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Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2
Item FAQ
By: SkyBlazerW


Table Of Contents:
I). Introduction
II). Items
	A). Unit
	B). Weapons
	C). Consumable
	D). Special
III). Credit/Thanks
IV). Copyright

I). Introduction:

	Yeah, well this is my first FAQ so I don't know if it'll be 
much of a help but I hope it is to you other Super Robot Wars Fans 
out there.  This FAQ is about items and their function cause many 
people I know ask for them.  Hope it helps ^_^  E-mail me if you have any 

II). Items:

	These Items will be sorted by how they appear in the item 
option.  They are separated into four sections Unit, Weapons, 
Consumable, and Special Items.

A). Unit:

Booster - Movement +1 
Mega Booster - Movement +2 
Apogee Motor - Movement +1, Mobility (Effects Evasive Rate) +5 
Thurbo Motor - Mobility +5 
Biosensor - Mobility +20 
High Performance Thruster - Mobility +25 
Chobum Armor - Hp +500, Defense +100 
Hybrid Armor - Hp+1000, Defense +150 
Orihalconium - Hp +1000, Defense +200 
Z.O. Armor - Hp +1500, Defense +250 
Tesra Drive - Give Unit Flight Ability with Land Reaction Sky A 
Tesra DriveS - Movement +1 and Give Unit Flight Ability with 
Land Reaction Sky S 
Thruster Module - Make Land Reaction Space S 
Dust Proofing - Make Land Reaction Land S 
Screw Module - Make Land Reaction Sea S 
A Adapter - All Land Reactions A 
S Adapter - All Land Reactions S 
Hyper Jammer - Give Unit "After Image" Ability

B). Weapons:

Dual Sensor - Accuracy +10 
Multi Sensor - Accuracy +20 
High Performance Radar - Accuracy +30 
T-LINK Sensor - Accuracy +40 
High Performance Radar - All Weapons (Besides Map Weapons) Get 
Range +1 
One-Hit K.O. Technique - Critical Rate +20

C). Consumable:

Propelant Tank - Recover All EN (Energy) 
Cartridge - Refills All Ammunition 
Repair Kit - Recovers All HP 
Super Repair Kit - Recovers All HP and EN, and Refills All 
SP Drink - Recovers 50 S.P. (Seishin Points) 
SSP Drink - Recovers All S.P.

D). Special:

High Performance Electronic Brain - Movement +2, Mobility +25, Weapon 
Range +1, and Accuracy +20 
Hero's Symbol - Defense +200, Mobility +25, and Accuracy +20 
Spirit Of Steel - Defense +250, Mobility +30, and Accuracy +35 
Big Generator - EN +50 
Mega Generator - EN +100 
Giga Generator - EN +200 
Solar Panel - Recover 10% of EN Every Turn 
Beam Coat - Gives Unit "Beam Coat" Ability 
A.B. Field - Gives Unit "A.B. Field" Ability 
G. Wall - Gives Unit "G. Wall" Ability 
G. Territory - Gives Unit "G. Territory Ability 
Bandana - Morale +5 
Twisted Bandana - Morale +10

IV). Credit/Special Thanks:

Myself-For having this much spare time to make this FAQ
Gundamtotoro-For letting me use his Copyright Format which is greatly 
appreciated, thanks a lot.

V). Copyright:

Unpublished work Copyright 2005 SkyBlazerW

This document is protected by US Copyright Law.  It is meant for private use 
only.  This FAQ may not be referenced or altered without permission from 
myself.  This FAQ is a GAMEFAQS Exclusive and may not be hosted elsewhere.
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