Boss FAQ by AbyssDragon

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Shonen Jump's One Piece
Boss FAQ

For anyone who's had problems with any bosses, here
you go. However, I'm writing this WITHOUT mentioning
your crew, because when you unlock Boss Rush you
do not get to use your crew, it's just Luffy, all on his own.
So, I am not including tactics for using crew specials. 
Also, keep in mind that I don't know the names of most 
of the boss techniques, so I'm playing it by what it looks 

Alvida (optional)

First off you must speak to Colby who stands on a ledge
above the stage clear flag, then go back onto the ship deck
and up to the dead end. Alvida isn't a threat, as all she does is 
jump at you and try to smash you with her club, then jump and 
wait for her to hit the ground, then unleash a Gum Gum Gatling 
on her and then retreat and repeat or your choice of a Gum Gum 
Double Barrel or Gum Gum Axe, as two GGAs will nearly put her 


Now, this guy is a REAL pushover. Well, that is, he would be if
not for all the Navy grunts that keep showing up while he runs 
away. The best thing to do is just keep fending off the Navy guys 
to build up your special, and when you can get close enough to him
bust Helmeppo's head with a GGA. Helmeppo does NOT have any 
attacks, he just keeps calling more Navy personnel.

Axe-Hand Morgan

This guy has a few attacks, but he's not that tough, really. Every
once in a while you'll hear a whistle, this means he's calling in
some of the Navy grunts, and it's random whether they have 
swords or rifles, just take them out quickly, and remember that 
while hes calling reinforcements, he's invulnerable. 

Ground Slash--Morgan will use this when you're close to him.
   This is the best time to hit him, wait until the small shock wave
   dissipates, then run in and bust him with a GGG or a GGDB.
Reinforcements--Morgan will call in three Navy personnel.
Flying Cutter--Morgan's only used this when he's used the 
   previous attack. He'll unleash a flying blade of energy at you
   that you can easily jump over.
Heavy Slash--Occasionally when you're up on Morgan and
   attacking, he'll raise his arm, become invulnerable, and release
   a decent damage slashing attack.

Monji and Richie

Richie is the giant lion thing, and also Monji's only means of attacking
you. You cannot, as far as I know, hurt Monji while he is riding atop
of the great beast, so youll have to attack Richie first to knock Monji 
down. Also, you gain no special guage points for hitting Richie, so if 
you have the chance for a Double Barrel against Monji, use it.

Charge--Monji will command Richie to do a short dashing bite at you. 
   Jump over them to avoid the attack.
Claw--When close, Richie will swipe at you with his claw. Jump to avoid, 
   then counter if possible.

Buggy the Clown! Not only does he make himself invulnerable
by splitting appart when you get up on him, his only weak spot is his head.
He has a few attacks, and you have to keep your eye on him, try not to lose
his position, that way you can see what's coming next.

Seperate--Buggy splits his upper and lower body, and sends his lower
   half spinning at you, you can either run away, or jump over it, you 
   can jump up and land a couple jumping kicks to his face if you're
   feeling bold and think you can avoid his legs when they come
   spinning back to him.
Chop-Chop Punch--Buggy will send his fist flying at you, which you
   can jump over, also, you can kick him in the face and combo it into a
   GGG as soon as you hit the ground.
Come Apart--When at a little less than half health, Buggy will seperate
   his body into pieces and fly around. Again, only his head is
   vulnerable, and you have to watch out for his claws, as they will
   swoop down on you, but you can, of course, jump over them, and
   none of his other parts will do any damage.

Diango the Hypnotist

This guy can get annoying really quick if you're not careful. He uses
several different status attacks, as well as throwing his chakram at you,
and, to top it off, while he's moving around, you cannot hit him, however,
if you jump his attacks he'll basically be wide open, so here's what to
watch out for.

