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Where are the sp navis?

Shadowman and Shademan already found.

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Info collected but is it the same with Colonel and the rest of the team or do you need to fight their beta form. New navi found, Gridman, location: Oran Area 2. Yes, Idid mean Omega

Additional details - 5 years ago

First Omega deafeated: Knightman

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If by SP you mean Omega, they appear in the same location you beat their Beta version randomly after you jack out.

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It's the same for most of the navis, but not for all of them. Swallowman Omega, for example, appears in Undernet Area 2, while three of his previous form wait in Undernet 1. Anyway, this is the full list of navi locations:

Knightman Beta/Omega - ACDC Area 1
Shadowman Beta/Omega - Oran Area 1
Tomahawkman Beta/Omega - SciLab Area 4
Numberman Beta/Omega - End Area 3
Toadman Beta/Omega - End Area 4
Colonel Beta/Omega - Undernet Area 3
Blizzardman Beta/Omega - ACDC Area 3
Shademan Beta/Omega - Oran Area 3
Cloudman Beta/Omega - Scilab Area 3
Cosmoman Beta/Omega - Undernet Area 3
Footman Beta - Mr. Famous
Footman Omega - Oran Area 2
Swallowman Beta - Undernet Area 1
Swallowman Omega - Undernet Area 2

All Omega navis are random encounters in said area. All of the Beta navis who share the location with their Omega forms are fixed encounters, hidden at dead ends and such.

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