Question from gmoney21915

Is it possible to get 200 pokemon without trading?

I dont have any friends to trade with but is it possible to get all 200 without trading?

gmoney21915 provided additional details:

Well i want to get the jhoto starters with out trading any pokemon

Accepted Answer

RaikouTGC answered:

If you are referring to Getting 001-200 of the Hoenn Dex for the Johto Starter then No. You will miss out on, the other two Starter Lines, all the Trade and Trade + Held Item Evolutions, and the 7 Hoenn Pokemon not in Emerald but in Ruby and/or Sapphire
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n00b15h answered:

In the national dex yes if you go to safari after you beat the elite four
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RaikouTGC answered:

That is impossable outside of hacking, you must trade to get all 200
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MegamanHelp answered:

No. You need to trade.
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