Chakram--Diango throws his chakram at you, usually after hitting you
   with a status attack or sometimes while you're up in the air. Also, if
   he throws the chakram, be careful, as it can hit you on it's return.
Confuse--Diango will wave his chakram and shoot a yellow wave at
   you, jump it to avoid, if you are hit by it, left and right will become
   reversed, also, he may fire one low and follow it with one high, beware.
Sleep--Diango will wave his chakram and shoot a yellow wave at you
   which puts you to sleep, jump to avoid it. Sometimes this move will
   also put Diango to sleep, use this opportunity to get in a good hit on
   him. He can also fire multiple shots, up to three in a row, but there's
   space to jump between them without being hit.
Blur--When down to about a third of his health, Diango will wave his
   chakram and shoot a blue wave at you that will cause the entire
   screen to become a pixelated blur. This can be difficult, as it can be
   hard to know what he'll do next like this. As far as I know, this can't
   be avoided.

Captain Kuro

Captain Kuro, is, without a doubt, a pain in the neck. However, if you 
watch him carefully, and recognize his attacks, you can clip this cat's 
claws with relative ease.

Dashing Stab--Kuro lunges forward and stabs you with his claw, just
   jump over him.
Backhand Slash--If you get close, Kuro will b*tchslap you in the face
   with his claw.
Stomp--Kuro will disappear, and then drop down on your head, you
   can move out of the way if your reaction time is quick.
Teleport--So he's not really teleporting, just moving super fast. Either
   way, Kuro appears on the other side of you, react quickly or you'll be
   wide open to an attack.
Cat Scratch Barrage--He reminds me of Wolverine in Marvel VS
   Capcom when he does his Berserker Barrage X. Anyway, Kuro will
   disappear, leaving some pinkish mist, then he reappears and
   swaggers, slowly blurring out of sight and dashes across the screen,
   making three passes from side to side, slashing madly at you. This
   one's tough to avoid, you CAN jump over him, but you'll likely still get
   hit at least once.


Ghin likes to jump around a lot, and he's good at getting behind you,
and he does decent damage, so be ready. The best thing to do is 
guage his attacks, try to predict where he'll land, and catch him when
he hits the ground.

Sliding Smash--Ghin will slide forward and smack you with his 	weapon.
Standing Smash--Ghin will hit you across the face with one of his
   tonfa maces.
Jumping Smash--If you're in the air, or sometimes if you're close and
   he jumps, he'll swing down on you.
Back Dash--A quick attack in which Ghin leaps backward away from you.
Air Dash--Ghin will do a back or forward dash in midair to get away
   from you, or to get behind you, watch this one carefully.
Ground Smash--Ghin will whirl his maces, then leap and smash one
   of the cracked panels, if you fall through the're toast. Also,
   if you're next to him, you can get hurt when the maces are spinning.
   Also, you can knock him off the edge, but he'll just get back up.
Flying Smash--Ghin will leap to the top corner of one side of the
   screen, then fly down and knock your block off.

Don Krieg

Don Krieg...this guy is a pest...his stage in particular is unlike ANYTHING
you're used to, and here's why. Not only will you have to advance through
the stage to get to him, you'll be dodging spike barrages and bombs that
rain down on you, so you have to watch your jumps while watching all the
pits and such as well. Finally, you'll get to Krieg, but when you shave off
about a quarter of his health, he runs away again...and you get to chase
him some more, thankfully, it's just a few steps, and the real fight starts.

Spike Barrage--Krieg will raise his shield and fire five spikes at you,
   being close to him makes this hard to dodge. Also, while his shield is
   up, you can't hurt him, so stand on the platform above and wait for
   him to put the shield on his shoulder, then drop and hit him.
Multi-Bomb--Krieg tosses a handful of bombs up in the air, easy to
Spike Spread--Much like the Spike Barrage, but the shots fan out, so
   they can hit you while you're above Krieg.
Poison Missile--This attack occurs at half of Krieg's life bar. It doesn't
   hit you, but it does affect the battlefield. A thick, purple mist of
   poison appears on the lower part of the area, taking your battle to the
   platform with Krieg. Falling in the poison means damage for you.
   Knocking Krieg off the platform nullifies the poison.
Shield Spear--Krieg will walk toward you, pull both his shoulder
   shields off, make a spear and smash you over the head with it for
   heavy damage. Also, the spear hitting the ground causes a small
   explosive wave.

