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Author/Copyright Debra Cox   January 5 2006
                 elainecowell@yahoo.com / razzie1@peoplepc.com

This Is an Amaze Entertainment / Buenavista Game /Licensed By Nintendo
I am in no way linked to them.

This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

Table Of Contents
1.	About the game Ö
2.	CharactersÖ
3.	Controls
4.	Health Items Ö
5.	Temperature MeterÖ
6.	Call for Help ÖAnd Narnian Essence
7.	Nobilities Ö
8.	Mr. Tumnusís  Personal Belongings Ö
9.	The walkthrough Ö
10.	 Credits

Ok I am not very exciting or funny ha! ha! in my descriptions of the game; I
am a get to the point now please, so here we go. By the way you may want to
set your options to the easy level until you get use to what your doing.
1. About The Game:
The main thing about the game is to beat the white witch and get rid of the
evil forces, you will battle all kinds of  things wolves, Giants that knock
you down, trolls with clubs, sliver robot looking things that throw spears at
you, Dwarves that shoot you with arrows and or swards, some little guys who
look to me like tan colored snoopy that slash you with long knives, and
Boggles you will come across in the caverns. You help animals and make it
through trials to get the nobilities you need to win the game. You change
characters as the chapters change, and will at one time or another play as
each of the children. There is lots of talking going on through out the Game I
am not going to tell you what is being said it is pointless to tell you what
you can read for yourself. Just short sweet and to the point! There are no
save points to this game you and only you can decide when and where you want
to save. I save after I have found an Item of importance or when I have gotten
a new Nobility. Not because I have to because if I am killed the screen starts
over from scratch. I donít like having to play over what I have already done.
Some of the finds are very difficult to get too. So instead of starting all
over I can go to the start menu and begin again from the last saved spot.

2. The Characters:
Lucy; she can kick to kill her enemies, later she can use her potion to
heal youÖ
    Peter; uses a stick, and fire, and later a sward to kill his enemies
    Edmond; uses his fists and later a sward to do his thing with
    Susan; uses snowballs and later a Bow and arrows for her death blows
    Mr. Tumnus
    White Witch and her cronies
    Mr. Beaver / and his wife
    Mrs. Bear and her Cub
    The Fox
    The Elk
    The Centaur

3. Controls
+ control pad up, down, right, and left; high light your menu ops
A button selects options
B button returns you to last screen
More about the use of the controls  in the health and nobilities

4. Health Items
Your Health meter is in the upper left corner of the screen next to the
picture of who ever your playing at the timeÖNOTICE the little shield beneath
the picture!
Tea: Hot tea will keep you warm until you find fire and will boost to your
heath meter
Cookies: Will restore one half of your health
Toast : Will keep your temperature from falling to low as well as give you a
boost to your heath meter
Candy Canes: will fill your health meter one fourth of the way
Sandwiches:  Will fill your health meter completely
Matches: Of course you use them to light a fire but you can only use them on
the sticks circled by rocks

In order to get to these click on the R button use the right and left arrows
to rotate to the item you want. Use the A button to execute.
If you use the down arrow to get you to your nobilities section then use the
right and left arrows to get the one you wantÖ..

5. Temperature Meter
It is in the upper right hand side of the screen next to the round sliver moon
shapeÖ When full it is green, as it drops it turns Blue. If your busy and donít
think about it the kids will shiver and blow on there hands so get them
something warm pretty quick.

6. Call for Help And Narnian Essence
You can call the rest of the kids to come help you fight if they are near and
your shield is fully blue, to do that Press the L button.

There are three Essence:
Yellow Ė restores some of your health
Blue Ė Reduces the damage from the bad guys
Red Ė Doubles the damage you do to the bad guys when you attack.
You can only get these from killing the bad guys and you need to nab them up
fast because the donít hang around for long, they will fad out if you donít
get to them fast enough.

7. Nobilities

Access them by clicking the R button then the down arrow use right and left
arrows to get the one you want to use and then the A button to execute. Once
that is done notice the sliver moon next to you health meter it will change to
the nobility you have chosen. Use the B button to execute the action. When you
have use the nobility once the area around the symbol will count down in
yellow the time limit before it can be repeated.

Aslands Song: Use this to call woodland animals out of hiding to move trees,
and big rocks out of the way so you can move on.
Great Protector: this will keep enemies off you for a little bit.
Warmth of Heart: Use it to warm everyone up with its inner glow.

Strength 0f Character: With this you can now move small rocks out of your way.
Hold down the B button to pick it up turn around or step aside and just let go
of the button to throw it out of the way.
Silent Passage:  With this hold down the B button to sneak around and not be
seen let it go when you think it is safe.
Leap Of Faith: This will let the party jump over the gaps when your ready to
jump hit the B button and away you fly.
Regal Presence: This will cause some enemies to run away from you, be sure you
use it wisely because it will be a little bit before you can use it again.
Unified Face: When you use this it will make all in the group to charge the
enemy at the same time.

