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              Megaman Battle Network 5: Team of Colonel  Icon Guide

Written by Commiesk

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Copyright 2005 Sergey Kolchinskiy. 

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Version History

More detail to come

1.02: Corrected sections 4, 5, and 7, and added a Frequently Asked Question

1.01: Corrected the Bass/Forte Icon section

1.0 : Almost complete, lacks some detail and names

Table of Contents

1. What are the Icons?/Introduction [wati?]
2. Colonel Icon- Beating Nebula Gray [col ic]
3. Dark Complete- 12 Fragments of Darkness [dark com]
4. Bass's/Forte's Icon- He's Baaaaccckkk [forte bass] Coming soon
5. Giga Complete- UBER POWER [giga com]
6. Mega Complete- 60 Mini-Gods [mega com]
7. P.A. Complete- 30 Transformations [pro adv]
8. Standard Complete- 180 Commoners [stan com]
9. Virus Locations- Chip Thievery [viri loc]
10. Frequently Asked Questions [fre ask que]
11. Acknowledgements [ack ment]

1. What are the Icons?/Introduction [wati?]

You turn on the Gameboy Advance/SP/DS and see the Capcom symbol.
As you continue to the title screen, you press start, and see you something.
It's a weird picture at the top of the screen. That, is an icon. There are seven
in total. This guide will tell you how to get all 7 icons. If there is anything
specific you need to find, press Ctrl+F and type what you need to find. This
is my first FAQ, so I'm hoping that it is successful. So are you ready to
begin? Ready...set....GO!

2. Colonel Icon [col ic]

This, in my opinion is the second easiest icon to obtain. All you have to do is
defeat Nebula Gray, but that is rather difficult. Pretty much, Nebula Gray is
the final boss, so you have to completely finish the plot/story. So, without
further ado, here are the stats, attacks, and strategy for Nebula Gray.

Nebula Gray

HP: 2000
Arching Flames- A hole will open up on a panel and send a worm-like entity
made of darkness (ooga booga booga). The worm will arch either to the
front, or to the back, but has a range of 1 panel.
Dark Fire- When the blue spirit that revolves around Nebula Gray reaches
the front, it will spit out a dark flame that will circle around your side
following you for a few cycles.
Dark Chip- When the blue spirit that revolves around Nebula Gray reaches
the front, it will summon a dark chip that transforms into Megaman DS. It
will use random dark chip.
Nebula Dragon- Nebula Gray will transform into a dragon and flies at you.
He will crack the panels around the panel he lands on, as well as damage
Abyss Arms- Nebula Gray smashes down onto your panels with 1-2 dozen
punches on random panels. The panels get cracked.

Strategy: The only way to damage Nebula Gray is to hit the blue spirit that
revolves around him. Short range chips are a bad choice, so big range chips
are what you need. Nebula Gray only has 3 panels in the front of his area,
and he comes out of a "void", so every other panel is empty on his side.
There goes ground moving chips, bye bye airhoc.

Good souls: Shadow for omnishoes and longsword charge, Tomahawk for
recovery and lifesword charge, Number for 10 chip draw and dice(with good
timing), Toad for paralyzing homing charge.
Bad soul: Knight for bad charge range.
Ok soul: Colonel (not good, not bad).

The arching flames is the most common of his attack. Dark Fire and Dark
Chip are also pretty common. Nebula Gray will use Nebula Dragon and
Abyss Arms when he is weaker.

Good Chaos Souls: Knight for good damage if you hit, Shadow for
invincibility!!, Toad for pierce wide shot.
Bad Chaos Souls: Tomahawk for only backrow (timing would have to be
ABSOLUTELY perfect so that charge is purple while spirit is in back row),
Number for uselessness unless multi-hit chip (Nebula moves a lot so not
many hits), Colonel for horrible charge against Nebula Gray.

3. Dark Complete [dark com]

This is the easiest icon to obtain. I will tell you how to obtain the darkchips.
For info on them, visit the Darkchip FAQ by The Dark Unknown. Note, all
darkchips can only be obtained after the Shademan scenario, and some
others after certain other scenarios.

DarkSword- Sold at the Scilab Docks by a man.

