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Can I have more than one Deck?

This is actually two questions in one...
First, when I go to the edit deck screen the word "Fire" is in the upper right corner. Of course I know this is because the starter deck you are given is fire-based, but I wonder if that can changed? For example, "Thunder" instead?

Second just below the word "Fire", there is a little rectangle with 123 in it. In other yugioh video games, you can have up to three decks, is that possible in this game?

kaminarikid provided additional details:

Okay, how do I do that, I mean what buttons, exactly?

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SonicJetWave answered:

Dude, yes. Just go to, Deck Mode. You can change your deck but you can't edit Light Deck.
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SpartanBlueFour answered:

Click on "Edit Deck" in you PDA. Once in there highlight any card. (Note: Don't just highlight the filters.) I think the first card is what... Blue-Eyes? Just highlight him. Next click "A" which will bring up a menu. Click on the D-Pad until you are highlighting "DECK MODE." Click on that. Once you've clicked on that a new screen pops up. You have 8 Deck slots to make new decks. From there you can "EDIT" a deck (changes cards in the selected deck), "COPY" (make the same deck twice in another open slot), "CLEAR" (sends all cards in selected deck back to the trunk and deletes the name), "DECK NAME" (change the name of deck selected).

WARNING! The last deck you edit is the NEW default deck when you go to battle next time.

Now as for those numbers "123." That just means that the trunk and deck are set up to be in number order. That's why Blue-Eyes is the first card. Cause it's number is 0001. You can NOT change the default "123" setting, but once your in there you can filter the cards you want to look at.
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