Choo, Kuroobi, Hachi

These guys each have their own life bar, thankfully they don't all attack at 
once, so this battle could be worse, but it's not so bad, just keep an eye 
on who pops up.

Choo's Bubble Shot--A three bubble straight shot, nothing to worry
   about, jump it and counter.
Choo's Big Bubble Shot--A single, huge bubble. Again, jump and then
   go in for the attack.
Choo's Bubble Spread--A three bubble spread shot, this one can be
   hard to avoid, so just get a little distance and jump between the center 
   and top bullet.
Kuroobi's Straight Punch--A simple, straight, sliding punch that hits
   for decent damage. Jump over to get behind and light him up.
Hachi's Stone Drop--He'll jump up, pound a pillar, and drop rocks on
   your head. Just wait for him to drop back down, then open fire.


No bones about it, Arlong is probably harder than Smoker (otherwise
known as Chaser), well, maybe not, but he can be really tough. Ok, so
really tough doesn't quite do it justice. He can be mind numbingly tough 
to the point where you wanna just scream and throw your gameboy. 
Anyway, here we go.

Gnash--Arlong will snap his teeth and bite you if you're close. Stay out
   of close range whenever possible.
Sliding Bite--Arlong will snap his hands together while dashing toward
   you, though it looks like he's holding pairs of teeth in his hands and
   biting. Jump over him as he runs toward you. If you're quick and use
   a full GG Gatling, you can interrupt him as he draws in to do the
Dash and Gnash--Arlong will dash forward and snap his teeth, however, 
   sometimes he'll use this as a feint and just use the dash without biting, 
   then either jump back or use the Sliding Bite on you.
Taunt--Arlong will throw open his arms and laugh, run in and smack
   him when he does this.
Shark Attack--Arlong will dive into the water and dash back and forth,
   trying to hit you with his fin, just keep jumping over it until he pops back
Nose Dive--When Arlong leaps up from the water, he'll try to stab you with
   his nose. Watch his shadow carefully and move out of the way when he's
   about to come down on you. This attack is really easy to avoid. Also, you
   can hit him while he's stuck on the ground, take advantage of this.

About halfway through his second life bar, Arlong will pull out his sword, 
and now, it's time to climb...scale the building while avoiding him jumping 
and slashing. Remember, falling means certain doom, so yeah, don't 
get hit.

Fury Slashes--Three jumping slashes, get a lead on him, then dash 
   underneath him to avoid his attack, watch for him to land and take 
   your chance to beat him up, then, get ready to repeat the process 
   all over again. GG Axe him in the back if you can.

Alvida (optional)

Now she's had the Slip-Slip fruit, but she's still a pushover. Not much 
has changed, you'll see what I mean.

Slip-Slip Slide--Alvida will use the ramps and slide toward you, if she
   hits you, you take damage, just jump over her till she stops. Also,
   you can use a GG Double Barrel and if you catch her just right, you
   can interrupt her move and hit her.
Smash!--Just like before, Alvida will jump at you and try to slam her
   club on you just as before, and, just as before, jump up to avoid
   being hit and smack her while she's standing still right after the attack.
Drop Smash--Sometimes, if you stand beneath the highest point of
   the ramps, Alvida will just drop down and clobber you, so try not to
   stand at the edges of the screen.

Buggy the Clown (optional)

He's a bit pissed off that you beat him last time. However, nothing's
really changed, he still retains all his all of his old attacks and has
added a couple new ones to his arsenal. I'm not going to rename the
attacks, if you can't remember, go back up to the first battle with him.
I will, however, name his new attack here.