DarkThunder- Prize for finishing quiz. Quiz is given by kid in front of scilab
near vending machines

DarkTwister- Go to Oran Mines. Instead of going in the main entrance, go
around to the right side. Enter that entrance. This is like only one area, so
find the scientist hiding in a dead end. He will sell it.

DarkMeteor- Sold by a woman near the Queen Bohemia ship (not inside).
She will be down a little staircase at the end.

DarkCircle- Hidden computer in Nebula Base. In room with the first lock,
found before the lock.

DarkRecovery- Sold by Heel (dark) Navi in End Area 2.

DarkSound- Sold by man hiding behind Higsby's shop.

DarkDrill- Sold by Heel Navi in End Area 1. Must travel over invisible path
near exit/entrance to/from Oran 2.

DarkInvis- Easiest way is to obtain by Numberman trader: 68799876. Also
obtained by trading an Antidamage * (don't know where to trade it,
Antidamage * obtained through trading with Non-Playable Characters).

DarkLance- Prize for finishing quiz. Quiz is given by foreign looking woman
at Scilab Docks, behind the Queen Bohemia.

DarkPlus- BMD in Undernet 1. You need a Nebula ID, sold by an
ex-Nebula Agent on "Oran Mines". He is outside, but not on the path to the
DrillRoom. That section of Undernet 1 is isolated, so you need to enter
from End Area. There is another invisible path near the west side. There is
a warp you go through. Navigate this very short area to a  purple skull door.
It will be opened by the Nebula ID. Inside is the BMD for DarkPlus.

DarkWide- Sold by a dark Girl Navi in Scilab Area 4.

That is how you obtain all 12 Dark Chips.

4. Bass's/Forte's Icon [forte bass]

The return of Bass. It is expected in every game. I have yet to test it, but
when i do get the chance to test it, I will tell you exactly how to do this,
and give you stats of both Lord Chaos Bass and Bass SP. I will not be
covering Bass XX, as I do not own a cheating device.

When you get to Nebula Net 6, there are 6 doors with spirits behind them. In
order to open the doors, you must have S-Ranked your team navi's omega
versions. Check the Mega chip section for locations of omega navis.

The first time you defeat all of the DS navis, you open a locked door, and
face Lord of Chaos Nebula Gray. After defeating him, you must jack out,
jack in, go back .This time, you must defeat all the navis with a total time of
2 to 3 minutes. If you do, you should be able to face Lord Chaos Bass.
Beat him. Beating him will get you the BassAnly chip. Now, jack out and
jack in again, and head to Nebula Net 6. Bass SP will appear randomly.
Beat him to get the icon.

5. Giga Complete [giga com]

Giga chips, some of the most powerful attacks in the game. This section
will cover how to obtain all 6 giga chips, not what they do. DO NOT

CrossSlash- Baryl gives it to you when you enter Nebula Base

MeteoKnuckle- Defeat the Lord Chaos Nebula Gray in Nebula Net 6.
The Lord of Chaos will definitely be Nebula Gray form the first time through.

BassAnly- Defeat Lord Chaos Bass in Nebula Net 6.

OmegaRocket- Nebula 4 PMD (you require 60 megachips to get it, requires
30 PAs as well)

BugCharge- Bought for 100 Bugfrags in Undernet 2.

Phoenix- Bought at Higsby's Shop for 25000Z

That is how you obtain all 6 giga chips.

6. Mega Complete [mega com]

Megachips are very useful and powerful in the game. They might not be as
powerful as Gigachips, but they are less limited than giga chips. This sections
will cover how to obtain all 60 megachips, not what they do.

