Bonus Liberation Strategy Guide by commiesk

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Megaman Battle Network 5: Team of Colonel Bonus Liberation Strategy

Written by Commiesk

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Version History

1.0 More folders to come, strategies done.

Table of Contents

1. Where are the Bonus Liberation Missions?/Intro [bo int]
2. Bonus 1 [bo 1]
3. Bonus 2 [bo 2]
4. Bonus 3 [bo 3]
5. Boss Strategy [boss str]
6. Good Folders [good fol]

    A. Cosmo Cloud by alink427
    B. Dirty Django by alink427
    C. Electric Space by commiesk
    D. Grargh! Smash! Kill! by Buretsu
    E. Nightmare Barrage by RPGs_Rock
    F. Served Justice by MacaroniCrayons

7. Frequently Asked Questions [fre ask que]
8. Acknowledgments [ack ment]

1. Where are the Bonus Liberation Missions?/Intro [bo int]

You just brought down the beast known as Nebula Gray, and watched that
somewhat "touching" scene. But now, you have no idea what to do. All you
do is netbattle with your friends, when you see they have chips you don't.
You ask, "How did you get those chips?" He could have answered with the
"I got it from stronger viruses"
"I got it from the Nebula Net"
Then, you wonder. What the bloody **** is the Nebula Net? Well, you're
about to find out. forgot something. How do you get to the Nebula Net? Well, the
entrance to the Nebula Net is in Undernet 2. But the route to darkness is not
simple. Although the entrance is in Undernet 2, you have to get in an
alternate way. First, go through Undernet 2 and get to Undernet 3. There, go
left and keep going down. You will see another exit. If you need help, go to
Megaboy's Internet Maps in the Team Protoman FAQs.

You may be wondering, what does Nebula Net have to do with the Bonus
Liberation Missions? Well, all the bonus liberation missions are located in the
Nebula Net.

If you need a strategy for the liberation missions, this FAQ gives them for 
the bonus liberation missions, but my strategies require perfection, so it might
take you a while. Also, my strategies do not take into account mini-bosses, as
they move around a lot, and are based on position, not programmed to be
exactly in a certain place at a certain phase. Another thing, you need to have
a basic knowledge of coordinates to be able to use my guides to the

2. Bonus 1 [bo 1]

As soon as you enter it, you see something weird. The panels look weird, as
if they were...DARK PANELS! This is a liberation mission. Just as you are
about to do it by yourself, Colonel appears. Soon after, Knightman,
Tomahawkman, and Numberman join you. The boss here is Shademan, and
the target phase is 12 turns, but your real target should be 10 turns. Seeing as
how Numberman is with you, expect traps. Look to the Liberation Mission
Guide for a map with a key for the map. 

Strategy: If done correctly, you can get the prize BlakWing.

Phase 1 Begin
This section is best used with the map also up. Your first target should the be
Key 2, which is in (1, 10). If done correctly, the key can be obtained in turn
1. To get Key 2 in one turn, start at the very left of the screen, and work
your way up. There will be dark panels one panel deep, so special moves are
not necessary. There will be one dark panel that is two panels deep, so use
Megaman's LongSword. If you haven't messed up at all, the key is obtained
with 4 Navis, or 5 if you don't use Megaman's LongSword. When you use
his LongSword, you also liberate an item panel holding order points, so there
is no reason to not use it. Seeing as how you should have one extra navi left
over, start making your way towards the Dark Hole. Use whoever you have
left over, and liberate panel (3, 13). This is the panel that is 5 panels to the
left of the dark hole. 

Phase 2 Begin 
Your target should be to liberate the dark hole. There are two dark panels
in front of the dark hole. So your options are to either use two navis or
Megaman's LongSword. Either way, make sure Numberman and
Tomahawkman are not involved. Liberate the two dark panels, and move
onto the dark hole. Liberate the dark hole, making sure that Numberman
and Tomahawkman are still not involved. After liberating the dark hole,
keep switching through your navis the R button until you get to Numberman.
There should be a 3 by 2 group of item panels (3 vertical and 2 horizontal).
Use Numberman to get rid of all of them as half are traps. To get rid of all
of them, you need to stand on the middle of the left side of this group of
items. Use Tomahawkman to get rid of all of these panels with his
Tomahawk Swing. If you have anyone left, they should be making their
way to Key 1, which is in the small "cyber peninsula" that stretches south.
There is also a dark hole there, so you must liberate it. If you had anybody
left over from phase 2, use them to liberate panel (12, 11).

