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easy DP (money)?

I am wondering if there is an easier way to get money besides fighting hundreds of duels or becoming a dropout boy and beating the teacher chick.

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DJTriper answered:

Win a game by using the trap destiny board.
You will win 3000 dp if i'm not in mistake.
This is not easy since lots of people will just use mystical space typhoon most of the time when you're near to finish the FINAL word and win the game.
Other way is by getting the exodia pieces at your hand aka you win 500 dp.

Warning - taking lots of turns to win by this 2 ways = 1/2 of the dps in the end =\
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Aturia answered:

Yeah i use Destiny board to farm DP too, get 3000 DP each win.
My combo is Destiny board + Thousand Eyes restrict + Spell canceller ---> your opponent cant attack and use spell card

Other way also: Final Contdown spell: win = 1000DP
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SonicJetWave answered:

Be a dropout boy, (and secretly be a great duelist) duel the Headmaster for the Girls Dorm, she will give you your life points for money.Exmple-8000LP=8000DP
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SpartanBlueFour answered:

I have a better way. Build a deck that is all about getting cards and increasing your opponents LP. Like the magic card "Snatch and Steal." That card will not only take your opponents monster but at the beginning of your opponents turn he will get 1,000 LP. And the magic card "Upstart Goblin," that card will allow you to draw a card AND increase you opponents LP by 1,000. That's the trick. Increase you opponents LP so you can attack him more and get more DP after the match.

Also, try to ONLY kill your opponents monsters through battle. This will increase the DP. And try to finish before turn 32 I think... after turn 32 ALL the DP will be divided in half.

Try to as well to battle everyday 3 times a day and you have A LOT of DP in no time. That's what I did.

PS: If done right you'll get more then 1,000 DP. (And if you create another topic requesting good deck constructions I'll tell you the deck I use to do all this. Wins with this deck: 237 / Loses with this deck: 0)
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SpartanBlueFour answered:

Just found out another way to get a lot of DP. If you can win within I think 5 turns, your DP score will be multiplied by 4. That's a lot!

I haven't tested its limits yet but there is a point at which you can no longer get this multiplier cause of the amount of turns.
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luckyu19 answered:

You can double your DP by beating your opponent within the 5th or 6th turn.
I'm not sure whether you got more if you win within second or third turn.
But you most probably get under 1000.
So I suggest you win the game before turn 40,(If you can last that long)
Abandon all card that deals direct damage,
Kill all the monsters your opponent summon,
and if you want, keep increasing your opponent life point. (you can deal more damage afterward)
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