Buggy Kart--Buggy transforms into a go-kart or sorts and goes driving
   around, tossing out special Buggy Balls, just jump and avoid him,
   because though you can hurt him, it's not reccommended to stay in
   his path.
Come Apart Flying Slash--Buggy uses this attack when he uses his
   Come Apart move, he flies up in the air, off screen, leaving only his
   shoes still on screen, the key is to watch the shoes to know where
   he's going to fly at you from, just jump over him and wait till he lands.


Now, this is an odd battle, I'm really not sure what this woman's deal is.
She seems kinda dense, really. Even in the show, it's almost like she's
meant for comic relief or something. Anyway, she IS Smoker's second
in command, so it's only right that you have to fight her, I suppose. Oh
well, on with the battle, eh?

Quick Draw--She will quickly draw her sword to slash you when you're
   close to her, so use the same trick as all the others, hop up, jump
   kick, combo a Gatling when you hit the ground.
Wide Slash--A wide arc, upward angled slash, be careful NOT to
   jump when she uses this attack.
Overhead Slash--Usually follows the Quick Draw. The slash starts
   over her head, and comes down to the front, another close range
   attack, just move away from it quickly.
Dash Slash--A dashing attack that if it doesn't connect before she
   reaches a certain point, she'll stumble, this is your BEST opportunity
   to attack her, all you have to do is jump over her, wait a sec, and run
   in, boom, easy, just remember, she's invulnerable until she stumbles.
   Unleash a GG Axe when you get a chance, they'll help greatly.
Block and Counter Stance--She'll hold her sword up in front of her in a 
   blocking stance, don't attack her, though she will stumble and fall, she'll
   smack you with a nasty counter slash that sends you flying.

Smoker (aka Chaser)

Why, oh why, did they rename him Chaser in the American version? 
Maybe it's me, but I don't see what the hell Chaser has to do with
anything. Think about it. He ate the Smoke-Smoke fruit, he has smoke
pouring out of his mouth, and he has two cigars hanging out of his mouth
in the Japanese version of the show. Anyway, enough ranting, it's final boss
battle time, so let's get this going. First off, Smoker has three life bars, and
heavy defense, plus several attacks to look out for, especially one particular
attack that I fail to remember the name of, so, I just call it the Smoke Snake,
because that's what it sorta looks like.

Hook--A standard punch when you're close up. I really wouldn't advise being
   close to this guy that much.
Smoke Punch--Smoker's arm extends thanks to the power of the Smoke 
   Smoke fruit, and he punches you, just remember, he can do a straight and
   an upward one for if you happen to be jumping. Only his fist can hurt you,
   so jump over it and run up to him to hit him a time or two, the smoke won't
   hurt you. What's the deal with people punching you or hitting you with a
   blunt object, anyway?
Smoke Jump--Smoker leaps up in a billowy cloud of smoke. I'm not sure
   what it's real purpose is, as it'll only hit you if you're in the air moving
   toward him or standing right next to him. In any event, unless you're
   doing the first of those two things, it's really easy to avoid.
Smoke Snake--Smoker encases his body in smoke, the his arms fly out 
   to each side, you can jump to avoid this, like with the Smoke Punch, 
   however, if you're unlucky enough to get caught by it, then prepare to be
   slammed on the ground twice for a quarter of your life bar, and that's if 
   you've gotten both of your life guage upgrades. Also remember, when
   he's encased in smoke, about to release his attack, you can't hurt him,
   not even a little bit.

This isn't really a boss battle, per se, but still, worth noting. Anyway, you're
basically just running from him after you beat him, trying to get to your ship.
So, keep running, and whatever you do, DON'T LET HIM CATCH UP TO
YOU, he'll also use his Smoke Snake attack to try and grab you as well.
Either way, don't let him get you, or you're done, there's no life guage this
time, so just outrun him. Good luck.

Again, myself, for caring enough to do this for some reason.
Once more to GameFAQs for having such a wonderful site
   and posting my first crappy FAQ. You guys rock.
Liz and Anne once more, you two think I'm crazy when I do stuff
   like this, and yet you still tell me I should keep at it, even though
   I've been up for hours now just to finish this.