FAQ/Walkthrough by EJRICH

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Hey Mystery Dungeon fans, welcome to my full walkthrough to
probably one of the beswt games that I have played in quiet some
time.  This walkthrough will encompass everything, from choosing
a starter to getting through all of the dungeons.  I hope you
enjoy it, as a lot of hard work was put into making this the
best it could possibly be.

Table of Contents

Section One: Dugeon Basics
Section Two: Conquering the Dungeons
Section Three: Walkthrough
Section Four: Bosses **NEW**
Section Five: WonderMail
Section Six: Legal

Section One: Dungeon Basics
When you think of a mystery dungeon game, the first thing you
proabably think of is what the name itself says, dungeons.
The dungeons in PMD are completely randomized, so if I get a
floor you may not get it in your game.  What makes these things
so interesting is that there is almost limitless possibilities
in what you can do with your game, and because of that and the 
fact that there are so many starters, you will have this game for
quiet some time.  There are a few basic things that you should
try to practice, including but not limited to the following:

Type Trumping: In almost every other pokemon game avaliable you
have the ability to score multiple damage against a pokemon that
you have an advantage over, whether it be by type or what-not.
What a lot of people miss though is that because of that, you
can really take advantage of situations and make the game your
own.  Now, it's not as effective as it has been in previous games
but as a whole it still is pretty effective.

Item Usage: Item usage is one of those things that will either
make or break your game.  Items such as gravel rocks give you
range that you otherwise wouldn't have, while still allowing you
to score decent damage.  The game is turn based still, believe it
or not, so it is definitely up to you to practice throwing on
bosses that would take a couple of turns to get over to you.

Conserving Your Belly: If anything at all, apples are probably
the most abundant form of nutrition for your pokemon avaliable.
As you go through a dungeon, it becomes imperative to at least
keep a couple of these on you at a time.  If you run out of food
in your pokemon's belly, you'll constantly loose Hp until it is

Team Choosing: When you get to the post game activities, you have
the ability to finally choose both your leader and your partner.
Funny thing is that's when the game becomes the most challenging,
mainly because it almost becomes nescessary to start reading
your opponents for type trumping.  Generally, the beggining of
the game is usually the best time to start practicing, mainly
because is you start early you'll get the basics into you for 
a later period of time when it is actually needed.  Balance is
key, and if you can consistently practice it, you'll be better
off in the long run.

In this game you will often be swarmed by several pokemon at once
and because of that it is imperative to practice something I call
crowd control.  There are two steps to crowd control, and they
are as follows:  Range and Physical.

Range basically means your pokemon using an attack that hits from
far away, and I know that may sound simple, but it isn't.  Often
the prime motive of a range move is to buy you enough time to
wittle down an opposing pokemon enough so that when it approaches
you don't get blindsided.  If you can whittle an opponent enough,
then you can take it out quickly when it approaches.  This usally
means life or death in a ton of situations, so be careful.

Physical basically means getting close.  Usually this will be
a last ditch effort in my opinion, as range is key in a ton of
situations.  Physical does happen a ton of the time though, since
it is unlikely that you can take a whole mob before they get to 
you unless you employ some sort of item.

Section Two: Conquering the Dungeons
If anything at all, you will need to employ some advanced
stategies if you hope to beat this game.  Some bosses can really
finish a fight in less than two turns, so it will be up to you
if you want to even have a chance at finishing this game in one
piece.  Here are some tips that even the best use to an extent.

Know When to Heal and When To Fight
Probably something that a lot of people practice at one point or
another is healing your pokemon by wasting turns.  In theory, it
really works out, and I suggest it fully.  To tell you the truth
though, it can also lead to los of problems.  Practice knowing
when to heal, but when to run.  Don't sit still if you know
an enemy is going to get you.  Oran berries generally work
wonders for a quick healing fix.

Don't Fight Every Enemy
Experience is great, but please, pick your fights wisely.  One
of the biggest problems in this game is the amount of time it
takes to get past certain chocke points, points that would
most likely be unclouged if you had half a head to avoid them.
The map is big for a reason, so just walk to find the exit as 
quickly as posible.

Multi Hitting Moves Are Broken
It's a fact, most multi hitting moves are broken.  They are rare,
but when linked with a move that shuts down defene, it absolutely
is broken.  Your opponent will be hit several time with high
damage, maximizing your chances for success.  Cubone is one
of the earliest poeple who get one, and he's a starter.

Practice Linking Moves
As I stated before, they can save you both time and sanity if 
you do it properly.  Most of the time linked moves work best if
you link a damaging move with a stat lowering move.

Kill Enemies With Attacks
By doing this, you'll get more exp than you would have if you
did it with a regular A button move.  Makes leveling easier
as a whole.

