Question from Waste00

Asked: 4 years ago

Evolving without trading?

Heya, so i decided to try this game since i played the old ones back in the day, and i wanted to recreate my old team, including my alakazam, so i got myself an abra, got him to evolve to Kadabra, but then he wouldnt evolve any further.. i checked up on this site and apparantly i need to trade him to get him to evolve.. now my problme is im playing it on an emulator on my PC so i can't trade with anyone. Am i screwed or is there some other way to get him to evolve?

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From: RaikouTGC 4 years ago

Search for a Program called VBALink

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1. Find the correct Evolving Stone,if there is one.
2. Keep raising him up and up levels.
3. Use RARE CANDY,but I don't think that will work....
4.Raise his stats.

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If you are using the visual boy advance emulator then search for a program called VBALink. I tried it and got myself an Alakazam!

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there are 2 ways
1. hack your rom and change the evovlion way
2. use VBA link and trade your pokemon easy

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Oho_Jee Alakazam levels through trading, as Waste00 pointed out. Just to VBAlink, dont waste ur time trying to level it as if it were a normal pokemon(i.e. Zigzagoon).

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