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Rave Master: Special Attack Force walkthrough and moves list

By Aitherion

1.2 - Released version, far from finished. Covers basic 
moves, story mode order for original characters, and 
movesets for Haru and Elie.

Section 1- Preface :prfce:
Section 2- The Basics :basic:
Section 3- Story mode walkthrough :stry:
           a. Haru, Elie, Musica, Griff & 
	     Plue, Let, Ruby, Celia, Sieg 
           Hart, Reina, Gale :mainstry: 
           b. King :king:
           c. Lucia :lcia:
           d. Ogre :ogre:
           e. Doryu :dryu: 

Section 4- Character Profiles/Movesets :movests:
Section 5- Acknowledgements :thx:
Section 6- Miscellaneous :misc:

Section One :prfce:
Greetings. I am Aitherion, and I'll be walking you 
through this grand fighting game. Based off of the 
amazing manga/anime Rave Master, this is a fighting 
game very much in the style of Super Smash Brothers. 
It's amazingly fun, and I'm gonna guide 
you through it! :]

Section Two :basic:
So, you're ready to start playing, but don't quite 
understand the rules? Well, here's the rundown.

The basic controls are:

A- Jump
A Twice, A in midair- Midair Jump (For lack 
of better name)
B- Basic Hit, differs for each character
B Repeatedly- Rapid Hit, Hit Combo
B + Down- Trip Attack
B + Up- Upwards Attack
B + Forward- Performs the last hit of your Hit Combo
A + B- Rush (To be covered later)
L- Rush Boost (To be covered later)
R- Item Attack (To be covered later)
Select- Pause
Start- Final Attack (To be covered later)

Rush Duels
When you press A + B at the same time, your character 
will rush across the screen. If you hit another chara-
cter while rushing, you'll go into a small duel, as 
I call it. You'll see four arrows at 
the bottom of the screen. Press the + pad in the 
directions it points in to attack. Hitting eight 
of these commands will win you the duel.

When you win the duel, your enemy will 
fly backwards across the screen. Defeating 
an opponent also gives you a Rush Boost point (Note that 
I never read the manual, so I don't know what they're 
really called). Pressing L will initiate your Primary 
Rush Boost. Rush Boosts can up your speed, attack or 
defense, make you fly, turn you invisible, unleash the powers 
of Time... It all depends on the character. Pressing 
L + Down will initiate your secondary Rush Boost.

While playing with more than two characters on the 
screen, initiating a Rush Duel will cause all other 
players to go flying backwards across the screen. They 
will not be able to approach you for as long as the duel 

Items and Item Attacks
Every character possesses a unique item. These items 
alone don't do anything. When you are hit and knocked 
down, you will drop your item.

When you are carrying your item, you will 
be able to perform three different Item 
Attacks. Press R, R + Down, or R + Up will 
perform the Item Attack. There are lots of different  
Item Attacks, and all of them are incredibly useful. 
Well, most of them. I'm looking at YOU, Reina. -glare-

Final Attacks and Tension Gauge
The only way to defeat an opponent is to perform a Final Attack. 
Pressing start will activate the Final Attack. HOWEVER. 
To perform the Final Attack, the Tension Gauge at the top of the 
screen must be glowing your color. Player One is Red, Player Two is Blue, 
Player Three is Yellow, and Player Four is Green. Once your color is 
glowing, press Start to initiate your Final Attack. It takes a few 
seconds to activate. If you get hit or your color stops glowing during 
this time, the attack will cease to start. Once you succesfully initiate 
it, a screen will appear, showing you and your teammate(if applicable) 
at the top, and your enemies at the bottom. (The reverse is true when 
your enemy initiates the attack.) To complete the attack and 
win the match, rotate the + pad as quickly as you can and 
repeatedly press the L button. When the meter is filled up, you will 
either finish the attack (and win), or fail the attack (and be temporarily 
stunned). Each character has two Final Attacks; neither one has any 
different effects (except cosmetically).

