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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get to sootopolis city?

I defeated team aqua and magma that made grodon and kyroge fly away. Then it started to rain very hard. Steven said that he was going to sootopolis city .am i supposed to go there and how?

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get the HM 7dive from steven than you need to use surf at mosdeep city. than use surf and you should see a large dark circular area use dive at the south end of the circle and you should sea a cavern, go in and use dive a second time to get back up and you will be at sootopolis.

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Go to MOSSDEEP CITY.There you'll find [to the right] TEAM MAGMA MEMBERS.They'll leave and you go the same direction as them.[to the right and up the two sets of stairs].Go into the building[the SPACE CENTER].Go up the stairs[to the right,up].Battle the three TEAM MAGMA MEMBERS and go to the bottom left corner.Battle the TEAM MAGMA MEMBERS with STEVEN.After you beat them,he'll tell you that he wants to give something to you.Now leave the building.Go down the three sets of stairs and follow the path[left, up, left, up, left, up]then go left past the first house you see.go to the next house in the left hand corner[STEVEN'S HOUSE] He'll give the HM8 DIVE to you.Leave the house and use SURF left of the little island and shallow water.SURF to ROUTE 124.Go down past the two SWIMMERS and through the rocks there.You'll be on ROUTE 126 then.Go past the next two SWIMMERS.When you see the DARK WATER use DIVE.Go right [underwater] then down.You'll see a way to go on the left but ignore it.Keep going down.Go a little to the right and you'll see a CAVERN.go in and use dive again.You'll be at SOOTOPOLIS CITY then!

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People keep saying that, but when I try it, all I find is Team Aqua and a big underwater cave like a giant maze. Am I missing something?

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There are 2 caves underwater. One goes to the maze, other goes to sootopolis...
Try finding a world map or something...

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Dive near the giant white rock that is south of Mossdeep City.

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From mossdeep city surf and look for somewhere to dive, when you dive down and look for a cave go inside and go above water, you will reach sootopolis then.

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You must use dive to get in there

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Get the HM Dive from steven and the use it to get there.

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If you have a pokemon that knows the move fly go to pokemon (press start)find the pokemon with the move fly and press it (it should be color blue)then before you use fly a map will appear choose sootopolis then bam your in sootopolis

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Ask a Lifeguard where sootopolis city is then after he tells you go to the sea and surf then talk to someone and then they will bring you to sootopolis city

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