1 SuperVulcan- Higsby's Shop
2 NeoVarSword- Undernet 2 PMD, near Bugfrag trader
3 Meteor- Undernet 3 Chip Trader
4 Numberball- Higsby's Shop's Shelves
5 Guardian- Oran 2 Chip Trader
6 Jealousy- End Area 1 Chip Trader

7 Poltergeist- Scilab 3 Bugfrag Trader
8 BugFix- Dad's Comp PMD (Scilab), Numberman trader: 50364410
9 FullCust- Liberation 4 reward for at least 2 under the "target phase"
10 LifeAura- Nebula 6 PMD
11 Sanctuary- Undernet In Battle GMD
12 Attack+30- Bought for 50 Bugfrags in Undernet 2

13 DoublePoint- Nebula 4 BMD (you require 30 program advances to get it)
14 Muramasa- Liberation 8 reward for at least 2 under the "target phase"
15 Anubis- Liberation 9 reward for at least 2 under the "target phase"
16 BlackWing- Liberation 7 reward for at least 2 under the "target phase"
17 JusticeOne- Additional prize for Liberation 7, Nebula In Battle GMD.
18 Z-Saver- Liberation 6 for at least 2 under the "target phase", Nebula 4
BMD (you require at least 900 HP without HP+ NCPs)

19 Roll- Mayl e-mail
20 RollSP- Mayl e-mail
21 RollDS- Heel Navi in Undernet gives it to you

All of the following Navis are obtained in the same way:
Normal chip- 1-9 Rank DS version, 1-6 rank Omega Version
DS chip- S Rank DS version, 7-9 rank Omega Version
SP chip- S-Rank Omega version.
This section will only tell you which area the navis are in, and additional ways
to obtain the chip. Also, DS version navis are in a set location, while Omega
Navis are random in that area.

22 Colonel- Liberation 6 for exact or 1 less phase under the "target phase",
Undernet 3
23 ColonelSP- Undernet 3
24 ColonelDS- Undernet 3
25 Shadowman- Beat Battle Image (Scilab 2), Oran 1
26 ShadowmanSP- Oran 1
27 ShadowmanDS- Oran 1

28 Numberman- Beat Battle Image (End 4), End 3
29 NumbermanSP- End 3
30 NumbermanDS- End 3
31 Tomahawkman- Beat Battle Image (End 1), Scilab 4
32 TomahawkmanSP- Scilab 4
33 TomahawkmanDS- Scilab 4

34 Knightman- Beat Battle Image (Oran 1), ACDC 1
35 KnightmanSP- ACDC 1
36 KnightmanDS- ACDC 1
37 Toadman- Beat Battle Image (Undernet 3), End 4
38 ToadmanSP- End 4
39 ToadmanDS- End 4

40 Blizzardman- Liberation 1 prize for exact or 1 less phase under the "target
41 BlizzardmanSP- Liberation 1 prize for at least 2 under the "target phase",
42 BlizzardmanDS- ACDC 3, Bad Folder (found in Oran 3, cannot take out
the chip)
43 Shademan- Liberation 2 prize for exact or 1 less phase under the "target
phase", Oran 3
44 ShademanSP- Liberation 2 prize for at least 2 under the "target phase",
Oran 3
45 ShademanDS- Liberation 7 prize for exact or 1 less phase under the
"target phase", Oran 3, Bad Folder
46 Cloudman- Liberation 3 prize for exact or 1 less phase under the "target
phase", Scilab 3
47 CloudmanSP- Liberation 3 prize for at least 2 under the "target phase",
Scilab 3
48 CloudmanDS- Liberation 8 prize for exact or 1 less phase under the
"target phase", Scilab 3, Bad Folder
49 Cosmoman- Liberation 5 prize for exact or 1 less phase under the "target
phase", Undernet 4
50 CosmomanSP- Liberation 5 prize for at least 2 under the "target phase",
Undernet 4
51 CosmomanDS- Liberation 9 prize for exact or 1 less phase under the
"target phase", Undernet 4

52 Larkman- Talk to Larkman to fight, Undernet 1 (near Dark Plus)
53 LarkmanSP- Undernet 2
54 LarkmanDS- Talk to Larkman to fight, Undernet 1 (near Dark Plus)
55 Gridman- Talk to Mr Famous to fight, top of the mines
56 GridmanSP- Oran 2
57 GridmanDS- Talk to Mr Famous to fight, top of the mines

58 Django- Higsby's shelves, Boktai crossover
59 DjangoSP- Numberman trader:91098051, Boktai crossover
60 DjangoDS- Nebula 4 BMD (you require 12 darkchips to get it)

CROSSOVER. By getting all 60 of these, you can get OMEGAROCKET in
Nebula 4.

