Question from trixa_13

Old Sea Map?

How can I use the Old Sea Map? Because I obtained it by using Gameshark so I really don't know.


AuroriaFlash answered:

Well if it's active you should be able to go to the port and show it to the sailor (either both port or just Lilicove)
but inorder to do that you have to beat the league

I think it leads to Mew's island
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Iwanagi answered:

You still need to get the Event Enabler...
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crimson_slipher answered:

you need to use the event ticket offense AuroriaFlash wrong info from u.
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MexicanWalrus answered:

Yeah, you need to put in the event ticket activator code on the codebreaker for the ticket to do anything.
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Flame982 answered:

Cheating is for noobs who suck at the game and have no life.
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