8. Mr. Tumnusís  Personal Belongings
  You Must Have All Of The Items To Unlock The Hard and Epic Leaves!!!!!
Muffler Ė Umbrella Ė Pan Pipes Ė Book of Songs Ė Bundle of Letters Ė
Tea Kettle Ė Writing Quill and Ink Well Ė Parcel Ė Lamp Post Painting Ė
Book Of Human Stories Ė Quilt Ė Book Is Man a Myth Ė Copper Pot Ė Portrait of
Tumnusís Father - Iron Lamp Ė Toy Centaur = 16 in all

                     The WALKTHROUGH
            Chapter One Lucy Meets Mr. Tumnus

The kids are stuck in the old house because of the rain and decide to go
exploring. They find the dusty empty room Peter says they go to the next room,
all but Lucy and of course she sees the wardrobe and wan t to check it out.
She ends up in Narnia but you know that! Ok before we meet Mr. Tumnus got to
your left and find a fire because you may need to get warm before going back
to the real world. Now head for the lamp post. There is where Mr. Tumnus

They have a talk and he invites her to his house.  They go left one screen,
Tumnus tells Lucy there is a rock in the way, so Lucy pushes it left out of
the way. These Big rocks only move one way.
They go inside he plays music and they have another talk.

They leave he tells her to stay close to him. Instead of him taking her back
to the right the way they came in the go to the left and down, just after you
go between the rock wall and pine tree, Look out cause the Bad guys are right
All Lucy can do it kick them to kill them so timing is very important. Donít
worry if you die the game will start back again at Tumnusís house you wont lose
anything.. In the easy level you kick them once or some time twice to kill them
the higher the level the more it takes to kill them.

After you finish them off you will head south then, Tumnus gives you your
first Cookie and tell you, you can find more under ice Statues or in chest But
you can find them in the ice formations too. So anytime you see them use what
ever kill skill you have to get them.

Now go on south it is suppose to be a short cut the witch doesnít  know about,
how ever  look out there are more of those little bad guys so kill them if
they get near you. Keep heading south to find more rocks in the way. Move the
2 next to the pine tree, the first one move to the right and the second push
forward, and you can go on. LOL now there are piles of snow blocking you, just
stand in front of the snow and use youíre a button to dig it out of the was
you can clear it all but only one pile will be enough to go on.
By now you should be very cold so go a little right you will hear the fire
before you see it stand by it until your Temp. meter if full again. Move now
to the right but be on the look out the is a dwarf with a bow and arrow so
find him and kill him first.. That being done you have more rocks to moveÖIf
you start getting cold again run back to the fire and get warm. Then try again
to dig out the snow piles and move the rocks to clear your way to next screen.
Dig the pile of snow out and push the rock to where you dug out the snow pile.
Then push the rock in front of you strait ahead, More bad guys so kill them
before they do you.

Then kick down the ice to find more health items you will need them. You
should find some toast and a sandwich. Now before you get to cold run down in
the bottom left of the screen and dig out the snow to find matches. You can
save the matches if you think you can make it home safe because the very next
screen is where you get home. My self I would save the matches, but if you
think you will freeze and die make the fire.
Like I said go on east to the next screen you go home and  Susan, Peter and
Edmond all see you come out. There is more talking between them, and that
chapter ends. At this point if you did not use and of the health items given
or found you should have at least one of everything possibly 2 toast.

               Chapter 2 Edmund and The White Witch

Edmund thinks Lucy is hiding in the wardrobe so go to check it out. He finds
himself you guessed it; in Narnia. Be ready to punch out the bad guys cause
they are close and will come for you, after you reach the Lamp Post. Take them
out and scout the area smash the ice and statue open the trunk for food and
tea. Do this until you see the big bad guys then you will be taken to the next

There you meet the White Witch once your done talking to her and she tells you
what she wants you to do you will be re turned to the screen you had just left.
Again go around killing the bad guys and smashing ice and so forth but make
the Lamp Post and the entrance to the wardrobe last because that is where Lucy
finds you.
Keep in mind once you leave an area and go back to it you can find the same
health items and matches as well as the same bad guys. So if youíre in need of
health stuff go in and out of screens to collect what you need. Only places
that have 3 trunks with food in them if you go back for seconds they wont be
After Lucy finds you, you talk a bit and go home, after you get there, More
Talking, after they are done Chapter 3 begins.

                      Chapter 3 Through The Wardrobe

There is some talking , and a need to hide so they all rush to do so, no
surprise here they go to the wardrobe and end up you know where. Some more
talking and getting of coats, that being done Lucy is to lead them to Mr.
Tumnusís house.

Before leaving this area look around for trunks, ice, and statues for more
health items, because they will come in handy in the future. Of course kill
all the bad guys you see there.

Moving to the left on screen you go to Tumnusís house and finding him gone,
there is more talking. Hearing  a psst they go out side and hear the psst
again and into the picture comes Mr. Beaver. There is more talking and they
and fallow him to a corner with big rocks. There push the top rock to the left
and clear the snow out of the way and go west as the Beaver wants. Here you
find the first Item you must have to open the harder levels of the game. The
red MUFFLER. Kill the bad guys and  scout for health items, go back to the
fire and warm up before moving left to the next area.

Once there turn left open the trunk for Tea. Then go back and down the ramp,
There you meat Mr. Squirrel, more talking and he tell you he needs your help
to find his family heirloom. Before you go in search of it  look around of
more health stuff. Always look around for more, I will not say it again cause
it should not necessary by now you should have the idea. Then got up and to
the left to the next area.
Do not worry if all are not with you as soon as you leave one area and inter
the next everyone will be with you.

As soon as you are there you can hear the fire get to it fast because you will
be running low on your warmth meter. Kill anything in your way. On the right
you will find bad guys, a statue, and a ice covered ramp donít even bother
with that you cannot get up it only down it. Now circle to you left kill the
dwarf. There is a trunk in the upper left side of the area close to the row of
boulders holding toast.  Now go to the boulders and push the second one from
the trunk up and move to the next area.