7. P.A. Complete [pro adv]

You put in a Cannon A, Cannon B, Cannon C in the same turn in that order
into your Pet. But when you use it, you don't use three little cannons. You
use one BIG cannon. How did that happen? Well, it was a program advance.
This section will tell you the Program Advances, the chips needed in order to
do them, and my recommendation on whether or not to use it. For more
information, visit Zidanet's Program Advance Guide.
Note- I use the full name of P.A.s, so it will look different in your game.

GigaCannon1: Cannon A/B/C - 400 damage/1 hit- TD (Thumbs Down)
GigaCannon2: HiCannon D/E/F- 500 damage/1 hit- TD
GigaCannon3: MCannon F/G/H- 600 damage/1 hit- OTD (One thumb down)

InfiniteVulcan1: Vulcan1 C/D/E- 20 damage/20 hits- TD
InfiniteVulcan2: Vulcan2 A/B/C- 20 damage/24 hits- TD
InfiniteVulcan3: Vulcan3 L/M/N- 20 damage/28 hits- OTD

Boxer1: FireHit1 O/P/Q- 100 damage/depends (on enemy position)- TD
Boxer2: FireHit2 H/I/J- 150 damage/depends- TD
Boxer3: FireHit3 E/F/G- 200 damage/depends- OTD

SuperSpr1(dont know what Spr stands for): Wideshot1 L/M/N- 100
damage/3 hits- TD
SuperSpr2: Wideshot2 E/F/G- 120 damage/3 hits- TD
SuperSpr3: Wideshot3 S/T/U- 140 damage/3 hits- OTD

ShakeParade1: SpShake1 G/H/I- 80 damage/depends- TD
ShakeParade2: SpShake2 B/C/D- 110 damage/depends- TD
ShakeParade3: SpShake3 S/T/U- 140 damage/depends- TD

CactusDance1: Cactbal1 H/I/J- 30 damage/depends- TD
CactusDance2: Cactbal2 Q/R/S- 40 damage/depends- TD
CactusDance3: Cactbal3 L/M/N- 50 damage/depends- OTD

Hyperburst: Spreader C/D/E- 50 damage/6 hits- TD
GreatYo: YoYo D/E/F- 100 damage/2-3 hits- TD
PitHockey: AirHoc Q/R/S- 100 damage/depends- OTU (One thumb up)

LifeSword: Sword/WideSword/LongSword S or
Sword/WideBlade/LongBlade L- 400 damage/1 hit- OTU
Poison Pharaoh: BugBomb/Geddon3/Anubis A- 1 damage/depends (read
into this P.A.)- TU (Thumbs up)
TimeBombPlus: TimeBomb1/TimeBomb2/TimeBomb3 H, 600 damage/1 hit-
BodyGuard: AntiDmg/AntiNavi/Muramasa M- 70 damage/10 hits- TU

CosmoPrison: Astroid3/Astroid3/CosmoMan SP or DS C- 60 damage/6 or 9
hits- TU
WildBird: Katana1/Katana1/Larkman SP or DS S- 200 damage/1 or 2 or 3 
hits- TU
FootBall: MrkCan2/MrkCan2/Gridman SP or DS F- 180 damage/1 or 2 or 4
hits- TU
BigNoise(don't know english name): Pulsar3/Pulsar3/Shademan SP or DS S-
400 damage/1 hit- TU
PileDriver: GunSol3/GunSol3/Django SP or DS D- 30 damage/10 or 20 hits-

By doing all 30 advances, you can get that nice DoublePoint in Nebula 4.
Woot for you.

8. Standard Complete [stan com]

Standard chips are the easiest chips to obtain, and some hold secrets, such as
Variable sword. When combined with each other, you can make combos,
and make the chip more useful. You need all 180 standard chips to get the
icon for standard complete. I will not cover all the ways to get the chip,
but rather the easiest ways to get it.
Note- Any chip obtained from a virus will not have location of virus included.
The virus location is the next section.
Also, I will be calling level 2 or 3 viruses by their level 1 name with a 2 or 3
next to it. When I find out all the real names, I will update them.

