Question from agoogua

Asked: 5 years ago

Where do I go after I defeat Team Aqua at Mt. Pyre?

I'm a little stumped

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From: ThunderBird99 5 years ago

Go to jagged pass.
After you go there, do you remember a rock that a team magma grunt was blocking?
Go there and you'll hear an earthquake
The rock will made an entrance and go inside
Beat team magma and maxie

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Go to lilycove and continue your journey. That dosn't end your pokemon league challenge. Also go to lilycove department store if you havn't yet.

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U gotta go to team magma's hideout.

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U talk to old woman and she will give u a magma embelem after that go to mount chimney go down the way u would go to find lave ridge but move slowlyor u will miss the cave the opens up next to u it is disguised as a boulder when u walk past it there will be an earthquake bla blah blah and then there will be a hole in the boulder

good luck and warning the hideout is a maze and be ready to vs the leader lots of grunts

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