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What should I use the Master Ball on?

on my fire red quest I used it on mewtwo and now I'm having trouble with catching suicune and I don't want that to happen in Emerald so what should I use the master ball on?

Accepted Answer

garfieldlover19 answered:

Use it on either Rayquaza (recommended)
or Latios/latias (slightly more than rayquaza)

If you use it on the Latis then come prepared for Rayquaza. level 65 at the least. Have a pokemon that has thunder wave, or stun spore and put rayquaza in the red. bring 150-200 ultra balls. It's a nusance to catch but it's worth it.
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tylerkidd answered:

Rayqaza/or groudon.
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RaikouTGC answered:

Lati@s, Because it is Roaming and Runs

The other Legendaries are stationary, Save in front of them then you can reset if you KO them or run out of Pokeballs
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