BMD- Blue Mystery Data (definite data)
GMD- Green Mystery Data (sometimes data)
PMD- Purple Mystery Data (definite data, requires Unlocker subchip)
IGMD- In Battle Green Mystery Data (appears at the beginning of a battle)
HBB- Higsby's Bargain Bin
HNS- Higsby's Normal Stock
CS- Chip Salesman
BS- Bugfrag Salesman (will sell for bugfrags)
Almost any chip can be obtained from the Bugfrag trader in Nebula 6 and
Oran 10 Chip Trader, so that will not be included.
Seeing as how any chip in an extra folder counts, i will put them down also.
Also, unless specified, all GMDs are obtained before opening any Nebula

1 Cannon- Starting Folder, Main Computer GMD
2 HiCannon- Folder 2 (obtained through the story), X Folder (End Castle,
woman on the stairs), ACDC 2 CS
3 MCannon- End 1 CS, FactoryComp1 BMD
4 AirShot- Starting Folder
5 Vulcan1- Starting Folder, ACDC 2 CS, HBB
6 Vulcan2- Oran 2 BMD
7 Vulcan3- End1 CS, Gargoyle Comp1 GMD
8 Spreader- MainComp BMD
9 MrkCan- CanGrd
10 MrkCan2- CanGrd2
11 MrkCan3- CanGrd3
12 Pulsar1- Batty
13 Pulsar2- Batty2
14 Pulsar3- Batty3
15 TankCan1- Catack
16 TankCan2- Catack2
17 TankCan3- Catack3
18 Wideshot1- Lark
19 Wideshot2- Lark2
20 Wideshot3- Lark3
21 ElecReel1- Eleogre
22 ElecReel2- Eleogre2
23 ElecReel3- Eleogre3
24 CactBall1- Cactkill
25 CactBall2- Cactkill2
26 CactBall3- Cactkill3
27 GunSol1- Squirrel Comp
28 GunSol2- HNS
29 GunSol3- Undernet IGMD, Numberman trader:35321321
30 ElemRage- HNS
31 Thunder- HBB, MainComp 1 BMD
32 Tornado- AirFilterComp BMD on top of "Oran mines"
33 Static- numberman trader:48958798
34 Minibomb- Starting folder, HBB
35 Energybomb- Mayl's HP BMD
36 MegEnBomb- Helmet Comp BMD
37 CracBomb- Bugtank
38 ParaBomb- Bugtank2
39 ResetBomb- Bugtank3
40 Quake1- Powie
41 Quake2- Powie2
42 Quake3- Powie3
43 BugBomb- Nebula 2 CS, Bad Folder (Oran 3)
44 Cannonball- Yai's HP PMD
45 Blackbomb- ACDC 2 PMD
46 Geyser- Scilab 1 PMD
47 Lavaseed- Scilab 3 BS
48 Oceanseed- TerminalComp BMD at Scilab
49 Iceseed- HNS
50 Grassseed- Ship Comp 2 BMD
51 Sword- Starting folder
52 Widesword- Starting folder
53 Longsword- ACDC 2 CS
54 Wideblade- Scilab IGMD, End 1 CS
55 Longblade- Scilab IGMD, Undernet 3 CS
56 Customsword- ACDC 2 CS
57 VarSword- End 4 PMD
58 Slasher- GargoyleComp3 BMD
59 WindRack- Scilab 3 BS
60 MoonBld1- NinJoy
61 MoonBld2- NinJoy2
62 MoonBld3- NinJoy3
63 Katana1- Zomon
64 Katana2- Zomon2
65 Katana3- Zomon3
66 YoYo- HNS
67 DrillArm1- Drixol
68 DrillArm2- Drixol2
69 DrillArm3- Drixol3
70 Airhoc- Oran IGMD
71 Skully1- Skarab
72 Skully2- Skarab2
73 Skully3- Skarab3
74 AqWhirl1- Whirly
75 AqWhirl2- Whirly2
76 AqWhirl3- Whirly3
77 AirSpin1- Oran 1 CS 
78 AirSpin2- WindGodComp BMD in End City (when u climb up stairs to
room with "meditating computer man", at the top of stairs is drawing that can
be jacked into)
79 AirSpin3- Nebula 6 GMD, End 3 (requires second nebula hole open)
80 FireHit1- Champy
81 FireHit2- Champy2
82 FireHit3- Champy3
