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Where Do you find Bass?

I need help in finding bass. where can i find him so that I can obtain a BassAnly Chip

Accepted Answer

Qwertipman answered:

Bass can be found in Nebula area 6, you must defeat all 6 of the DS navis with a combined time of less then 3 minutes, but more than 2 minutes (The game doesn't tell you how much time it's taken you, so just try to estimate)

After doing so, proceed up the ramp in the middle of the area, and a cutscene will start, where Bass will appear out of the dark void instead of the Lord of darkness (this will only happen if you have beaten the Lord of darkness at least once, and obtained the Meteor Knuckle giga chip). After the cutscene, you will fight bass. defeating him will grant you the BassAnly F chip
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