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I can't seem to find a Wild Horsea in the area between Slateport and Pacifidlog. Please help.

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apatau answered:

You can trade Bagon for Horsea in Pacifidlog Town,you can get Bagon in Meteor Falls (LV.30),but you must have Pokenon with Waterfall and Surf power
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devilz_R answered:

Horsea can be found on Route 134,can only catch by Super Rod (uncommon,at lv.25-30)
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hotrodneptune32 answered:

Horsea can be found on Routes 132-134, fish with the super rod with an uncommon chance of getting them. Try catching a few because they might be holding a Dragon Scale, which has to be held when Seadra-Horsea's Evolution at level 32-is traded so it can evolve into Kingdra.
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Ambitiouz23 answered:

If u dont want to catch it trade it with the guy in pacifilog but he wants a bagon wich is rare

Bagon: where dragon claw is-i think-if u dont know u have to surf in meteor falls-the cave near fallabor- and then use waterfall up the waterfall and find another cave that leads into a little island with the tm dragon claw in the same spot it might take time but youll find him, good luck!!!
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