Question from Ying1816

Why do we need a relicanth and wailord to get the regis?

I just don't get why we do.

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Dexthe answered:

The Whole Code To unlocking the door is:
We live and dwell in this hole.
Because of the monsters.
But We locked them up.
We were too scared.
To the brave ones,the most courageous ones filled with hope
Open the doors and you shall find the eternal monsters.
*The First Is Wailord
The Last Is Relicanth.*
And thus,the doors will open.
The First,Meaning Wailord,Is the Biggest Sea Pokemon and Relicanth Is The Oldest Sea Pokemon.
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FyrFyter22 answered:

Because they Unlock the Door, without them the Path will not open
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MexicanWalrus answered:

It's part of the puzzle which you need to solve.

If you don't the path you need won't open.

They probably have some Pokemon history or something with them.

Not sure why, but all I now is that you have to.

You'll need to ask the creator of the game if you want a legit answer.
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yarizazame95 answered:

the best answer is u need wailord cuz is the bigest pokemon and relicanth cuz is the oldest when u catch em read the desrcipcion andu see relicatnh is too old an wailord is the bigest I think
I hopw this help ya ;)
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dc_shorty_0 answered:

You need them because the creators of this game put that so
hope that help little
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xairus07 answered:

because it is required by the braille....wailord and relicanth can make tha door open because it can trigger the earthquake that can open the three Regis
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