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How do I can get high score in practical exam?

For direct attack


Blitz_kreig answered:

Include lots of meteors of destruction and ookazis and ring of destruction ...nething capable of damaging ur opponent .....2 of each used in battle guarantees 500 pts..
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catman1993 answered:

Use cards like royal decree which negates the effects of all traps except that, or jinzo which has the same effect. Go for high attack single tributes as these will get rid of most opposition monsters and deal heavy direct damage to your opponent. Equip them with spells like horn of the unicorn (it gives 800 atk + 800 def and when destroyed on the field sent to your graveyard is instead returned to the top if your deck). If you're using a fire deck I strongly recommend backfire, legendary flame lord (his effect is when 3 spells have been activated when he is on the field you can destroy all monsters except him, thus giving at 2400 direct damage.) Others I use are lady assailant of the flames, ultimate baseball kid (with the right cards he can be more powerful than FGD), Thestalus the firestorm monarch (his effect is your opponent has to discard a monster to his graveyard and take damage equal the level of the destroyed monster x 100).
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