Phase 3 Begin
If you haven't already, liberate panel (12, 11), but refrain from using
Colonel, Tomahawkman, Numberman, and whoever you think is best for
liberating dark holes out of Knightman and Megaman. It is a good idea to use
Megaman to liberate the dark hole. Anyway, make sure that panel (12, 11) is
liberated. Now, use Tomahawkman's ability to carve out the 5 panels
blocking the bonus panel. Then, grab the bonus panel and continue with
Colonel. Place him as far down as you can get, which should be panel
(14, 14), and use Screen Divide. If you succeeded, the dark hole should be
open for assault by Megaman. Get rid of the dark hole, and there should be 3
item panels at the bottom. They should be placed side by side. None are
traps, except for the item panel that is diagonal and all alone. You can
either liberate the middle panel normally, or use Numberman's Number
Check ability to get a bug frag, a key (the middle panel), and order points. It
would be smart to go with Numberman. If you have anyone left, it should be
Knightman. If you do still have him, he should carve out the path for the dark
hole almost directly north of the dark hole you jsut liberated. Anyway, use
Knightman to liberate panel (11, 6), which will open up a panel to be in to
liberate the dark hole.

Begin Phase 4.
You're only on Phase 4, and you're almost done, when the target phase is 12
turns. If you didn't have Knightman left over, use him to take out panel
(11, 6). If it the path to the dark hole was already carved out, use Knightman
to liberate the dark hole. Now, here are you choices for the rest of the turn.
You can either liberate the dark hole all the way to the left and have
Megaman or Tomahawkman paralyzed, or get close to the dark hole all the
way to the left and not liberate it. You could also try to liberate the hole
right in front of Shademan, but we'll leave that for later. I would suggest
letting Tomahawkman get stunned. So after using Knightman to liberate the
dark hole, position Tomahawkman in panel (9, 7), and have him face toward
the dark hole you are trying to liberate. Use his swing to liberate the four
panels that his swing reaches. After liberating the panels, you will get a
Heart, a Slasher battlechip, and you will get stunned. Now there are only
three panels blocking the dark hole. Use Megaman's LongSword and use
Numberman for a normal liberation. The dark hole will be open for Colonel
to destroy. Use Colonel to get rid of the dark hole, and voila! Only 1 dark
hole left before you rip Shademan's wings off.

Begin Phase 5.
I suggest Numberman to liberate panel (15, 3). That way, you can use
Knightman to liberate the dark hole, and leave the others to destroy
Shademan. Now, all that's left is to liberate the two panels in front of
Shademan. If you have order points left, Use Tomahawkman's swing to
liberate the 4 panels in front of Shademan. If you used Megaman's
LongSword, you'd be in a worse position. Not only will you not be able to
use Megaman, but if you remember anything from the first liberation
mission, Colonel told you about how if you are surrounded by dark panels,
you enter a battle with a worse control over certain panels. If you feel
strong enough, face Shademan with only 2 navis. You could rest for one
or two turns and fight Shademan. Either way, you'll finish before 10 turns
are up and get BlakWing W, or get Shademan DS if you get 11 or 12 turns.
If you get Shademan DS, you obviously weren't paying attention to the
strategy I gave you. Either way, a voice comes out of nowhere and after
listening to it, you get JusticeOne J! It does 100 damage to all enemies and
280 damage to an enemy in the center panels. Thank you mysterious voice!!

3. Bonus 2 [bo 2]

After seeing what Nebula Net 2 was like, you weren't expecting a liberation
mission. But yet again, you are wrong. It is a liberation mission. This time,
Cloudman is your adversary. You have Shadowmna, Tomahawkman,
Numberman, and Toadman. Apparently, Colonel is doing some research. 
Target phase is 14 turns.

