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Good Ground Pokemon for beating Watson?

Where can I get one? All I got is Grovyle, Gulpin, and Pelipper. I got creamed trying to beat him. Help!!!

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milky0078 answered:

Well you can find a Geodude in the Granite Cave where you delivered the letter to Steven. Just make sure someone in your party knows flash so you can see the surroundings in the cave, and also make sure someone knows rocksmash in your partyso you can smash the rocks in the cave to find him and if you didnt find him just exit the area and come back to the area the rocks should be back for you to smash. (By the way if you don't already have the HM move Rock Smash, its in Mauville City, east of the poke mart in some dudes house, just talk to him and he'll give it to you.) Home this helps.
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Turok1046 answered:

A really good ground type is a graveler but i beat watson with my deoxys so any ground type is good but if u have another stong type like fire it work too
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Iwanagi answered:

Uh, Turok...Deoxys would win anyway.....and I don't see how you got it so early...but anyway.

Dude, if you get a Geodude, raise it to a Graveller, and give it whatever ground move it learns next. Unless you have a Ground type TM, Graveller would work fine.
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Topher65 answered:

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Riamu101 answered:

There is not alot of help from these people u can only get geodude when u beat watson u need his gym badge to use rock smash
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spooky96 answered:

You should have picked Mudkip as your starter, it will help you in many other gyms too.
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Hunter2812 answered:

You can use swampert or marstomp they are very good to beat ground type!! im sory my english bad,,
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shadowrazr98 answered:

The best thing to do is to level up a bit. Another choice is to catch a Geodude in Granite Cave in Dewford Town and evolve him into Graveler. Make him learn Magnitude and you can pretty much wipe out Wattson because Electric type moves won't effect him either.
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Riamu101 answered:

Get a nincada he is a ground and bug but hard to level up and teach it a weak ground type or get a shroomish to level 21 and have it learn leech seed, mega drain, stun spore and absorb that works against magnaton and beat the first three with your other pokemon.
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lol54321 answered:

You don't really need a ground type. I see that your pokemon cant defeat magneton at all. Another alternative rather than graveller is a good fighting type. Breloom and makuhita works very well. Makuhita with Guts will totally cream him if he trys to paralyse you. Note that Breloom has great ATT
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Iwanagi answered:

Riamu. Seriously. You need to check your pokedex. :D
I'm loving some of the FAIL i'm seeing.

It's not that hard. Or if you want to teach Grovyle Mud-Shot or whatever ground TM you come across.

If all else fails, lvl up some more, and use that STAB. That's a RPG for you.
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jinpachi02 answered:

me I beat Wattson with my Combusken, Shroomish and Kirlia (for electrike only and confusing enemies) my Geodude haven't learned magnitude at that time yet so I used those three..if you have Grovyle then you have resistance against electric types but dont use him against Magneton which is a steel type you can use Shroomish like I did just use Leech seed as early as possible......
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SuperRalts answered:

Geodude is probably your best bet. It has a huge defense stat, and since it's part Ground, electric attacks do not affect it, which completely rules out up to 75% of all the moves that Wattson uses against you. Magnitude is learned at level 16 as a Geodude, and it sweeps through Wattson very quickly and effectively. And I do not believe there are any ground type TM's to be had at this point. Nincada is a secondary option, being part ground and everything, but the worst part about Nicada is the fact that the ONLY ground move it learns is Dig, and it's not until level 49, I think (check Serebii or Marriland for that), and Ninjask will not learn Dig, so you have to stay as a Nincada in order to learn it.
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Ambitiouz23 answered:

i had the same problem and i used aron in the cave in dewford but he needs to know mud slap it might take u a few tries cuz shock wave never misses but you'll beat it eventually GOOD LUCK!!!
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razamatar15 answered:

Geodude is the esiest route, but he is kindof rare. Try the first floor of Granite cave.
If i were you I'd see if you could get somewhere with Mattikua. Its not as easy as using geodude, but it pays better later.
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gelopicio answered:

Just get an Aron. Aron has 1 ground type attack, and that is Mud-Slap.
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ChrisPerez001 answered:

Oh yeah don't forget ROCK SMASH!!!!
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Mithrilguy answered:

There are:
Aron - which can use mud slap
Graveler or Geodude - Magnitude
Uhhhhh you can also use fighting attacks cause they are also super effective.
Breloom - Mach Punch
Makuhita - Arm Thrust or something
Well hope this helps. Good luck.
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