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Where can I find all the dark chips?

Call me crazy but i'm looking for all the dark chips. heres what i have
darkthunder( in the badfolder)
darkrecuvry( recuver 1000)
thats all i can remember all i no is i got 9.

Accepted Answer

Stepswordsman answered:

D001Z DarkSword Z
- Buy from an old man (green cap) near dock at SciLab for 500 zennys
- BadFolder

D002T DarkTornado T
- Buy from a scientist (white) inside OldMine for 500 zennys (Just enter
the mine from outside through the slope)

D003R DarkCircle R
- ChipMakerComp BMD, Nebula DarkChip Factory

D004F DarkMeteor F
- Buy from a lady (red) at southeast part near the ship at dock for 3000

D005M DarkThunder M
- Prize from Mr. Quiz (young kid) in SciLab Lobby
- BadFolder

D006H DarkRecover H
- Get from a purple Heel Navi in End 2 and fight him
D006* DarkRecover *
- ?

D007E DarkSonic E
- Buy from a man (green) hiding behind Higsby's shop in ACDC Town for
2000 zennys
D007* DarkSonic *
- ?

D008I DarkInvisible I
- Trade AntiDamage * with a lady in Gargoyle Castle.
- BadFolder
D008* DarkInvisible *
- Number trader code 68799876

D009* DarkPlus *
- Undernet 1 BMD, go there through north hidden teleport portal in End 1,
need NebulaID

D010W DarkLance W
- Prize from Quiz Master (lady) at dock, SciLab

D011D DarkDrillArm D
- Buy from a purple Heel Navi in End 1 through hidden way at lower right
part for 3000 zennys

D012T DarkWideShot T
- Buy from a black girl Navi in SciLab 4 for 1000 zennys

Copied and pasted from the TitaniumMegaman's Battle Chip Location FAQ, at the FAQs section of this site.
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