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How do you get Mew without going to a Nintendo event?

Can you get Mew using a gameshark/action replay?

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From: Iwanagi 5 years ago

Can I slap you? You can't trade from R/B/Y to Emerald.

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Yes, Gameshark/AR is the only way now. All the GBA Nintendo events are gone. It's the only way.

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Mew is found on Faraway island and u need old sea map to reach it. This is not possible so gameshark and AR are the only ways possible.

Use this code to warp to Faraway island


U can find mew in the next screen in the grass. The moment u enter the place, mew will run into the grass. U hav to ambush him lock him into a corner and then talk to him. He will be at lvl 30. Moves : Pound Transform Metronome Mega Punch

Take with u a high levelled false swiper and a lot of ultra balls
U need luck to corner him in the grass maze

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The given above code above doesn't work..

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Dude, just use the wild pokemon modifer...It's much simpler...

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Get a game shark and warp to Faraway Island! The code should all ready be in the game shark! Or go with what Iwanagi said, just use the pokemon modifier in the game shark. This way you don't have to corner him in the grass. (And it doesn't take LUCK to corner him! It's easy!) Hope this helps! ^^

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There's no way in the gba games w/o cheating. My Pokemon Ranch gives you one if you fill it up.

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Yep, Pokemon Ranch gives you a Mew if you put in 999/1000 pokemon. Its owner, Hayley, will trade you Mew for an Egg. Only legit way.

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Therfe is a way in pokemon blue to get mew without game shark. if you give me your e-mail i can send you the details, since its complicated

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Well you can trade from pokemon red, blue or yellow if you have it on there. You can also use game sharks.

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WTF??? You can't trade Gen. 1 & 2 pokemon to Gen. 3.

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Celebi7242 is right but you can only get it in diamonsd, pearl of platinum that way.

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where do we place The codes?

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For what? The WPM for GS? It should be already on there, right?

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