83 Hotbody1- Draggin
84 Hotbody2- Draggin2
85 Hotbody3- Draggin3
86 SideBub1- Marina
87 SideBub2- Marina2
88 SideBub3- Marina3
89 CusVolt1- X Folder (End Castle, Woman on the Stairs)
90 CusVolt2- Mr Folder (Scilab Main Computer Room)
91 CusVolt3- Numberman trader:07765623
92 Boomer- HBB
93 Astroid1- MetFire
94 Astroid2- MetFire2
95 Astroid3- MetFire3
96 SpShake1- Shakey
97 SpShake2- Shakey2
98 SpShake3- Shakey3
99 Voltz1- Flashy
100 Voltz2- Flashy2
101 Voltz3- Flashy3
102 WoodNos1- WuNote
103 WoodNos2- WuNote2
104 WoodNos3- WuNote3
105 Lance- WineCaseComp BMD on Queen Bohemia
106 WavePit- Scilab 3 GMD
107 RedWave- FactoryComp3 BMD
108 MudWave- In Nebula Base in comp where u find switch before final
room, PMD
109 RainyDay- End 4 PMD
110 Snake- Oran 1 PMD
111 Magnum- Scilab 4 (behind nebula door) BMD
112 CircGun- Oran 1 CS
113 TimeBom1- Handy
114 TimeBom2- Handy2
115 TimeBom3- Handy3
116 BoyBomb1- BomBoy
117 BoyBomb2- BomBoy2
118 BoyBomb3- BomBoy3
119 Mine- Oran 1 CS
120 Rockcube- DrillComp 2 BMD
121 Wind- Windbox
122 Fan- VacuumFan
123 Fanfare- Trumpy, Trumpy SP
124 Discord- Tuby, Trumpy SP
125 Timpani- Tromby, Trumpy SP
126 Silence- MuteAnt, Trumpy SP
127 RedFrut1- Appley
128 RedFrut2- Appley2
129 RedFrut3- Appley3
130 VDoll- Nebula 2 CS, Bad Folder
131 Guard1- Mettaur
132 Guard2- Mettaur2
133 Guard3- Mettaur3
134 CrsShld1- Dominerd
135 CrsShld2- Dominerd2
136 CrsShld3- Dominerd3
137 CrakOut- Starting folder
138 DublCrak- Folder 2
139 TripCrak- Oran 1 GMD
140 Recov10- Starting folder
141 Recov30- MainComp GMD, Scilab 1 GMD
142 Recov50- Folder2
143 Recov80- Oran 1 CS
144 Recov120- Scilab 4 GMD
145 Recov150- FactoryComp 1 GMD
146 Recov200- FactoryComp4 BMD
147 Recov300- Numberman trader:18746897, Nebula 2 BMD
148 PanlGrab- Scilab 4 GMD
149 Areagrab- Starting folder
150 Metagel- DumplingComp BMD in End City
151 GrabBnsh- FactoryComp2 GMD
152 GrabRvng- Numberman trader:68942679
153 PnlRetrn- Scilab 2 GMD
154 Geddon1- End 3 GMD
155 Geddon2- Undernet3 CS
156 Geddon3- Numberman trader:52052687, 
157 Slogauge- End Area IGMD
158 Fastgauge- HNS, numberman trader:83143652
159 BusterUp- Starting folder
160 Blinder- HNS
161 NorthWind- Undernet 3 CS, Trade in captain's room on boat for
SloGauge *
162 HolyPanel- ElevatorComp BMD in Oran 1
163 Invis- DrillComp1 BMD
164 Barrier- ACDC GMD, HBB
165 Barrier 100- End 1 CS
166 Barrier 200- Scilab 4 GMD (requires first Nebula hole open)
167 Bubblewrap- Ship Comp GMD, Higsby's Shelves
168 AntiFire- Numberman trader:73877466
169 AntiAqua- Numberman trader:25465278
170 AntiElec- Numberman trader:35607360
171 AntiWood- Numberman trader:10133670
172 AntiDmg- End 4 IGMD
173 AntiSword- Numberman trader:10386794
174 AntiNavi- Numberman trader:05068930
175 AntiRecv- Numberman trader:44213168
176 CopyDmg- ACDC2 BMD
177 LifeSync- End 1 GMD
178 Attack+10- Starting folder
179 Navi+20- Oran 3 GMD (requires 2nd Nebula Hole open), Liberation 2
bonus panel
180 Colorpoint- HBB