Strategy: If done correctly, you can get the prize Muramasa

Phase 1 Start
This one is more complicated than the last strategy I wrote, so this one will
take you a while to read and do. Anyway, since you have Toad, his Life
Melody will be crucial. Use it on Numberman. Then use Numberman to
liberate the panels to the top. Then, use either Megaman or Tomahawkman
to liberate the panel to the south of the dark hole. Then with whichever Navi
you didn't use, liberate the dark hole. You should have Shadowman left. With
Shadowman, move him to panel (11, 18). Liberate the panel to the right of
that panel, which should be (12, 18).

Begin Phase 2
There's only panel you could liberate to continue, and it is a stun trap.
The best navi to sacrifice would be Numberman, so use him to liberate
the panel. Use Toadman's Life Melody on Shadowman this time. Use
Shadowman to continue liberating in the direction he was facing earlier.
If you succeed, the following panels should have been liberated, (13-17, 18).
You should have Megaman and Tomahawkman left. Use both of them in
anyway order to liberate the two panels to the front, which would be
(6, 20-21).

Phase 3 begin
Use Megaman's LongSword to liberate panels (7-8, 20). Then use
Tomahawkman to liberate the item panel right next to the area Megaman
just liberated. You will get order points, which will be useful for later. Now,
use Toadman's Life Melody on Shadowman. Have Shadowman pick up the
bonus panel, which would preferably be order points, but don't have to be.
Have him liberate the 5 panels that go down to the bottom. They should be
the panels (16, 19-23). You will pick up 3 batches of Zenny, Key 1, and
unfortunately a damage trap.

Phase 4 start
You should have Numberman back. Have Tomahawkman use his swing on
the panels near the dark hole. There should be 5 dark panels, and one panel
that is not "solid". If you need clarification, they are panels (9, 20-21) and
(10, 19-21). Use Numberman to liberate the corner panel, which is panel
(11, 19). Now, the dark hole should be open if you use the path Shadowman
carved out. Use Megaman to get rid of it. You now have Toadman and
Shadowman left. Why don't you use Life Melody once again on
Shadowman? He should be used to it. Have Shadowman liberate the panels
going up that lead directly to the dark hole. Use the L button to open the
screen if you need to see which ones they are.

Phase 5 begin
This turn, you're going to have to sacrifice a navi with a range of 2 panels
if they use a special ability, so it's either Tomahawkman or Megaman.
I used Megaman, but you can use either one. Anyway, first use
Shadowman to liberate the dark hole. If you notice the dark hole, you'll see it
is almost completely surrounded by item panels, and these item panels are all
stun traps, so liberating the dark hole won't liberate those panels. Now, with
your "sacrificee" stand where the dark hole was. Have him face left, and use
his special ability. Now they are stunned. The reason you didn't use
Numberman was because you need him in order to reach the dark hole this
turn. Now you have 3 navis left, and 2 dark panels before you can reach the
dark hole. So use either Toadman or Numberman to liberate the panel to the
left of the panels Megaman liberated, which should be panel (8, 13). Use
the navi you didn't use in the last liberation to liberate the panel directly
beneath the dark hole. Try not to one turn liberate, because the two
item panels next to you are damage traps. Now, with whichever Navi you
didn't sacrifice, take on the dark hole. Your reward will be a bug frag and
more order points.

Phase 6 start
Your "sacrificee" won't be joining you in this phase. Use Toadman's Life
Melody on Shadowman once again, and send him to the little
"cyber-peninsula" all the way to the right of the new area you can go to.
This new area contains the last dark hole, yay. Anyway, the first panel of
the peninsula is not polluted by darkness, so you can liberate all the panels
going down. One will be a Heart which will recover Shadowman's health
to the maximum. If you didn't sacrifice Tomahawkman, use his special
swing to liberate the bottom six panels. Two will be barrier panels, so only 4
panels will be walkable on. If you have Megaman, use him to liberate panel
(8, 7 or 8). It doesn't matter which one. Then let Numberman end his phase.
If you did use Tomahawkman's swing, don't end Numberman's phase.
Use him to liberate the item panel that you can reach using the path
Tomahawkman carved out. More order points. Hoorah!

