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   ozzOOOOOOoo         zOOOOOoO            OOOOOzzo           oOOOOOzzo
 oOOooo     ozO      zZzo    oozZo       OOzo    ooOZo       ZOo    oozZO
 O            OZ    OZ           OZ     Zo           ZO    oZo           ZO
oO            ZZ   Oo              Z   Z              ZZ  zz              ZZ
 oZZZZZZo    oZO   Z       zo      ZZ Oo       Oo      Zo Zo      oz      oZo
      z     oZZ   oO     ZZZZZ      Z Z     OZZZZO     OZ z     ZZZZZz     ZZ
    Oz     ZZO    Z     ZZ   oz     Z Z     ZO   Z     zZO     OZo   oo    ZZ
  OO       oOzOOo Z      Z ozz      Z Z     Zz oZo     zZZ      Oz ozo     ZZ
 Oo             ZZ O      o         Z Z        o       ZZ Oo               ZZ
oZ              ZZ Z               ZZ  Z               ZO Oz              oZO
 O            oZZ   ZO           zZZ   oOo           OZZ   zOo           ZZZ
 zOO      oZZZZZ     oZZZo    OZZZz      oZZOo   oZZZZo      OZZO    zZZZZ
   ZZZZZZZZZO           zZZZZZZz            OZZZZZZz           oZZZZZZZo
Minna no Soft Series: Zooo
Action Puzzle Game
Gameboy Advance
Translation FAQ (SJIS)
Version 1.00 (11 July 2004)
By iloveramen (cherrypoop hotmail)

The Menus, Quest Tasks, and Game Explanations are loosely translated.


Main Menu
ゲームスタート    Game Start (Mode Select)
ゲームせつめい    Game Explanation (How to Play?)
ランキング        Ranking (High Scores)

Mode Select
ノーマル            Normal
Capture the required number of animals to level up.

クエスト            Quest
Complete 8 tasks within the time limit.

スコア アタック    Score Attack
Get 200,000 points as quickly as possible.

タイム アタック    Time Attack
Score the most points within 6 minutes.

トコトン            Endless
Get 100 heads of each animal to level up.

オプション          Option
Difficulty and sound options

むずかしさ    Difficulty
    かんたん      Easy
    ふつう        Normal
    むずかしい    Hard
BGM        Background Music
SE          Sound Effects
サウンド      Sound Test
    ボイス        Voice

つづける      Continue
オプション    Option
やめる        Quit Game

する          Yes
しない        No
再挑戦        Restart Game

Quest Tasks (Random Order)

[Easy, Normal, Hard]

ならえ[3, 3, 4]レンサ!!
Get a [triple, triple, quadruple] chain reaction!!
(2:00, 1:30, 1:30)

2レンサを[5, 6, 7]回ねらえ!!
Get a double chain reaction [5, 6, 7] times!!
(2:00, 1:30, 1:00)

順に消そう![7, 8, 9]
Get the [7, 8, 9] animals sequentially!
(2:00, 1:30, 1:00)

この動物を[10, 15, 20]匹捕まえる!!
Get [10,15,20] heads of the specific animal!!
(2:00, 2:00, 1:30)

ヨコに[15, 20, 25]回消そう! OR タテに[15,20,25]回消そう!
Get horizontal/vertical matches [15, 20, 25] times!

[70, 80, 90]匹動物を匹捕まよう!
Get [70, 80, 90] animal heads!
(1:30, 1:00, 1:00)

Get 20,000 points!!
(3:00, 2:00, 1:30)

Get the Special Panel to the bottom!!
(3:00, 2:00, 1:30)

Game Explanation (How To Play?)

(1) Capturing Animals
Line up at least 3 similar animals by switching around animals.

(2) Level Up
The level increases if you get the minimum required animals.
Level ups increase the amount of animals required.

(3) Game Over
The game ends when you run out of time.
Capturing more animals will give you more time.

(4) Special Panel
The special panel randomly selects an animal and clears them all.

(5) Binoculars
Shows all possible locations of animals you can capture.

There are no more possible moves, even if there is a special panel.


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