Question from Ying1816

What Pokemons know dig?

I'm just too lazy to think or search myself.

Accepted Answer

RaikouTGC answered:

Dig AttackDex Entry
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ChrisPerez001 answered:

Sandslash that was breeded
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NooGai808 answered:

Get a trapinch and level it up to 41. It will learn dig by itself. If you want it to be a Flygon with Dig and don't have the TM or don't want to use it(just like me) and if like those people that feel that pokemon are stronger when you raise them from an earlier level(again, just like me) let trapinch evolve into Veebrava after learning Dig, and breed with Ditto. You'll then get a Trapinch at level 5 with Dig already learned.
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