To increase the Tension Gauge itself, you can:
A. Hit the enemy
B. Defeat the enemy in a duel
C. Use Elie's Aitherion Rush Boost

Getting hit, being defeated in a duel, or having Elie's Aitherion 
Rush Boost used on you will lower your color on the Tension Gauge. 

If the Tension Gauge gets too low, you'll be knocked unconcious temporarily, 
and won't regain conciousness until the bar evens itself out more. 
The same goes for your opponents.

Well, we've covered all the basics, so let's get on with the show~

Section Three :stry:

Well, this is the main part of the game. This is how you unlock 
all of the secret fighters(save one), as well as the only part of the 
game with any plot whatsoever.

"September 9, 0066-- The day called "The Merging of Time."
Two mighty warriors known as Gale Glory and King departed from the world of the 
living. The evil society known as Shadow Guard* 
no longer wielded the power they once had. 
People were jubilant, believing 
that the world was at peace. 
6 months had now passed..."

When you first begin Story Mode, you will see the above quote, 
followed by a brief character-specific story. Then the real game will begin...

Story for Haru, Elie, Musica, Griff & Plue, Let, Ruby, Celia, Sieg Hart, Reina, and 
Gale :mainstry:

Level One
The battle will take place in either the barren wasteland of Symphonia 
or the peaceful utopia of Garage Island. The character you fight 
is random, so not much walkthrough can be given here.

Level Two
This battle will take place in Hundred Eater Cave, a large, 
confusing cave full of rock ledges and poisonous water. This is the first 
team match of the game. You will have a partner (Randomly chosen), and 
fight against yet another random fighter. Standing in the water will 
slowly lower your color on the Tension Gauge.

Level Three
Welcome to the underwater utopia that is Shao Lan! Your movement 
and jumps are slowed while in this level. This is another team 
match, but this time it's two-on-two. I'm sure I don't have to tell 
you that the computers are randomly chosen, do I? 

Level Four
Bonus Stage! :D You're fighting Majin outside of the Tower of Jin/Din. 
See how many you can take down! Each Majin can be killed easily 
in one or two hits. 

Level Five
Ah, yes. The ever-popular Free-For-All stage. There are four fighters, 
but no teams! You have to take them all out alone. You're fighting in 
the torrential rain hell-hole that is Silver Knights. The rain will push 
you in whatever direction it's raining in, so be careful.

Level Six
The first boss battle! Huzzah! After some brief banter, you'll go into 
battle against King, with two randomly selected partners. You're once again 
outside the Tower of Jin. King is incredibly powerful, but is slow 
as hell. You shouldn't have many problems taking him down.

Level Seven
Hey, did you think the last bonus stage was tedious and annoying? 
Well, now you get to do a bonus stage in Shao Lan! How fun! It's 
the same principle as last time, but now you're fighting Oni. 
They're slightly more powerful, so be a little more careful. 
They're still easy to kill, though.

Level Eight
Another boss battle, and this time it's actually slightly 
difficult. After yet more banter, you'll go up against Ogre 
with a single partner in the incredibly annoying Nerve of 
Silver Ray. Watch out for those suns flying through the air; 
they HURT. Ogre is slightly harder than King was, but he still 
shouldn't be too difficult to finish off. Use your Item Attacks
a bunch in this battle and take him out.

Level Nine
This is it. The final stage! Another Free For All battle, 
pitting you, Lucia Raregroove, and Pumpkin Doryu up against 
each other. Lucia and Doryu mostly go after each other, 
leaving you to pick them off. Enjoy the lovely scenery 
of the City of Darkness while you're here as well. WATCH 
careful, the other two fighters can easily knock you 
unconcious. If the screen pans over to them while their 
bar at the top of the screen is glowing, attack them as 
quickly as you can. It's very difficult to stop their 
final attack, so BE CAREFUL. After you've finished them 
off, you'll see a small amount of story relating to the 
character, followed by the credits. Congratulations! You 
beat the game! Now go do it with someone else, boyo! :D 

Story for King :king:
Coming soon.

