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Asked: 6 years ago

How do you unlock Blair?

I constantly hear that she has to be unlocked for certain events, but i never figured out how. Any help would be great.

Additional details - 6 years ago

I kind of thought that Blair was a character of the Slifer Dorm. Of course I might have misspelled the name but that was all I could remember... That and she had something to do with the Jaden events.

Additional details - 5 years ago

Ok, thanks

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Look in the "CHEATS"" section. If it's not there, then you can't.

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You have to be a member of the Slifer Red Dorm for a while before she'll show up. The same goes with Gerard. For me, I had to be part of the Slifer Dorm for about two months before I met Blair.

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I too had to be a member fairy long and if I remember, at one point, her secret is revealed o_O

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