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What are the ranks and what do you do to get them?

Im stuck and i dont know how to raise my rank. How do you raise your rank? And what are the ranks that you can get and how do you get them?

Sorry i know i am asking a lot but could you help me?


ssjsczr answered:

Each rank has certain requirements. Most of them require certain amounts of wins, correctly answered test,etc.
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edwinsparks answered:

Each rank gets u to a diffrent dorm and lets u fight people tht u cant normally fight like chad and the girl for odolisk blue
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SpartanBlueFour answered:

You can always try looking at the walkthroughs and stuff to see if what you are looking for is there.

Anyways, I don't know the different titles and I don't know the requirements. All I know is that you have to win A LOT and do good on the tests.

Ex: After you already have "Shrewd Duelist" at the end of the next exam your written exam must be 100% and you have a lot of wins (and you must do good on that current exam), you will be awarded "Honored Duelist." Which if I'm correct is the highest rank.
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ding0104 answered:

Forget all the small titles, get 100% complete card collection, 100% in written exams finished all the timed duels, and have at least 10 wins from each opponent in the game. Your title will be " King of Games", highest possible title in the game. So to raise ranks, duel with a different opponents all the time to get 10 wins each, and finish off the timed duels as soon as possible. Good luck.
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