From here go to the right and kill every thing there open the trunk for
matches circle left and up the ramp kill the Dwarf  kick over the Statues get
warm and head to the next little area here you will find 3 trunks holding
health items open them get the stuff and go back where you came from. This is
one of the places if you try to get more stuff you cant, the trunks will be
gone. Them kill the dwarf again before going on. Yes every time you leave an
area and go back too it all the bad guys will be back even if you have killed
them all before leaving. Now down the ramp and to the left making the circle
again killing all the bad guys and open the trunk for more matches you can
never have enough. Now dig out the snow go up the ramp to the left is an unlit
bon fire, to the right more snow to dig out, dig it out if you have enough
warmth in you meter. Now you have three choices either go back and light the
bon fire or if you have enough on your meter run to the last bon fire to fill
it up, or eat toast and drink some tea. To stay warm until you get to the next
fire. To the north is a trunk and a dwarf , the trunk hold a cookie. To the
south are some of those little mean ass bad guys and a wolf in between you and
the next fire and the next screen. You will need the warmth so make sure you
fill up before interring the next area.

Now go left dig out a snow pile and go down and pick up the squirrels heirloom
then go back and slid down the ice covered ramp you saw before. Kill the bad
guys and get warm again. Now go south to the next screen. Getting there meet
back up with Mr. Squirrel and give him his Acorn. He will then give you the
Aslands Song. Fallow Mr. Beaver and the squirrel, this is the first time you
will have to use Aslands Song. Now use it now. A bear and a fox will help
beaver to move the tree trunk out of your way and move on to the next Area.

                 Chapter 4 Forest Passage To The Beavers

Now Peter takes over as leader of the group, his weapon is a stick / torch.
Though either will kill the bad guys it will kill faster as a torch. Also he
uses it to melt ice walls by swinging it over the ice.

Onward and upward  kill all the bad guys here go up the ramp to the right and
all the way down the tree line to the bon fire get warm.
Now slide down an ice ramp open the truck there for a sandwich, then dig the
snow pile out of the way. Now push the boulder over to the just emptied snow
Yes your where you began but now when you go up the ramp go to the right and
up to the left kill the bad guys here dig out the snow in the upper left of
the screen for a cookie, then head down to a new ramp, go strait ahead of you
to the fire kill the two Dwarves there.
Get your warmth meter full and go back toward the ramp but make a left,  then
a right kill the two little bad guys and move on.
Ahead of you is a white wolf kill it and head to the fire, here another white
wolf will come after you just smack him down with your torch. A truck with a
sandwich is over in the corner! Once you get it go south to some boulders,
move the one that has no snow behind it. Now move south and around the trees,
kill the bad guys here and dig out a snow pile to move to your next area.

After entering this area walk over to your left check it out you can see Mr.
Tumnusís Umbrella by an iced over pond. Lets go get it. Head up the tree line
then around and down the other side and grab it up.
Now go back the way you came but head over to your left open the chest get out
the food there and move down the wall, there is an unlit bon fire light it if
you need too fill your warmth meter in a hurry.
Other wise wait until the next area witch is right around the corner.

Right after you inter here you should be able to hear a fire burning kill the
bad guy to get to it. Beware of a dwarf near by. Open the trunk that is
against the wall near the fire for some more matches. Go west now and down to
the next area.

Now fallow the wall to a trunk for a cookie. The go back up just a little and
to the east is another trunk open it for some matches. Not far from it is an,
unlit bon fire go ahead and light this one you will need it.
Down  and around the tree line you will see foot prints head between the trees
there. Yes the path is blocked.
Get out Aslands Song and Play it. What it doesnít work does it, all the
animals are hiding from something, go see what it is. Dwarves, wolf and those
mean little bad guys, well kill them get warm again and go try Aslands Song
again. It works this time to elk come and move the tree trunk that was
blocking your way to the next area and for being so brave they give you the
nobility Great Protector.

Move on now to the next area. This where it tell you how to use your call for
help from the group if your attacked in force. Smash the statues and get warm
at the fire before heading down the ramp.
Now down the ramp there is nothing that will help you to the left side so go
to the right there is a small box open it for some toast, but look out for all
the dwarves there are about 5 of the and a little bad guy.
There is a  ramp here lined by snow piles.
If you only need a little warmth eat a toast and drink a tea, because just to
the right of this ramp is a bon fire, but also a dwarf. But he can be killed
fast enough to keep you alive.
After you warm yourself head west strait across from the fire is a trunk and
two statues and a little bad guy. Kill the little dude and go on west but
before moving  on to the three way intersection, make a right and sharp left
to another trunk for a cookie. Beware for the two wolves coming up to you.
Kill them then head on back and turn to the left. Mr. Beaver tells you his
house is just west from there, so move on now to the next area.

Here you donít have much control over where you go or anything it is more of a
seen playing out with a lot of talking so just read and wait for the scene

                    Chapter 5 Searching For Edmund

Now head around the rock wall go up the ramp kill the dwarf and move on to the
snow piles two of those little bad guys are hanging there so try to kill them
before you dig out a pile. Then head over open the trunk for some matches and
go back and light the bon fire your going to need it. Get warm, head down the
ramp to the left of the screen. Look Out here for two new BAD GUYS I have no
Idea what you call them, but they look like walking GIANT BULLíS with super
sized double headed axes. Timing is very important here cause it can cost you
most of your life meter.
After you kill them if your torch went out go get it lit, and get warm again.
Now go back to the spot where you killed those guys and you will see a wall of
ice, swing your torch at it until it melts away.
Fallow the path to a new area.

