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Asked: 5 years ago

How do i get sp or ds chips?

I have figured out how to get the darkloid sp and ds chips but i'm having trouble with the good guys. Like number man or toad man.

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What are some stratagies to s rank it?

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Where are all the omega navis?

Accepted Answer

From: Stepswordsman 5 years ago

To get S-rank on Omega navis, you have to beat them in under 30 seconds and without getting flinched by their attacks. To avoid flinching, install Super Armor NCP. For fast deletion, also install Custom+1 and Custom+2 NCPs.

The strategy is usual. First of all, preset a Fast Gauge * chip. Second, put a Full Cust * chip in your folder. Third, you will need either a good chip combo or a powerful PA to take most of the navi's HP in one shot. After you decide what to use (Pile Driver or Super Vulcan with Attack+ chips are good choices), build a folder around the code you PA/combo uses. Don't forget your Giga chip, it's pretty powerful for now. Put 4 Invis * chips, and you are all set.

It's a little different with Toad Man, since he can escape from your attacks, and Super Armor doesn't work on his Melody. Use Sea Seed + Satellite, as well as other electric chips, and be extra careful.

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You can get navi's DS chip by S-ranking their Beta version found hidden in different parts of the net. Number Man is in End Area 3, and Toad Man is in End Area 5, for example. Then, after you jack out, next time you come to the area you have met Beta navi in, Omega version of that navi will randomly appear instead of normal virus fights. By S-ranking the Omega navis, you will get their SP chip, and by getting a rank around 9, you will get their DS chip.

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The author insists on calling Beta navis "V3". Anyway, after you defeat one of those navis, their Omega version will start appearing in the same area.

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Use Sneakrun to find them. Use DarkKnight Soul and have AreaGrab as your preset chip. WIth this strategy you can inflict about 600-700 dmg in one attack.

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Oh yeah for ToadMan I used DarkToad Soul. Just keep shooting DarkWide and he should die pretty quickly.

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