Phase 7 begin
Now use Shadowman to liberate the item panel very close to where he is
now. Key 2 is obtained! Now, send Megaman to liberate the dark hole.
Do it, and now you can face Cloudman! Use Toadman and Numberman to
liberate panels (10-11, 5). Now, position Tomahawkman in panel (11, 5),
and use his swing if you have the order points. Now your path to Cloudman
is almost complete. All you need is to get rid of one of the panels directly in
front of Cloudman. Unfortunately, your phase is done.

Phase 8 start
Carve out that path to Cloudman, and destroy him. Or, recover health for
all your allies for 1 or 2 turns, then knock Cloudman off his cloud. Either
way, you'll be finished before 12 turns are up, and you'll receive Muramasa!
If you finished in Phase 13 or 14, you did not use my strategy and only got
a lowly Cloudman DS.

4. Bonus 3 [bo 3]

Ah. The final liberation mission located in scenic Nebula Net 5.
And since this is such a special occasion, there are two bosses here!
Blizzardman and Cosmoman! Not only that, but the whole place is
completely restricted by key barriers. You have Colonel, Knightman,
Shadowman, and Toadman. Use to your advantage the ability to save with
both Colonel and Toadman. Anyway, Colonel reveals to you what's in
Nebula 6, King Chaos! Liberate within 16 turns!

Strategy: If done correctly, you can get the prize Anubis!

Phase 1 Start
Let's start how we always do. Life Melody!!! Who didn't see that coming?
Use it on Shadowman. Then have Shadowman travel to panel (13, 14). Then
have him face up, and liberate the 5 panels, which should be (13, 9-13). Use
Megaman, Colonel, and Knightman to liberate panels (12, 17), (12, 16), and
(14, 14). Panel (14, 14) is an item panel that reveals to you...Order Points!
Those little glowing orbs make the world go round. 

Phase 2 Start
I'll give you 3 seconds to guess what you are about to do. 3...2...1...Life
Melody on Shadowman. Now have Shadowman stand on panel (13, 11), and
have him face right. He needs to liberate panels (14, 11), (16-17, 11). Panel
(15, 11) is a barrier, which will be unlocked if you liberate these panels.
You will get Key 3 and order points. Woohoo! Now there are 2 dark holes
you can DESTROY in this turn. The easier one to reach is on panel (11, 12).
Use either Colonel, Knightman, or Megaman to liberate the dark hole, the
path is already carved out for you. Now, with whoever you have left, you
need to carve out a small path for the next dark hole. It is located at panel
(17, 9). Use whichever navi you want to liberate panel (16, 9) or (17, 8).
Either way, you will still be able to use your last navi to liberate the dark

Phase 3 Begin
As usual, use Life Melody on Shadowman. See how useful it is? Have him
stand on panel (10, 11) and liberate to the left. Once again, you will be
liberating past a barrier panel, and you will recieve an HP boost and Key 2!!
Now, there are 3 Darkholes you can liberate this turn, but you won't be able
to liberate them all! I suggest liberating liberating the dark hole on (5, 9),
which requires 2 navis, and then either the dark hole on (5, 3) or (17, 3), both
of which require only one navi. So with Colonel, Megaman, and Knightman,
liberate the 2 navi hole, and one of the one navi holes.

Phase 4 Begin
It's the first turn in this liberation that you won't be using Life Melody!
Use preferably Toadman to liberate the dark hole you didn't last turn. Now,
we will move onto Blizzardman. First, liberate the item panel in front of him,
to get Key 1! You should have 3 navis left. Make sure one of them is
Shadowman. Now, you have a choice. Use Sneak Attack for an easy 500
damage, or enter battle. I prefer using Sneak Attack. Now, with your last
two navis, delete him!

Phase 5 Begin
You have all the keys, liberated all the dark holes, and defeated Blizzardman.
Now you have to delete Cosmoman! Use Knightman to either liberate (10, 4)
or (12, 4). Now use Colonel's Screen Divide to liberate 3 horizontal panels in
front of Cosmoman. Rest up for the turn, or continue to fight Cosmoman! If
you rest, Cosmoman wont be able to attack Colonel since he is near
Knightman. Either way, you'll be finished before 14 turns are up, and get
Anubis A! If you finished in 15-16 turns, you did not use my strategy and got
a lowly Cosmoman DS C.