Just after interning there are lots of bad guys 3 or 4 little ones, like 4
dwarves , and another new one, the robot looking one come to think of it he
looks like C3po but heís not nice he throws spears at you, they can be dodged
if you move fast enough. Anyway kill them and donít forget to look around for
stuff you might need. Now go under the archway and find a bon fire fill your
meter  and head to the west where you meet Mrs. Bear. She needs you to help
her find her son.

Head up the ramp she came down and go to the next area. Now make a hard left
Kill the big bad guys there and find Tumnusís Pan Pipes. Once there go up to
the top of the screen you see two boulders and two little bad guys kill them
before you push the one on the right out of your way.
Go north to the trunk and get matches, turn around head south down the ramp a
wolf or two will the there. After you take care of them head west and north
light the bon fire there. Turn to your right and walk a short space to find
two snow piles dig out one and go through the narrow passage there.

In this new area smash the ice  go under the arch my goodness the archway
caves in and you cannot go back that way. Head up the ramp dig out a spot of
snow and move to the right to get to the fire. Get warm and open the trunk for
matches. Now head to the north west corner and find the baby bear.
He joins your party so head back down the ramp and go to the right to a new

As always there are bad guys. I am feeling like a broken record now so always
expect to be killing bad guys at every turn unless I say no bad guys here. OK
and thank you. This is a very short area after doing away with the bad guys
remember to look for health foods exc. Now head for the next area witch
happens to be where mother bear ask you for help.

Now dig out the first snow pile and push the boulder forward and dig out the
next pile of snow and head down the ramp. Mother and son are happily reunited.
Head to the fire fill your warmth meter and gather
Health stuffs. Now head back up the ramp you just came down and go back to the
last area you were in.

Fallow closely to the right side you will see some boulders you can not move,
so get out Aslands Song and play it. Mrs. Bear comes and moves it for you. She
then gives you the nobility Warmth of Heart.  Open the trunk for some more
matches. Now move on to the new area.

Dig out a snow pile get fire and fill your meter then fallow the path south.
Light the bon fire and melt the ice walls and fallow the path. Dig snow open
trunk for a sandwich then continue fallowing the path.

This new area is very, very short  and leads to another area where the group
sees Edmund, Read the scene parts and a new chapter begins.

                     Chapter 6 The Long Cold Walk

This one is tricky, Edmund has to climb up the cliff with the wind blowing
hard. The trick is to keep him from falling off. The only places he can climb
is where you see smaller rocks on the cliff face. He has to keep moving  and
donít dare move your finger from the right, left, up and down arrows or you
WILL be blown off the mountain.

Here we go now start him climbing kind of moving him in a right, left movement
back and forth while still climbing up. Try not to fall because it will more
than likely kill you out right and you have to begin  all over.
Once your up the first place go to the right and around the corner stay close
to the wall and move around the boulder while hugging close to the wall, until
you come to the next climbing point. If you do not need Warmth right away keep
moving up using the back and forth motion as before. Once on the next level
move to the left and fallow the wall like before. Now if you have to have
warmth there is a small ledge you can climb down and get to a fire. But I do
not suggest you go after the cookie that is in the tree  line you will play
heck getting out of there. Just get warm climb out get to the wall climb up to
the next cliff ledge. Now then head back to the right and around to this
lighter colored rock face and start climbing you will know when you made it
because you will see the scene change and you will be lead to the White Witch.
The White Witch and Edmund have a talk and she sends Edmund away and wants the
trader brought back to her.

                        Chapter 7 Dash To The Tunnels

Now it is just Susan and Mr. Beaver  who try to lead the bad guys on a wild
goose chase.
Head to the right killing all the bad guys and collecting all the health stuff
dig out a pile of snow and head up the ramp open the trunk get the matches but
donít light the fire unless you absolutely have to.

Head on to the next area, you will see piles of snow but go to the left of
them and, break up the ice towers and get to the fire. Watch out for the bad
guys too. After you fill your warmth meter move on to the next area.

Just keep killing and moving on through area after area, you can only go one
way. Even though you are being chased they wont catch up to you until it is
time for them to so you can still find your health stuffs.

Here there are two little bad guys in your way to the row of boulders, get to
them break up the ice tower then move that one, push it forward at the same
your trying to kill bad guys. Doing that dig out the pile of snow to go ahead.
Donít light the fire here unless you really need too. There is fire in the
next area. If you need it grab some toast and tea to make it to the snow
piles. You have to dig out a snow pile here there is no way around them this

Here you have just a little time to gather some health stuff but make sure you
have full health and warmth your going to need it to fight off the wolves, you
can only kill two of them. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to
get your back to the tree trunk and throw snow balls at them as fast as you
can, so that when the beaver tell you to make a run for the bottom of the wood
ramp you can get there fast; After you do the ramp caves in and they cannot
get you. Go down the snow covered ramp and fill your warmth meter; if you want
then go on to the next area and down the ice ramp. Mr. Beaver gives you the
nobility Strength Of Character.

                   Chapter 8 Escape To The Enclave

You meet the Boggles right away killíem  of course and look around. Then head
east down the tunnel. Now would be a good time to enable your Strength of
Character. Now move on down the tunnel it will open into a large cavern stay
to the right side wall and come to the boulders. Walk up to them click and
hold down on the B button and pick one up and walk forward then let the B
button go to throw the boulder. Open the trunk for some tea then back track.
Swing around to find health items, then head on down the left side wall to
come to boulders on your left and on the right are ice towers, to the right
first. Open the trunk here for some more tea.

