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How do you get bass cross?

How do you get bass cross i dont know how can any tell me plz

Ribien asked for clarification:

Hey can i ask? in the MMBN5 TEAM PROTOMAN AND TEAM COLONEL, can I get the BASS CROSS in the GBA without cheat? or not? please tell me!


Dark_04 answered:

Defeat Bass at NEBULA AREA 6.
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Qwertipman answered:

The only way to get Bass cross on the GBA version is via cheat cartridge.

In Japan, a promotinal E-reader card was given away during the Megaman film premeired, and that card contained Bass cross. Because the film wasn't released outside Japan, said card does not exist anywhere else.
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faqmaster20 answered:

This the easy way to get it.Download the VBA at download the game at
Turn on the game,click on cheats,then click on codebreaker and in the discription box Bass cross Megaman
and put in this code:

73290FFC 06D0F5ED
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uchihaschamp answered:

The real is you have to have double teamds and have megaman and bass in your gba slot on your ds
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sonicvssilver22 answered:

For the DS version,get Bass' icon on the file you want Bass Cross on and slot in MegaMan Battle Network 5 Team Protoman/Colonel.When you select the file it'll ask you to if you want to start the game with Bass Cross Megaman.

For the GBA version,there's no way to get in the US version,unless you use a GameShark/Action Replay/Codebreaker to activate the e-Reader event,since the e-Reader card was only given away in Japan ='[
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CyberRoleFire answered:

There are two ways to get Bass Cross

A: Cheat with a GameShark or something else that hacks games.
B: Get the Bass icon then when playing MMBN5 double team DS and make sure that the GBA MMBN5 is plugged in. (if you have a DSi, DSi XL, or a 3DS you can't do it at all) Then when you start the game
it will ask you if you want Bass Cross.
By the way, if you have Team Protoman you will get Silver Bass
and on Team Colonel then you get Gold Bass.
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