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Where can I find regirock / ice / steel place,and how to open it?

I hear the place of "regi's" can be open by Wailord and Relicanth in my party.If I doing that and go to "regi's" place,what should I do to open it?

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KlydeVividarium answered:

Well, you need to find the Under Water cavern, or something of that similar name.

**You need to make sure to bring a Wailord, a Relicanth, and a pokemon the can use dive and dig. They don't have to be on the same pokemon, just make sure you have both at your disposal.

Just go to Pacifidlog, and go to your left till you see the magical streaming currents. Ride those, but stay towards the bottom.

Eventually, after a little while, if you're lucky (it may take a couple of tries) you will find a square dive spot. Dive down, and you will be in a small room. Go down the door to the bottom, and make your way through the passageway.

When you get to the bottom, you will see a large white rock thing that's made of the same stuff as the walls. Use dive on the spot directly infront of it. You will be in a cave with a bunch of stones with visual brail on them.

Go to the very front of the cave, and you will find more visual brail on the wall. Have a pokemon use dig on the spot directly infront of the wall, and you will be in a nother cave. Simply go to the front with a Wailord in the front of your party, and a Relicanth in the final spot, and the ground should shake.

Bam. The doors to the three Regis have been opened.

Hope this helped. ^-^
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orangeumbreon23 answered:

Check the floated thread on the message board(the Emerald Ingame FAQ) and scroll down to section 15.
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Silv3rm00n answered:

First you have to-never mind I'll give you a link XD There is some one on youtube who shows you how to get all three of them.

The music is kind of stupid but you can always just turn it down XD I would have explained it all but its long
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ThunderBird99 answered:

You must bring a Wailord, Relicanth, and a pokemon that have a DIG move
Go to the pacifidlog town(or anything you call it) and then surf
You'll find a fast current / u can call it ocean current
Stay on the bottom(don't get too close to the rocks)
If u lucky ( maybe u need a couple of tries) you'll find a diving spot shaped like a square
Dive and you'll find dots on the wall
Go up in front of the dots and you'll arrived in a place called Sealed Chamber
Go front and you'll find three three dots on the wall
Use dig in front of the middle dots
Go in, and look for the deepest place
Made your Wailord in the first party and your Relicanth in the last party
Click the middle dots(if it doesnt works, go out the cave, and made your Relicanth in the first place ad wailord in the last place, then try again )
After you hear an earthquake, that means the three doors of the regis has been opened

Regirock is at Desert
Registeel is East to Fortree City
Regice is at route 103

Hope it works ^_^
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