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                                VERSION 1.0
                               By: PeTeRL90
                          Copyright: 2007-2008
                       Date Started: April 4, 2007
                      Date Finished: April 4, 2007

Version History

Version 1.0 - April 4, 2007 - Got pretty much everything done.

Table of Contents

1.) Introduction
2.) Legal Stuff
3.) Controls
4.) Marble Madness
5.) Klax
6.) Credits/Thanks

1.) Introduction

Howdy and welcome to my guide for Marble Madness and Klax for the Gameboy
Advance.  Both of these games are pretty old.  They're both from the 80's, but
both were still fun as hell back then.  And even now, Klax is still a game that
someone can pick up and play easily.  These two games are still fun to play,
even though Marble Madness got butchered by having the last three levels
removed in this port.

2.) Legal Stuff

The latest version of this guide will always be posted at GameFAQs first.

This FAQ is copyrighted by me, and may be used for personal use.  This FAQ may
NOT be used for any kind of profit, or be put in any kind of magazine.  I
write these on my spare time for free, and you shouldn't be able to get money
from ripping this, claiming it as your own, and selling it off.  You may NOT
use this on your website.  You may NOT copy and paste part of any part of my
work, as that is still plagiarising.

I am no longer allowing any more sites to use any of my present or future
FAQs any longer.  The only sites that are allowed to use my present and future
FAQs are the sites listed below.



3.) Controls

Marble Madness

D-Pad - Move the marble around.

Start - Pause the game.


D-Pad - Move the pad around.

A - Drop the tile that's on the platform.

B - Push the tile back up on the conveyor belt.

Start - Pause the game.

4.) Marble Madness

Marble Madness is a pretty simple game that's easy to understand and easy to
play.  Basically, you take control of a Marble through a few mazes.  You must
guide this Marble through the mazes and to the finish line.  In your way are
several obstacles, such as ramps and pits.  Timing and good control over the
ball is key to completeing each level.  You have a time limit during each level
and once you complete the level, you'll get a bonus depending on how much time
is left.  If you somehow fall down a pit or crack the Marble (that happens when
you fall down from the top of a ramp), you don't lose a life.  Your Marble will
reform, but you'll lose a few seconds off your time.

Level 1

-As the title of the level indicates, this is a rather simple level.  Once you
gain control, head down and to the right and keep going until you spot the
ledge.  Now turn and go left and then down and go into the concave area here
and follow the path as it winds around and you'll reach the finish line in a
matter of seconds.

Level 2

-Level 2 is a bit tougher, but you should be able to manage here.  Head down
and to the right until you find the ramp going down to the left.  Go down it,
but stop before the second ramp and take the right path instead.  Guide your
way past the bouncy green things here.  Don't stay around them for too long or
they'll eat your Marble.  Once you get past them, you'll find a moveable
platform.  Cross it when it's flat and go above the small slope and then to the
right and you'll find a funnel.  Go into it and you'll arrive at the bottom.
Carefully navigate your way across the bumps here and then follow the path to
the right and then left, and then right into another funnel.  Continue going
down and go full speed into the concaved green area and you'll come out the
other end.  Now cross the finish line that's on your right.

Level 3

-Once you gain control, head down the slope here and follow the path between
the walls until you come across another slope.  Carefully go down it, as at the
other end is a pit.  Once you reach the bottom, quickly go left and then follow
the path to the right, and then left and then down.  Avoid the moving acid
piles here.  Don't wait too long for an opening.  Once you're past those, go
down the funnel at the end and navigate your way down the ramp to the left
and go down the next ramp.  At the split, keep going down and go down the next
two slopes, and then up the next one, and then go to the right and down the
final slope to reach the finish line.

That's it.  You've beaten Marble Madness.  Yes, I know there are six levels in
the NES version, but this is the Gameboy Advance version.  And for whatever
reason, they left out the last three levels, to that's all you're getting for
Marble Madness this time.

5.) Klax

During the Tetris craze, this little game came along.  I'm not exactly sure why
it was released during the Tetris popularity phase, but even still, this is a
fun, addictive little game that anyone can get into.  There are three types of
Waves you can choose from, each with their own stipulations.  Trying to tell
you how to complete them would be a bit difficult, as there are several methods
for you to use strategically, so I'll just be listing the basics about the game

Klax is a very simple game.  You have a conveyor belt that will roll down
different colored tiles.  Your job is to catch these tiles on the platform you
can move to the left and right, and then dump them down below.  The point of
the game is to line up 3 colors to form a Klax.  You can line them up in
vertical columns, horizontal rows, or in diagnols.