Section Three: Walkthrough
You begin the game being asked a series of questions in probably
one of the most cliched perosnality quizes I have ever seen.
Do yourself a favor and get a good guide to find the pokemon
you want, because if you were like me and had to get each and
everyone without one, you're screwed.  Worst part is you can't
get past that stupid start up screen until you actually save
a file, so each time you fail you have to sit through it again
and again.

Here are my opinions on all of the starters:

Starter Name
My Opinions
My Rating(Based on a ten point scale.)

That is how it will go, no different than any of the other 
guides that I have concocted over the months.

My Opinions: Being a grass starter gives Bulb. a nice variety 
of grass type moves to choose from when you are fighting.  
Possibly my only main concern with this guy is his weakness to 
fire, psychic to an extent, and most of all the walling that 
happens to all grass types.  Steel, although rare, can be a 
killer with these guys, and if you are like me you definitely 
should have back-up when you go face to face with anything of 
that nature.  Skarmory, one of the first bosses that you will 
meet, is definitely a great example.  You can and will most 
likely be walled by him, so picking a good support is in your 
best interest if you truly want to attain a good, solid 
team.  His later evos. can be great as back-up, but should be 
pushed aside in the long run of it all.  Attacks that he gets 
arenít the best, and since grass is a pretty weak type that 
can be expected.

My Score: 7/10
He is sturdy, but problems prevent him from being truly great.

My Opinions: Being fire gives Charmander an excellent 
repitoure of sweet moves that can make this game a breeze 
if you partner him with the correct type.  That is definitely 
the key, as water can seriously hurt him if it comes down to a 
brawl.  Fire takes out probably one of the fiercer tyeps in the 
form of steel, so that is always helpful.  If you do pick him, 
find a good water partner as it will help you out, trust me 
;).  Ground can hurt, and in the case of any serious boss 
battle youíll want to sit this guy out if at all possible, 
until he becomes a Charizard and EQ canít kill him any more, 
just rockslide :P.

My Score: 8/10
Harder later on, but great in the early stages.

My Opinions:  Another grass starter, just great.  Basically 
the same as the previously mentioned starter, just hounded by 
the same weaknesses.  She does have the pleasure of being one 
of the only pokes in the game that actually evolve into 
something that isnít used much though :P.  I have honestly 
yet to truly use this starter that much, mainly due to the 
weaknesses that plauge it.  Were it not for this, I would 
have skipped.  If at all posible, follow some of the same 
recommendations as the previous grass starter.  Shame, I 
liked this oneÖ

My Score: 5/10
Getís slaughtered by some early and late game enemies.

My Opinions: Uncontestedly the best starter PMD has to offer, 
this guy boasts some great stats when evolved, solid moves, and 
some wicked looks.  I personally would recommend this guy to a 
begginger, as the ability to have some better stats does make it 
easier.  Two words: Bone Club.  Not only are multi-hitting 
attacks some of the most potent in the game, but they are also 
great for something that hurts a ton of players, crowd 
control.  With it, you can beat this game very easily.  Best 
part is that you get it fairly early as well, so as soon as 
you get it your practically set for a good amount of time 
before it becomes obsolete. The only visable downside that 
truly prevents this guy from being perfect is his weakness to 
water and ice.  Both kill him, and without a good, sturdy 
supporter your taking a boat up a creek that you should 
really stay away from.  If I were you, Iíd pick either a good 
electric type, possibly a grass type, or something else to 
back you up.  Something to consider though before I close 
this subject, you should definitely work on getting a solid 
start to the game with this guy, as if you do that you can 
control the rest of it fairly easily.

My Score: 9/10
Weaknesses are his only real problem.

My Opinions: Unlike Charmander, Cyndaquil suffers from 
something that really kills it in the long run: the inability 
to get rid of its ground weakness.  Charmader will eventually 
get rid of it, but he wonít.  Because of that, I stongly 
recommend against this guy unfortunately, as I just canít 
get past that.  He has no dual type to take advantage of 
like Blaziken does, and he gets pretty bad attacks as well 
for a good, long period of time before he gets good.  I think 
you can choose him though if you want some sort of difficulty 
out of this game, as if you can wing it with him youíll be in 
a better position for future runs.  Difficulty makes you a 
veteran I suppose.

My Score: 5/10
Great for a simulated hard mode run. 

My Opinions: This thing has one huge asset going for it, and 
that is the fact that it gains the ability to evolve into some 
excellent pokemon.  It starts out weak, and doesnít get much 
better, so you may or may not find yourself ditching him if 
you donít have the nerve to stay put for a good amount of time.
There are basically no moves that I can think of that this guy 
can really excell with, so you eally are getting hurt there.  
If anything at all, he is horrible at crowd control, so be 
careful with that as well.  Still, he is extremely rewarding 
if you can stick with him for the long run and get him to 

My Score: 8/10
Excellent for on purpose, evolution.