5. Boss Strategy [boss str]

Ok. I didn't cover the bosses too well in this guide, so now I will. First, I'll
start with the MiniBosses.

The first type of MiniBoss is BigBrute, or as I like to call it, One Head
Cereberus. His attack is to launch a flame that spreads in a cross 2 panels
ahead. Due to his inconsistent movement, do not launch attacks like Pulsars
until he stops to attack.

The second type of MiniBoss is RoyalHawk. This birds cannot be attacked
while it is in mid-air. When it is in the same row as you, it will dive down. It
will hit your panel, and all of your panels behind it. Most attacks work well
against it when it is on the ground, so wait for a good moment to launch your
strongest attack.

The final type of MiniBoss is Bladia, or as I like to call it, Super Swordy.
He stays still, blocks, and attacks whatever column your in. Since he blocks
many attacks, your best offense should be timefreezing. That way, it can't be
blocked. When he attacks a column, the column becomes cracked. Overall,
he is rather easy, as all MiniBosses are, until they are teamed up with viruses.

Now, onto the bosses!

The first boss you encounter is the Bat! No, not Batman! Shademan!

Shademan V3: 1200 HP
He has 4 attacks:

He will open his wings and send a wave that is shaped like his chip (120)
He will send out 3 Bats that travel forward, then turn onto the column you
are on (120)
He will try to slash you in a widesword range (200)
He will appear in front or behind you and drain your HP, and use it to recover
his own HP. If you struggle (120), if you don't (180)
This guy is easy. Just use whatever folder you have, it won't matter. He has
inconsistent moving, so try to have semi-auto or auto aiming chips (not the
chips with aim mark, but chips that dont require good aim)

The second boss is in Cloud Nine, until you bring him down a peg. Cloudman!

Cloudman V3: 1300 HP
He has 3 attacks:

He will start the battle with 5 1HP clouds that send out little thunderballs
straight forward when they are in your row. The clouds will revive
themselves (120)
He will send clouds that spark in a cross shape in your area (160)
He will disappear and send a large cloud after you, while he hides in one of
6 clouds. When you hit him, the large cloud will disappear (160)
This is tougher. He only stays in his back row, so hit him with chips like
Lance. Try to use attacks that hit many enemy columns, such as BigNoise.
Small range chips don't work well here.

The third boss is that pushover Blizzardman. Defeat him or else he will turn
the whole place into a Nebula Ski Resort!

Blizzardman V3: 1600 HP (how does he have more than all the other bosses)
He has 3 attacks:

He will push a snowball down your row, then another row (160)
He will come up to the front column and blow ice breath, that turns 2 panels
in front of him into ice (160)
He will roll down the row as a snowball, then roll down another row. At the
end, 3 patches of snow will fall (240, 10 if snow falls on you)
Relatively easy. Chips like Satellite and Toadman work well here. His
inconsistent movement makes it hard to hit him, so use semi-auto or auto
aiming chips.

The final boss is name calling Cosmoman! Show him that he is the dust mote,
not you!

Cosmoman V3: 1500 HP
He has 4 attacks:

He will shoot a ring up, that lands, and spins in a 2 by 2 area (200)
He will block your shot with a black hole, then send an astroid that hits in a
cross shape (200)
He will send 3 spheres at you, with rings that can be destroyed (200)
He will use a move EXACTLY like CosmoPrison (200)
More inconsistent movement. Its pretty much the same strategy as the
others, except for cloudman.

6. Good Folders [good fol]

Ok. Some of you need a good folder for the liberation missions. The
Renowned Folder Guide has some good folders, but many of them require
souls, which only Megaman can do. Here are some effective folders in these
missions. Note, your team members can use DS chips, so if you see it in the
folder, do not be alarmed. All the folders were customized by me.

