Question from kiba_demongirl

Asked: 6 years ago

What is considered a beaten game???

What is considered a beaten game on yugiohgx

Additional details - 6 years ago

I'm a little confused on what is considered to be a beaten game
plz ppl's help this girl out

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From: solais 6 years ago

I guess by the time you are king of games, you have done about everything possible in the game. So i guess you have beaten the game when you are king of games.

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After you win all players in game more then 10 times and you have 100% at exams and card list aka you've all the cards in game.

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Uhmm, the correct thing is:
- Have all cards
- 10 wins against all
- 100% Time Duel
- At least 60% at Written Exam

I've tested this several times so this is sure right :)

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