My Opinions: Fighting types are generally very good in this 
game, so if I were you Iíd pick this guy if you want someone 
that can be good as a main guy to stick with.  He is very close
range though, so expect to get hit up or rely on some items to 
expand your range.  Psychic is a problem, and since they rely 
on range that really hurts this guy as a whole.  Try as I 
might, the only thing I could come up with was to just use
your other partners for areas that you know will house these 
types of pokemon.  Excellent dark counter though, not that 
youíll be seeing much of them.  Flying hurts, and since that 
is a problem as well, you could be in for it.  Since he is 
close range though, you can still benefit from it if you play 
your cards right.

My Score: 7/10
Weaknesses are plentiful and quiet common in some cases to 
come across.

My Opinons: The epitome of mediocre, Meowth doesnít have much 
going fo rit other than its basically nuetral stat base.  Most 
of its moves are neutral in type, so if you want a good poke 
that can score neutral most of the time, this guy is for you.  
Ghost is a problem, and with no foresight youíre basically 
screwed.  Still, his stat base is nice, as well as pay day.

My Score: 5/10
Mediocre at best.

My Opinions: Some would consider him the best water starter 
out of the whole bunch, and I agree.  That one weakness once 
he evolves is a nice bonus that I just canít look past.  He 
has good stats, fairly good moves for crowd control, and the 
ability to axcess both ground and water moves.  That right 
there saves his tanning hide from a ton of problems that 
could surface.  I forget if he gets rockslide, but if he 
does you really are in better shape.  All in all, his only 
real problem is grass weaknesses that follow him around like 
the plauge.  Best example would be in the earlier dungeons, 
when grass is at its height.

My Score: 8/10
Virtually no weaknesses, but where he does get them it hurts.

My Opinions: The electric rodent that just wonít seem to die, 
Pickachu is a hideous little rodent that I wish I could send 
on a rocket to some distant planet.  AnywayÖÖ.:P.  I typically 
find this guy hard to use later on in the game, partially 
because ground is prevelent and it basically shuts him out 
very easily.  If you can use him ealier though against the 
plentiful flying type, youíre in better shape.  Remember, 
support is your best friend in a case such as this.  Grass 
is excellent in a case such as this, as is water or ice.  
Ice is rare though, so grass is you best friend.

My Score: 0/10
I hate rodents, and this is no different.

My Real Score: 5/10
To many things that resist him later on to use him on a 
consistent basis.

My Opinions: Any one who uses this guy in favor of kip is 
plain out stupid, unless you are going for a hard run.  He
gets a dual type, but it does nil for him in the long run.  
Range is okay, but it could be better on both sides of the 
spectrum.  Darkness weaknesses hurt him though if you arenít 
careful.  Good support can be found in ground, fire, and in 
some cases fighting for dark.

My Score: 3/10
Way to many problems that stem early on in this pokeís 

My Opinions: Another junky normal type that doesnít even have 
average stats to back itself up.  Attacks are BASICALLY 
useless.  He can be a tad bit usefull in some situations, but 
still has problems.  Weaknessí to fighting and other normal 
problems give him a hard time later on.

My Score: 4/10
Stats arenít that good, basically no good attacks, just has 

My Opinions: A defensive water type that definitely is good 
in a pinch.  I would definitely recommend this guy for one 
reason alone, he can defend himself.  Unlike other pokemon 
that have problems with this and are dragged down because of 
it, he isnít.  Solid moves, great stats, nice range, and an 
overall quality expereince made this guy a joy to play with.  
Excellent for begginners that are still getting used to the 
basics.  Taking hits and keep on ticking is something.  
New players that have a hard time with this definitely will 
benefit from him.

My Score: 9/10
Excellent for begginers, I defintiely like this guy in a ton of 

My Opinions: Being a dual type when it evolves, Torchic gets 
the best of both the fighting and fire types.  Not only is 
this a great asset to it, but it also affords him one of the
widest forms of offense that the game can prvide.  Close range 
fighting moves, long range fire moves, you name it, he has it.  
This definitely helps him in the long run, as it guarantees 
that he wonít get shut out by a water that will be hurting 
him.  He does gain that weakness to psychic though, so watch 
for that along with possibly one of the worst weaknesses ever, 
ground.  Support is definitely in order for something such as 
this, as without it you will get shut down very quickly.  If 
you want to get yourself going quickly, start off with a nice 
Torchic as well as a very fast water type.  Excellent 
coverage on both premises.

My Score: 8/10
Weaknesses prevent him from being one of the best pokemon in 
the game.