Back track and go right down the tunnel,  break the ice push the center
boulder to enter the cavern. Fallow it around and head down yet another
tunnel. In the new tunnel area turn right break the ice and move into the
cavern. Hugging the wall move around to the left kill the Ogre with the club
and open the trunk. You should see Mr. Tumnusís Book of Songs grab them up now
lets get out of these caverns and tunnels shall we.  Beside the trunk is a way
out pick up a small boulder and push the big one forward to get out , as you
notice two of those little pest block you in so this is the only way out.

Back track and go right down the tunnel,  break the ice push the center
boulder to enter the cavern. Fallow it around and head down yet another
tunnel. In the new tunnel area turn right break the ice and move into the
cavern. Hugging the wall move around to the left kill the Ogre with the club
and open the trunk. You should see Mr. Tumnusís Book of Songs grab them up now
lets get out of these caverns and tunnels shall we.  Beside the trunk on the
left  is a way out pick up a small boulder and push the big one forward to get
out , as you notice two of those little pest block you in so this is the only
way out.

Instead of going back the way we came head  south west down this tunnel, one
Go on down and to the west move the boulders in your way and just fallow the
tunnel go to the right side here and break the ice go in this caver to the
right and open the trunk for a sandwich and then back track out nothing else
in here unless you want to go around the big wall of rock to have to kill one
of those robot looking things then have to lift a rock out of the way to move
on. Other wise like I said before back track out and go across from there to
some other boulders break the ice tower and push the boulder out of your way
and move on down the tunnel.

Oh no you hear a howl and think the wolves have found a way in to get you,
Not. But go on ahead to the west,  a wall of ice is right there, break it down
to move on in. Lots Boggles here including a giant one. That big one is
blocking your way out. He will throw big rocks at you so as soon as he picks
one up hit him with snow balls and they will fall on his head, keep doing this
while killing the other boggles, until you kill the big guy and then you are
out of there and to the end of the chapter.

                  Chapter 9 Edmund In The Witches Castle

Edmund meets Mr. Tumnus while in the dungeons and they have a little talk
before they are interrupted by the White Witch. She then has a talk with
Edmund after witch she takes Tumnus out of the cell and leaves Edmund locked
up. Edmund if you remember can only punch the bad guys to kill them so he has
to be close enough to do it and timing is really needed.

Well now he has no plans of staying there, push the boulder that is right next
to him, push it up toward the other one, to reveal a hole. You guessed it jump
right on in there but be careful. I hope you are remembering to break the ice
scattered around. Any way on word  there are three boulder in front of you now
so push the one net to the jagged rock formation now go on ahead. On the far
wall is a rock ladder, go up it to the open cell.

Walk out the door you here a cry for help and the elk tell you he need help to
get out of there, that you need to find the keys to the cell.

Walk westward stay close to the wall, there is a dwarf here if you time it
right he will be walking with his back to you kill him then go back and bust
up the statues you saw on the way. Now still stay close to the wall and it
will lead you to where your cell is, across from it is an open cell with a
trunk open it for the 1st set of keys. Back track and let out the elk. To open
the cell with the keys all you need to do is stand next to the cell door and
hit the A button. The elk then tell you there is two more that need your help.

Now go on back the way you just came but stay closer to the rock islands, so
you can go to the left when you reach the wall. Also be careful  not to get
caught because they will put you back in your cell, then you have to get out
again. Anyway open the trunk next to the wall for the second set of keys, and
go on, around the corner near the statue. There are two cells here first let
the bear out of the cell. Listen to what it tells you and then head for the
other cell.

Ha! Ha! you thought the last set of keys was in the trunk didnít you. Well not
that easy but it isnít bad just push the boulder up toward the trunk and jump
in the hole. Fallow the tunnel to the trunk for the last set of keys, back
track up the ladder, and out of the cell.

Now there are two was to go once your back in the main room ahead or turning
back the way you got there. I have tried both ways. In my opinion it is better
to go back the way you came, because I was captured going the head on
approach. So turn back the way you came and fallow it back around, to the
entrance way that leads to the where the elk was. Now carefully fallow that
southern wall down and west, then southwards again. Now turn to the east and
fallow that, it will turn just keep fallowing it. At the end of it is a cell
with a Fox in it. Open the cell door and he will talk to you. And tell you
Asland told him in a dream that a human would come and rescue him. He then
gives you the nobility Silent Passage.  To me this one is hard to use you have
to enable it and hold down on the B button as you are walking if you let up on
it any at all you can be seen. But any way it is time now to try to escape
this place.

Head back to the last big room you skirted to get to the Fox and turn south,
up against the wall and around to the west. There is a trunk at the dead end
open it for a sandwich. From there you can see stairs leading up, once up the
steps your in big trouble cause there are lots of bad guys there. As you enter
you hear a cry to capture you after the cry goes out a dwarf come up behind you
try to take him out first then the one in front of you. After doing that stay
close to the southern wall try to use the Silent Passage to sneak up on the bad
guys and kill them. Or not just depends on what you would like to do. Woo!
Hooo! you killed them all lets go out of the room down the wide open hall way.

Awe you thought you escaped Huh! Oh well you tried, Ginarrbrik takes you to the
White Witch.

                   Chapter 10 Crossing The Frozen Lake

Peter is in the lead again this time and off we go. A poor fox needs your help
so head on and help him. Well now that you kill the bad guys for him he now
wants you to help him get home. But before you do fallow the trees at the
bottom right side of the screen smash the ice towers and go behind the trees to
find Mr. Tumnusís Bundle of Letters.