A. Cosmo Cloud by alink427
4 Vulcan2 C
4 Variable Sword C
4 MoonBlade3 C
4 Asteroid3 C
4 Satellite2 C
4 Invisible *
1 CloudMan SP C
1 CloudMan DS C
1 CosmoMan C
1 CosmoMan SP C
1 CosmoMan DS C
1 CrossDivide C

Nice assortment of attacks! Vulcan2 helps achieve full synch. Variable
Sword and MoonBlade3 for high damage. The Astroid3 can be used alone,
or for CosmoPrison. Satellite2 is amazing, as it will go through all the enemies
damaging them unless it hits an obstacle. The Navi chips provide nice
damage, and for CosmoPrison. CrossDivide for more damage! This folder
can be built after the second liberation mission due to MoonBlade3 and

B. Dirty Django by alink427
4 GunDelSol3 D [Preset]
4 MudWave D
4 TripCrak *
4 HolyPanel *
4 Satellite2 D 
2 MarkCannon2 D
4 Invisible *
1 Attack+30 *
1 Django D
1 DjangoSP D
1 DjangoDS D

5 main sources of damage. TripCrak and MudWave to hit most enemies.
PileDriver to hit enemies in the same row. Django chips to do hurt enemies in
a 3 by 3 square, if the coffin falls on someone. Extra GunSols serve as
backup. And the final source of damage is Satellite2. Satellites are great
since they go through enemies. If for some reason the enemy isn't dead,
MarkCannons. This folder is great since you can build most of it before the
first bouns liberation mission, but you still need an open hole. Substitute
Django DS if you need to.

C. Electric Space by commiesk
4 Seaseed * [preset]
4 Satellite3 U
4 Meteor2 U
4 Voltz2 U
4 RedFrut3 U
3 Areagrab *
4 Invis *
2 Colorpoint *
1 Atk+30 *

The main thing you need to do is seaseed. This sets up the main damage.
Satellite3 for 200 damage to each enemy and Voltz2 for 240 damage to some
enemies. Meteor2 for backup, and RedFrut3 for full synch. This folder can
be built after the second bonus liberation due to Satellite3.

D. Grargh! Smash! Kill! by Buretsu
3x Mine H
3x Quake3 H
3x Skully2 H
3x AqWhirl2 H
3x AirSpin2 H
3x FireHit2 H
3x SideBub2 H
3x Voltz3 H
3x TimBom3 H
3x BoyBomb2 H

Just massive amount of damage! No set-up at all! All the chips work very
well against most enemies. Viruses don't flinch, so the only problem would
be with bosses. This folder can be built after the second liberation mission
due to Quake3, Voltz3, and TimeBom3.

E. Nightmare Barrage by RPGs_Rock
4 GrassSeed *
4 Asteroid1 T
4 Asteroid3 P
3 Mine P / T
3 Metagel T
3 Timpani *
4 Invis *
1 Tomahawkman T
1 TomahawkmanSP T
1 Tomahawkman DS T
1 Attack +30 *
1 Phoenix P

Since there are several viruses, Astroid works wonders. Several hits come
down on the viruses, and you can use another attack while the Astroids are
falling! Mines help for the enemies who like to move a lot. The
Tomahawkman chips work well too. Phoenix hits many panels, which will
allow for double or triple deletes. This folder can be built after the second
bonus liberation, due to Astroid3.

F. Served Justice by MacaroniCrayons
4 CactBall1 J
4 FirePunch2 J
4 WoodyNose2 J
3 WindRacket J
3 RockCube *
3 AreaGrab *
4 Invis *
3 Wind *
1 Atk +30 *
1 JustcOne J

FirePunch and WoodyNose work wonders. They are so easy to launch and
hit enemies with. Since viruses lack intelligence, they won't step out of the
way if you windrack and rockcube for 200 damage. With wind, Cactball can
do some nice damage. JusticeOne is the best attack here. It will do 100
damage to all viruses with little aim, and if an enemy is in the center panel,
they will take 280 damage! This folder can be built before or after the first
bonus mission. To get JustcOne, you have to build the folder after the first
bonus mission. 

7. Frequently Asked Questions [fre ask que]

None yet

8. Acknowledgements [ack ment]

Casabier for his liberation mission guide maps

For folders