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"Easily the Best GBA SRW game, but will it appeal to others beyond the fanbase?"


Super Robot Wars/Taisen is a long running turn based strategy series in Japan. Most of the games are crossovers, taking mecha/giant robots from all kinds of anime series, such as Gundam, Mazinger Z, and even Neon Genesis Evangelion. However, this is a special game, in which you will only find mecha's created by the company, Banpresto, for the various individual games, teaming up with each other.

Graphics 10/10:

The Graphics are EXCELLENT. A few sprites were re-used from Original Generation 1, but they weren't necessarily bad ones. The Battle Animation is superb, I cannot think of many games, if any, that comes close to matching this game's animation. Although some attacks obviously look better than others, there was still an ample amount a fluid animation even put in to weak attacks, such as basic vulcans and missiles. The beam sword animation is superior to all of the GBA Super Robot Wars games as well. Add in an incredible amount of pilot cut ins, and we definitely have a winner. These graphics are on par with some of those Super Robot Wars games on PSX, such as Alpha, Alpha Gaiden, and F Final.

Sound/Music 9/10:

Another improvement from OG1, the music is top notch. All the main characters have their theme music from the various games. Some of the bosses also have their own special themes. Map music is great as well. My only complaint about the music is that, some of the lesser important characters have 1 or 2 generic themes, which aren't as good as the character/mecha specific themes. The sound effects are nice, nothing to complain about here.

Controls 10/10:

Well it is a menu turn based strategy game. No fancy controller movements or tricks, responds well enough, so I can't really complain. But just about all turn-based strategy games would get this anyway.

Gameplay 10/10:

The game strives of course in gameplay. Knowledge of Japanese is not required to enjoy actual gameplay experience, as it is quite simple. You can move your mecha across the map, attack enemy mecha, use spells, which represent actions such as focusing, or accelerating, or just check data on the mecha's/pilots. Each pilot is unique, they all have unique stats and special skills. Not all mecha are unique, some are numerous, but most are unique anyway. Still, even the mecha you get much of can be quite useful. Mecha have health, mobility, energy (to fly and use attacks), armor, and different kind of skills of their own. In between missions, you may upgrade mecha, teach your pilot's new skills, or even equip certain mecha with new weapons and items. Of course, there is more to the gameplay than that, but those are the primary basics.

Replay Value 10/10:

Various new things are unlocked after completing the game. You can also upgrade mecha differently, or use new teams of mecha and pilots on new playthroughs.


This game is one of the HARDEST games ever. If you tend to give up on games easily, I suggest you stay away from this game. It is possibly the most difficult Super Robot Wars game ever, even more difficult then Alpha Gaiden for the PSX.

Overall:10/10 for fans, 9/10 for non-fans:

+Excellent Graphics and Sound
+Thrilling gameplay
+Great nostalgia for SRW fans.

-Some might not be willing to overcome the Japanese.
-Perhaps too challenging.
-Non-veteran SRW fans might not be able to appreciate it completely.

Any Super Robot Wars fan, should be able to recognize a few mecha, and hardcore ones know them all (or the ones that were in other games at least). People unfamiliar to the series still get an exciting and great turn based strategy game, but will not be able to appreciate it as much. Still it is a must buy for just about every gamer.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 02/13/05

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