Question from gamer12374

How can I get Larkman DS/SP ?

I can't get it. I need it for a PA so I can get the PA star or all the PA.


SongRetribution answered:

The same way you would a normal navi SP/DS chip, by getting a high rank of the lv.3 Larkman. He is found on his normal perch, or a random encounter in Undernet 2 (which I found to be very rare, and only after beeting his lv.3 standing sprite).
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Cartridge88 answered:

To get LarkMan's DS chip, S-rank Lv. 2 LarkMan or only get a rank of 8 or so against Larkman lvl 3
For Larkman's SP, S-rank LarkMan lv. 3
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GODismySAVIOUR answered:

I S- ranked Larkman's sprite in undernet 1 and got his DS chip. After that just look for him around Undernet 1 and 2
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