Now head west across the frozen stream and up toward the water fall and around
to the west and south to leave this area.

To the west here is a spear chucker get rid of him open the trunk for some tea
witch you could use right now but just enough to keep you warm until you can
dig out a snow pile and get down the ramp and to the east if fire and guess
what no bad guys yet, so fill up your warmth meter.

Now go to the west and find a log in your path get out Aslands Song and get it
move out of your way. Now move on, around the tree line dig out the snow for
toast laying on the round. Now still stay close to the edge of the cliff,
donít worry too much about warmth there is a bon fire close by.  Fill your
warmth meter then go west under the rock archway, to a new area.

Clear your way but still fallow this roadway around to the east and up the
ramp where you find a bon fire. Get warm and go back down the ramp and to the
east and light a bon fire. Then go back up the ramp to the fire.

From the fire you can see boulders beside the boulder you need to move is a
snow pile while your trying to dig a spear chucker is hurling spears at you,
so click the L for help from your party in killing it so you can do what you
need to do. After getting rid of the snow push the boulder west, now go kill
them other spear chuckers so you can get back to what you were about to do. So
now back down the ramp to the bon fire you lit.

To the right of the fire is an ice wall, to melt this one you have to make a
swing at it witch will melt it a little, then you have to go back to the fire,
then back to the wall for another swing at it. It is a pain because you have
to repeat this action like five times before you can walk through.

Now in this new area try to stay to the right side of this frozen pound because
if not and you donít make it to the far side soon enough the pound will break
through and to cannot get to Mr. Tumnusís Teakettle. While you heading to the
far side your being attacked, and getting colder by the second, once there on
solid ground, pick up the health items while heading west, now dig out that one
pile of snow grab the teakettle, and back track to the previous area.

Low and behold you have to kill the same dog gone ones you did before and go
right on and repeat everything you just did. So get on with it so we can go to
a new area. Make sure though you light the bon fire that is close to the ramp,
because after digging out the snow and going up there are bad guys to kill and
more snow up there to dig out. Even though there is another bon fire right on
the other side of this area there are some of those really big Bull guys with
those double sides axes. You can never tell how long it will take you to kill
them and get to the fire. So better safe than sorry.

Ok after kill these four big guys head north west over the frozen stream. To
another new area, go ahead and light the bon fire here. Across the stream are
some boulders so enable the Strength of Character so you can move them. It w
ill be tricky because you have a Giant in front of you and a dwarf above you
both want you dead. Now try to be fast at grabbing a boulder and getting out
of the way preferably back to the fire to light your stick .  If you get the
boulder moved and run back out of the giants sight he will come through the
opening looking for you. Remember I told you a fire stick kills faster so now
go kill the giant before your stick goes out.

Now go through the pace where you took the boulder and fallow the trees around
go up the ramp dig out a snow
Pile head for the fire and get some on your stick and kill the ogre so you can
smash the ice to get up that ramp. Once up the ramp the Fox is home. He talks
to you tells you how brave you are and then gives you the nobility
Leap Of Faith.  Now then head south then west to a new area.

After Mr. Beaver tells the kids about a short cut they hear sleigh bells and
think it is the White Witch and go to hide. This is more of a talking scene
than anything, they meet Father Christmas; so just read it to know what is
happening. Now that Lucy has her dagger, her healing position , Peter has his
sward and shield, and Susan has her horn and bow and arrows the chapter ends.

                    Chapter 11 Race To The Great River

The Beaver tells you  he can not make the jumps that you all can so he is
taking a short cut and will meet you at the river and off he goes.

First things first kill the bad guys go down the ramp and head east, as far as
you can and if you donít see the snow piles turn north until you find them
start digging to get Mr. Tumnusís Writing Quill and Ink Well. Now back track
and get up the ramp. Enable Leap Of Faith your going to need it.

Once back up the ramp turn left to the little ledge and leap across it. (Make
sure Lucy and Susan are right behind you or up cannot leap.) There get you
warmth meter full and open the trunk for a cookie and leap back to where you
were before. Now then fallow the edge of the rock to a second little ledge and
leap across it and fallow the pathway. You will come to a unlit bon fire you
can light it or use tea and toast to get warm, but if you can see there are
some snow piles and boulders to move so it is up to you witch you use.
Any way dig out the snow pile closest to the wall push it out of your way. Get
through the rocks and boulders to find Mr. Tumnusís  Parcel. Now get back to
where you first made the Leap. Hang a right and move to the new area.

Moving on break the ice and go around the far end of the boulders. I hope your
remembering to look for your health items? Head down the ramp and north light
the bon fire. Now go west to the wall fallow it to the trunk open it for
matches. Keep heading west then north and cut back east dig out the snow and
push the boulder strait ahead and open the trunk for a cookie. Before you head
to the next area run back to the fire and fill up on your warmth for safety
sake. Then head on back to the new area.

Turn left right away and fallow the edge around to the Elk he will tell you he
needs help that the way to his house is being blocked by the bad guys. Now go
down the ramp, around the tree not through the snow piles, make the circle
around killing all in your path. Light the bon fire or use tea and toast to
fill your meter cause you will need it before you get to another fire. After
killing all the bad guys the Elk will come down and give you  the nobility
Regal Presents. Now you can go back up the ramp or you can fallow the rock
wall eastward to a new area the has three trunks with health items and a
warming fire. If you chose to do that guess what! You have to fight all the
bad guys again to get to the ramp. It is truly your choice, how ever no mater
what you chose you need to get up the ramp and leap across the gape there. Get
warmth and go to the new area.