9. Virus Locations [viri loc]

The scoundrels of the internet, the misguided youth of the internet, the etc..
Although annoying, viruses are very handy. They sometimes come with chip
data, powerful chip data, and weak chip data. They can also come with
other data, such as bug frags, Zenny, and other chips. In this section, I will
tell you places to find the virus who drops certain chips.
Note- not all locations will be listed, but rather the best place to find the
virus, Nebula Net virus locations will be added later, as well as names for
upgraded viruses. Any level 2 viruses are available in the same spot when
you open the first Nebula Hole in Undernet 2, and level 3 viruses are
available in the same spot when you open the second Nebula Hole in Nebula
net 3.

CanGrd/2/3- ACDC 1/2/3, Scilab 1/2/3/4/, End Area 1/2/3/4/5
Batty/2/3- DrillComp 1/2/3/4, End Area 1/2/3/4/5, Undernet 1/2/3/4
Catack/2/3- Scilab 1/2/3/4

Lark/2/3- GargoyleComp 1/2/3, End Area 3/4/5, Undernet 2/3
Eleogre/2/3- GargoyleComp 1/2/3, Undernet 2/3/4
Cactkill/2/3- Oran 1/2/3, End Area 1/2/3/4

Bugtank/2/3- ACDC 3, Scilab 1/2/3/4
Powie/2/3- ACDC 3, DrillComp 1/2, MainComp 1/2
Ninjoy/2/3- GargoyleComp 1/2/3, Undernet 1/2/3

Zomon/2/3- GargoyleComp 1/2/3, Undernet 2/3
Drixol/2/3- DrillComp 1/2/3/4, SquirrelComp 1/.../16 (all of them)
Skarab/2/3- Undernet 1/2/3/4

Whirly/2/3- End Area 1/2/3/4/5, Undernet 1/2
Champy/2/3- Oran 1/2/3, End Area 1/2/3/4/5, Undernet 3/4
Draggin/2/3- Undernet 3/4

Marina/2/3- ShipComp 1/2/3, End Area 1/2/3/4/5
MetFire/2/3- End Area 2/3/4/5, Undernet 4
Shakey/2/3- Undernet 2/3

Flashy/2/3- FactoryComp 1/2/3/4
WuNote/2/3- EndArea 1/2/3/4/5, FactoryComp 1/2/3/4, Undernet 2/3
Handy/2/3- Scilab 1/2/3/4

Bomboy/2/3- End Area 5, Undernet 3
Windbox/2/3- ACDC 3, Scilab 3

Trumpy- Scilab 2/3/4, End 2
Tuby- Undernet 2/3
Tromby- Scilab 2/3/4, End 2 (first Nebula hole open)
MuteAnt- Undernet 2/3 (first Nebula Hole open)
TrumpySP- Nebula Net 2

Appley/2/3- FactoryComp 1/2/3/4
Mettaur/2/3- ACDC 1/2/3, just about everywhere
Dominerd/2/3- FactoryComp 1/2/3/4

10. Frequently Asked Questions [fre ask que]

Q: Is there anything special to do after getting 7 icons?
A: Yes. You can face Nebula Gray at Nebula Base, except he will have
4000 health.

11. Acknowledgements [ack ment]

Following for chips:
C0 Megamanexe

DarkChips FAQ and Shop List by The Dark Unknown for chips when i
needed them
Battle Chip Location FAQ by TitaniumMegaman
Walkthrough by Chibi Soma

Buretsu and Nuz for information on Bass/Forte Icon

Artilleryman and kodie45678 for Virus Locations

AlphaAmbassador, thegunner100 for corrections