Story for Lucia :lcia:
Coming soon.

Story for Ogre :ogre:
Coming soon.

Story for Doryu :dryu: 
Coming soon.

Section Four :movests:

So, you want to know the ever-elusive movesets? Well, 
here you are!

Haru Glory
The second Rave Master, and the easiest character in the game 
to play. Good for beginning players. Has decent strength and 
speed and insanely powerful Item Attacks.

B Attack: Punch.
B Combo: Haru rapidly punches, followed by two slashes of the 
B + Up: A rapid upswing of the sword.
B + Down: A rapid downswing of the sword.
R: Wind (Dunno the form's name)- A gust of wind that blows your 
opponents backwards.
R + Down: Explosion- A huge swing of the sword, followed by an explosion.
R + Up: Blue Crimson- Haru jumps upwards, hitting all the 
enemies directly to the right and left of him with a fire 
sword and an ice sword.
L: Ten Powers: Explosion (This is the power of Rave!!) - Haru's 
sword transforms into the Explosion, causing an explosion 
whenever he hits.
L + Down: Ten Powers: Silfarion (Heed the call of warriors!)- Haru's 
sword transforms into the Silfarion, upping his movement and attack speed.

Musica- Coming Soon

A girl of around Haru's age who remembers nothing of her past, 
barring Sieg Hart. Fights with Tonfa Blasters (A pair of batons 
that fire explosive energy). A quick character,  and one of the 
few with a true long-range attack. Good for beginners.

B Attack: Elie whacks with the Tonfa Blasters.
B Combo: Elie performs a huge combo with the Tonfa Blasters, 
ending with a severe blow.
B + Up: Elie whacks upwards with the Blasters.
B + Down: Elie ducks down and swings her foot at the 
opponent, tripping them.
R: Tonfa Blast- Elie fires a burst out of her Tonfa Blasters 
that travels across the field until it strikes an opponent, is 
blocked, or is reflected.
R + Down: Slide Kick- Elie slides along the ground, knocking 
everyone she hits into the air. 
R + Up: Tonfa Spreader- Elie fires one burst forward, one burst 
diagonally upwards, and one burst straight up. Short range.
L: Anger (Now you're gonna get it!)- Elie shouts 'What?!' and 
enhances her attack. Every B attack causes a burst to fire 
from the Tonfas.
L + Down: Aitherion (Someone tell me-- who am I?!)- Elie is 
surrounded by floating orbs, causing her color on the Tension
Gauge to increase.

Griff and Plue- Coming Soon

Let- Coming Soon

Ruby- Coming Soon

Celia- Coming Soon

Reina- Coming Soon

Sieg Hart- Coming Soon

Gale Glory Movelist and how to unlock- Coming Soon

King (Gale Raregroove) Movelist and how to unlock- 
Coming Soon

Lucia Raregroove Movelist and how to unlock- Coming Soon

Ogre Movelist and how to unlock- Coming Soon

Pumpkin Doryu Movelist and how to unlock- Coming Soon

Section Five :thx:

...No one to thank. XD

Section Six :Misc:

*The name of this organization in the original manga/Japanese 
anime isDemon Card, and that's the name I use. The only 
reason I wrote it here as Shadow Guard is because that's how 
they're referred to the entire
game. The same goes for Dark Stone/Dark Bring, but those are never
mentioned in-game.

Well, that's all I have so far. NO USING THIS GUIDE ON YOUR SITE 
WITHOUT PERMISSION, BOYO. You do that and you'll be guilty of 
plagiarism. :)

This guide is (c) 2005 Christopher Norton. Rave Master: 
Special Attack Force! is (c) 2005 Nintendo of America. 
That's it. Bye, I'll see you later!

(To contact me, e-mail hurricane@hurricorp.com. ^_^)