Here leap around to all the spots you can, but get back to the first one with
a leaping spot the head north and east it will take you to the river where the
next chapter begins.

                     Chapter 12 The Great Thaw

I am telling you that this is, I think the hardest and not aggravating to get
through  than any of these chapter.
You have to get across the ice while killing bad guys before the ice breaks
under your feet. If the Ice breaks you fall dead and you go back to the
beginning and start all over. So I will try to get you across with out you
dieing to many times that you want to throw your Gameboy across the room.
Please save your game here because if you get to mad and turn your game off
before you saved the last chapter you will have to do it again too.

Enable Regal Presents before you start out. In front of you, you saw those
little bad guys but go on ahead slash them suckers as you go strait ahead to
the next larger piece of ice and the right, right away to a piece of ice that
has land mixed with it, you can stand on it for ever and not die, that is
until your warmth meter runs out.
Ok the next piece of ice to your right has a few bad guys try to lure the
close enough for you to kill. Once you do get them you have to make a dash
there and up where two spear chuckers are you have to get by them while still
moving up four ice squares then left one you will see a cookie but donít go
after it just go on down to the next one then left four past the big Bull
dudes by one the go up three and hang a right as far as you can then up to the
land ice square for Mr. Tumnusís Lamp Post Painting. Heal yourself I am sure
you need it by now. After that go left one and up to a big ice square the left
one more and up and off that crappie ice. Play out the scene and go on to next
chapter. I will try to make a map of the ice for you.
Leave the river of ice here  @@@@ @@@@
                           ^ @@@@ @@@@ <
                              ^  <  @@@ ^
                                    @@@ ^
                                    @@@ ^
                                    @@@ ^
                                    @@@ ##### LAMP POST PAINTING HERE!
                        >      >   >  > #####
                      >  @@@ @@@ @@@ @@@ @@@
                         @@@ @@@ @@@ @@@ @@@
                       ^@@@                 @@@@<@@@ <
                       ^@@@         DWARVES @@@@v  @@@ ^
                       ^@@@               @@@@ v  @@@ ^
                        @@@    4/5 BULLS  @@@@ v  @@@ DWARVES
                       ^ @@@ @@@ @@@ @@@ @@@ v    @@@ ^
                         @@@ @@@ @@@ @@@ @@@ <   @@@ 2 SPEAR CHUCKERS
                       ^    <    <        <      @@@ ^
                                                 @@@ ^
                                    @@@@ ##### @@@@ 2 DWARVES
                                    @@@@ ##### @@@@ 2 LITTLE GUYS
                                     @@@ >1    > >  ^
                                     @@@ ^
                                     @@@ FULL OF LITTLE GUYS HERE
                                    @@@@ ^ 4
                                    @@@@ = ICE
                                ############## = LAND
   I hope you can get the picture of where to go from this.. I tried!!!

                    Chapter 13 Journey To Aslands Camp

A really good thing to do here is enable your Warmth Of Heart. So you can use
it when ever you need your meter filled. Also now you can smash tree stumps
and mushrooms for health Item.
Walk a little way up then turn to the right and keep going to you inter a new
area. Turn north dig out snow pile on across and around to reach the fire. Dig
out snow and push boulder out of your way from here go south east.
Down trees will be blocking your way so turn the only way you can fallow it to
the snow piles, clear the path.
Head strait across break the ice and go through and up to the big box for a
sandwich the back track and go down the hill. Now head for the new area.

Once here head north east you will see an unlit bon fire and a row of ice
Break it go in and get Mr. Tumnusís Book of Human Stories. Now turn around
back track and go east down the hill where you see a row of boulders, see the
statue bust it up and push that first boulder forward. Now head east to the
log that is laying across the creek. Cross it and keep head that way and Walla
your in Aslands camp.

                        Chapter 14 Peterís First Battle

You will see Susan and Lucy by a water fall and little river, wolves come
Susan Blows her horn.
Play out the little scenes with all the talking and so forth, then you hear
the horn blow and you go off the help Susan. Try out your super strike, take a
swing into the air but donít let go of youíre a butt, see the golden glow and
how you glow. Cool Now let go of the A button bing bang boom killer huh!
But wait before you running off turn around from where Asland leaves you, go
strait back under a tree there is  Mr. Tumnusís Quilt. Grab it up and then
head out to help Susan and Lucy.
Now Slash all the stumps and mushrooms here and of course kill all the bad
guys before heading south west to a new area.

Once in the new area head east the area to find three wooden boxes open them
for health items, then back track.
Go up the hill and south west to another new area.
Fallow this winding path around slash  a stump and mushrooms to clear your
path and go on. Keep heading that way to the new area. Still heading the same
way hug and fallow the rocks to a sloping hill and go down it. There you find
the girls. You have to fight these wolves so open your can of whip A$$ and get
it on. The first wolf goes down pretty fast. Use your super strike on the
other and is fight over. The first wolf gets up and runs off.
Inter Asland and knights Peter. Asland gives you the nobility Unified Face and
ends this chapter.

                       Chapter 15 Aslands Training Grounds

Circle around the camp ground  looking for health stuff. Edmund is the leader,
here try out his super slash. It is not as cool as Peterís but it is not bad.
After looking around there is only one way to get out of camp, that is to the
east. Fallow this path around still go east down the hill, cross the little
Just keep on going east, while looking for the health stuffs. Circle around
obstacles but stay eastward. When you come to what looks like a dead end head
north until you get to the high wall then fallow it around and up the hill,
open the wooden box, but behind and south of it is Mr. Tumnusís Book: Is Man A
Myth.  Grab it and back track, one screen and go south.