5 Points: You get 5 points for simply having a tile land on your platform.

50 Points: You get 50 points for stacking three tiles of the same color
together.  In other words, if you get a Vertical Klax, you get 50 points.

1000 Points: You get 1000 points for making a horizontal row of 3 Klaxes.  You
can expand upon this by making bigger rows.

5000 Points: You get 5000 points for making a horizontal row of 4 Klaxes.

10000 Points: You get 10000 points for making a horizontal row of 5 Klaxes.

5000 Points: You get 5000 points for making diagnols of 3 Klaxes.  You can
expand upon this by making more diagnols.

10000 Points: You get 10000 points for making diagnols of 4 Klaxes.

20000 Points: You get 20000 points for making diagnols of 5 Klaxes.


Vertical Klaxes are the easiest to make, since it takes pretty much no strategy
at all.  A vertical Klax would look like this:

---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Of course, the B stands for Blue.

There's also a way to get a 4 Vertical Klax.  It would look something like

 B         R
 B         |
 R    R    |
 B    O    W
 B    G    G
---- ---- ---- ---- ----

See the lines underneath the third Red tile?  Once that drops down, the Red
tiles will disappear, allowing the Blue tiles to drop down and form a 4
Vertical Klax.


While not exactly hard, these can be a bit tricky to get considering you need
to keep at least one space open if you're going for a horizontal Klax.  A
3 Klax horizontally would look like this:

 B    B    B
---- ---- ---- ---- ----

A 4 Klax horizontally would look like this:

 B    B    |    B
---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Notice the gap between the Blue tiles?  You need to keep at least one of those
gaps open to let the fourth Blue tile in there.  Of course, it's not as easy
as it looks since you need to place different colored tiles in different spots
to keep that final space open.  Also, see the Blue tile with the lines
underneath it?  You need to save that one for last.

A 5 Klax horizontally would look like this:

 B    B    B    B    B
---- ---- ---- ---- ----

You need to save the middle Blue tile for last.


This is surely the hardest one to get since you need to stack tiles to get at
least a 3 diagnol Klax.  It takes planning to get, and you may even be putting
yourself in danger if you try to attempt a diagnol Klax.

A 3 Diagnol Klax would look like this:

      B    R
 B    G    R
---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Notice how you need to stack the Blues ontop of the other tiles to form it?
That's what makes it so difficult.

A 4 Diagnol Klax would look like this:
           B    R
      B    R    O
 B    G    R    O
---- ---- ---- ---- ----

You can already tell by looking at this that this one takes a lot of planning
to do.  I'd only go for it if you're a risk taker.  If you're going for this,
you need to save the third Blue from the left for last.  Otherwise, it won't

A 5 Diagnol Klax would look like this:

                B    O
           B    R    R
      B    R    O    W
 B    G    R    O    W
---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Like with the 4 Diagnol Klax, you need to save the middle one, or third from
the left for last.  Otherwise, it won't work and you wasted your time for


During each level, you get a certain stipulation you must meet before that
level is completed.  It can range from getting a certain number of Klaxes, to
getting a certain number of points, or even surviving a certain number of tiles
without letting one slip through.  Once you meet these requirements, you'll
complete the level, and you'll get bonus points according to how many open
spaces you have left.  Do keep in mind though that during the non survival
levels, you're able to let some tiles just fall off the conveyor belt.  You can
only do this a limited amount of times before it's a game over, so looking at
which tiles are coming, how many open spaces are left, and how many klaxes you
can make with those upcoming tiles should play a role into deciding whether or
not to let the tiles fall, or to place the tiles below you.

And that's pretty much the basics of Klax and how to play it.

6.) Credits/Thanks

GameFAQs and the other hosting sites: For hosting this guide.

http://www.rootsecure.net/?p=ascii_generator: For the ASCII.

DSI Games: For this nostalgic game.

And a huge thanks to you, the readers.  Without you guys, I wouldn't be making
these in the first place.