokemon emerald?

Pleez help!


o2awesome answered:

Maybe catch an absol any level(left of fortree) go to abandon ship find storage key in there go to the storage room in the ship get ice beam(in pokeball) and teach it to absol or if you started with mudkip make sure it's a swampert around level 36-41 withn ice beam should cream her for tropius catch a tropius(left of fortree) level it up to around 28-35 and teach it fly otherwise catch a voltorb(southeast of mauville to new mauville)first get the key from watson.Level it up to a electrode to level 31-34 and teach it thunderbolt once you turn off the switch in new mauville and talk to watson.
Sorry if this is long,
o2awesome ;}
(yes I meant the weird thing at the end)
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o2awesome answered:

sorry typo
in it I meant's a swampert around 36-41 with ice beam.For tropius.......
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KlydeVividarium answered:

It takes alot of patience. ALOT.
It took my like, 10 minutes with my Absol.
Use any Ice/Thunder moves on Xatu, and water works good on everything else.
If you can get down to just the Lunatone, then you are almost guaranteed a win with any dark pokemon.
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lol54321 answered:

Lol tats not the easiest way...
Get a walrein and spam blizzard until their 1st 2 pokemon die and spam surf until the next 2 die.
For good measure, get a Gardevoir and use Imprison the 1st chance u get. Level them to about lvl 45+ tat will make thing too easy (battle ended in 1 min, same goes for other gyms, 1 min any of the gyms)
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ab9003 answered:

My Sharpedo's crunch worked just fine, beat that gym in one try
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ZeroTuck answered:

Well, really I can't say a whole lot on this matter. If I recall, my way of winning was my Blaziken leveled to around 55 and an Armaldo lvl 48-50. Blaziken I used Blaze Kick or Double kick until it died, then with Armaldo, I used AncientPower which 1 hit KO'd all of them.
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metaceratops1 answered:

Use a Manetric
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Joshua8101 answered:

To fight Claydol,
Don't use Electric!!! Using Earthquake will TOTALLY kill your pokemon.
Have a flying-type. I recommend a Skarmory. Juz don't use tha Steel moves

To fight Xatu,
Don't use Rock or Electric! As Claydol and Xatu are the first ones to come out, You might find them a team...
Try an Ice type pokemon. It can wipeout.

To fight Lunatone

As long as ther's no Claydol ar Solrock, You may use the Dark type

To fight Solrock,
All I can say is, Solrock's moves are:
Sunny Day (Fire)
Psychic (Psychic)
Flamethrower (Fire
Solarbeam (Grass)
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namikazekushina answered:

I fought Tate & Liza with a LV 45 Swampert with Hydro Pump, a LV38 Magneton, LV 36 Hariyama, and LV 39 Beautifly. (Swampert and Magneton did most of the work though)

First, my Swampert was a lot faster than Claydol, so I took him out with either Hydro Pump or Surf, then a Thunderbolt sent Xatu away.
As for Lunatone and Solrock, I just used Surf until they died.
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qwerk11 answered:

If you already have an absol, then that's great, but an even better strategy is to catch a sharpedo (use super rod right off Mossdeep island). If you send out one of those in addition to a whiscash (which knows surf) then you will have an easier time defeating them
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aseitve answered:

Get a powerful dark type and teach it shadowball
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eeveelution03 answered:

You could always use Absol... But never use a fighting tyle. I think buf type moves and pokemon might help. I defeated Tate and Lisa with my Absols. I also defeated them, in another game, with me Plusle and Minun. I hope this sorta helped ya. Ps, I think you can catch absol on the way to Lilycove City... Sorry, my memory often fails me...
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MegaBlastoise15 answered:

Absol+Shadow Ball= destruction
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