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How do I catch chimecho ?

i know where to go but i cant find him. its the last pokemon i need to fill up my pokedex so that i can catch jirachi.


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xsamxrocksx answered:

Ok I found my Chimecho in the same spot in Emerald and in Sapphire. Go to Mt. Pyre. Walk up all the way to where the graves are. Keep walking up to where the orbs are. Right before you get to the last set of stairs (where the old lady and man are standing) go right or left, there should be small patches of grass on either side. I found mine on the right side, other people say they found theirs on the left. Chimecho is very hard to find but don't give up he's around there somewhere.
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3strongman answered:

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flyboy27 answered:

Well basically it can be found in Mt. Pyre and also it is very rare so you might need a Pokemon who knows Sweet Scent. Hope this helped.
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