After you enter here go west to the along the rock edge until you see the ramp
got down it but be ready a lot of bad guys here. Then head east; Enable
Strength Of Character  you need to move a couple of rocks out of your way.
Then fallow the path east you have now come to where we need to be for Mr.
Tumnusís Copper Pot. Go north fallowing the wall on your left in the cubby
hole there it is. Grab it and lets get on with our training shall we. Now back
track to the last screen and hang a left just before the downed tree trunk and
go down that grassy ramp. In the new area open the wooden box for a cookie I
think and then; Keep south lots of bad guys here, as well as mushrooms, and
stumps. Take care of everything on this side of that tree line, and some of the
bad guys on the other side. Hug in as close as you can cause you can reach
some of them and kill them before you get around there. Head east down the tree
line and kill the Giant before you try to move the rocks out of your way.
Move the rocks and go up to find more rocks, kill the ones you can reach and
move the rocks. Head west killing everything in your way and move into the
next area.

Here move westward and you can see and enemy camp fallow the ledge around to
the entrance of the camp and start down look out behind you three dwarves are
closing in on you. Do away with them and you can either go west or east around
the wall. But no matter witch way you decide to go you have to beat the very
big guy who pulls up a slab of rock and starts swinging it at you. Once you
get in on him keep swing your sward as fast as you can, he might get in one
hit or maybe two if your not fast enough, but just head on back in swinging
until he falls dead. Lucy says she hope the fighting is over for a while. Then
you hear the horn from camp.

The screen the changes and your all back at camp. The White Witch is there
with Asland read on now and watch, the scene play out. When it is over the
chapter ends.

                         Chapter 16 Frozen Allies

Watch and read as the scene plays out! Afterward you are transported to the
Witches CastleÖThe scene goes on until Lucy sees Mr. Tumnus. She walks over to
him and Asland brings him back. An then tell you he need help to find all who
need freed of the Witches Spells. But before we go in we have another of Mr.
Tumnusís to get. So lets take care of all the out side frozen Narnians. Just
walk up beside them and push the A button and Asland comes and breaths on
them. Now fallow the path around to the north. Next to a Centaur is the
Portrait of Tumnusís Father, grab it up and lets go inside now.

Inside now run all over this cavern room, finding the Narnians and killing bad
guys, when there are no more to save here head down the east hall way, steal
doors will block you in with a GIANT there is only one way to kill this one is
to make him fall through the ice and drown, your not leaving the room until he
is dead. You can either do in the Giant first or run around the room and find
Mr. Tumnusís Iron Lamp.  No really the lamp is in the north west corner, and
also the best place to lure the giant too. The trick is to get the Giant on
one of the light blue spots on the floor, ďmy favorite is the spot in the
corner where you find the lampĒ  once he is on a spot slash at him when your
hitting him he will jump up and down and when he tries to stomp you, you can
hear the ice cracking, after stomping three times he falls in and the gates

Now all you have to do is run around the castle and get the Narnians free.
Susan will tell you when you have them all, It makes no difference witch way
you go the pretty much all end up back at the main room at some point. Ok so
lets go up the new steps to the north. Some of these Narnians will help you
kill the bad guys that are near them after you bring them back to the living.
Like the Bear in the far west corner. Now circle around the rocks and go down
a new pathway. Take care of every thing here and go up the stars free the two
Centaurs here and Susan tells you that is all of them, to go back to the court

Your now transported there read the scene and watch it play out. Head out of
the court yard and the Chapter ends.

                   Chapter 17 The Battle For Narnia

Watch and read as the chapter opens after Peter says charge the scene changes
and you are in the battle. There are Narnians here who help you so donít think
your alone here. On we go, donít go off on your own here or you could miss Mr.
Tumnusís final Item.

Now the bear will stay by you as long as your in this area, but there is only
one way to go here so walk up to the wall and fallow it to the next area.

Here you can go two ways strait up or to the left, but we want to go strait up
the ramp. Here you have foxes to help you kill the bad guys, so killíem before
going on. Stay close as close as you can to the Rock wall and move into the
next area. Still keep to the rock face and fallow it around and upward. Wow
you see Edmund he is fighting Dwarves help him out but check out around the
tree, there buy the cooks pot. Could it be yes it is Mr. Tumnusís Toy Centaur.
Way to go now you can open all the difficulty levels of the game.

Now back down the hill to the fight. What to many of them; you are falling
back. Well Edmond has other Ideas.

He is going after the White Witch. Ok now this is some what difficult to do,
if it is your first time so Save your game.
You are trying to keep the Witch from freezing you with her frost wand, So you
have to slash her as she raises it and keep the spear chuckers at bay at the
same time, so keep and eye on you health meter and heal yourself  when need be.
If you get frozen you have to start all over again.
Just keep slashing her until she drops the wand and stabs you. Now Peter,
Susan, and Lucy come in to the picture. Enable Unified Face and head up the
same ramp Edmund did and meet up with the White Witch.
Attack her until you see her slump down and weak, then hit you B button and
all three of you attack her at once.
She is done for and Asland come in to the scene and finishes her off . Now go
down and check out Edmund.
Lucy tells Edmund he will be alright now, Peter wants to know when he will do
what he is told. Edmund says it looks like they will have a chance to find

The scene changes to the palace thrown room, where Asland names them as kings
and queens of Narnia.

Again the scene changes now they are in the woods chasing a white Stag and
chance upon the Lamp post, read and let the scene play out.

Now let The credits roll