My Opinions: In the main games, being an offensive water type 
kills this guy.  In this game, itís a blessing that just keeps 
on giving.  If it werenít for the elec. types out there that 
really kill him, heíd be the best poke in the game.  Getting 
up close, and then getting shocked is definitely not fun.  
If I were you, Iíd get a good ground type to lead the charge 
if you encounter one of those situations.  Being water 
gives him some moves that afford range, while also allowing 
him to inherit some nice normal moves as well.  Thatís other 
pokes one main problem, the lack of other moves.  It kills 
them, and if you are strapped for Tms you are definitely in 

My Score: 7/10
What can I say, he gets a ton of stuff that makes him good.  
He can get hurt though, and pretty badly if you know what 
I mean.

My Opinions: Unfortunately for Treecko, his nice speed from the 
other games doesnít translate into this.  That leaves him with 
his best grass move, leaf blade.  Excellent killing move that 
can truly hurt other pokes if they leave themselves open for 
attacks.  If I were you, Iíd whatch for shut-outs by steel 
types, as well as fire since he doesnít get that dual type that 
the other do.  Without it, he misses out in the long run on 
some good moves.

My Score: 5/10
Hate to say it, but he is better in the main games.

So anyway, after you actually pick a starter, you'll be placed
in the game itself.  You wake up as the pokemon that you chose,
in a field with the partner you chose.  You talk for a bit, and
then a Butterfree comes in and tells you her child is in danger.
You start Tiny Woods, a generally easy dungeon.  Depending on
your starter, things could be a little hard though.  Cubone in
particular takes a full 14 damage if you get hit with an absorb
attack from SunFlora's prevo.

Here is a list of the pokemon that appear and what floor they
generaly appear on:

All Floors
Rarely Peck

Sunflora's Prevo
All Floors

All Floors

Floor Three

Nidoran Female
Floor 3-4
Note: You CAN get poisoned off of this thing.

Probably one of the big things in this dungeon is the fact that
this is a tutorial dungeon at first.  You generally won't get
surrounded, and you probably won't have any problems either.
If you do though, get an Oran Berry for support.  Around the
Fifth floor you should find the long lost Catepie, and once you
do you will automatically leave.  Tiny Woods will be gone over
more in future sections.

Anyway, you save the Caterpie and recieve a couple of berries,
some poke, and some other things.  You then return to your new
home, and will soon be asked to start a rescue team.  That rescue
team question really doesn't do much if you say either answer,
but to save yourself time just agree with your new partner.
You go to sleep, and the next morning you recieve your official
starter kit for rescueing.  Your partner complains about not
recieiving any rescue missions, and you just go ahead and say
nothing.  Magnemite appears and is asking desperately for help,
so you out of playing this game accept and are off to Thunder
wave cave.  Do yourself a favor and try to level up a little bit,
as the cave can be harder towards the later areas.

ThunderWave Cave
ThunderWave cave introduces some new pokemon that can definitely
be a challenge towards the later parts, especially since one
big problem pops up towards the end-Elekid.  These things are
brutal in close combat, especially if you arean't leveled.  That
and the fact that the Voltorb that appear in those levels are
just about as brutal if not more.  Paralyzing moves appear for
the first time in this place, mainly from the Voltorb when they
use their signature move: Charge.  Here is a list of the pokemon
that appear in the dungeon.

All Levels
Moves: Peck, Growl

All Levels
Moves: Tackle, Growl

All Levels
Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip

Nidoran Female
All Levels
Moves: Scratch, Growl

Levels 5-7
Moves: Charge, Tackle

Levels 5-7
Moves: Quick Attack(Two Space Range)

Anyway, this is the dungeon that will really test your ability
to actually command a working team towards the beggining of 
the game.  You can be surrounded, and that will hurt.  Use this
place as a good testing rod for some strategies that you may want
to use in the future.  One big thing to note is the fact that 
you can be poisoned in this dungeon, and for every turn that you
take you'll take about 4 damage.  You can't heal while in this
state, so either pop a berry or you're dead.  Avoid getting
poisoned at all costs.  Something big about that is the fact
that you aren't poisoned by attacking the Nidoran and it 
hitting back, but you actually attacking it and getting poisoned
because of that.  It has poison point as an ability, so it 
definitely will be hurting if you aren't careful.  With your low
HP, it will be a priority to do things to prevent it.

Towards the end of the dungeon, Elekid and Voltorb start to
appear.  Both are hard to take out, especially since Voltorb
in particular can paralyze you, leading to you be stuck getting
hit by its attack.  If you have Cubone, no worries.  If you don't
though, you will be getting hit on a consistent basis by these 
things.  Another thing to do is watch out for the darn Quick
Attack that the Elekid posses, it can hit you two spaces away.
At this point in the game, it will hurt a lot to be hit twice
before even getting to it, so make sure to either get out of its
way or hit it hard and fast.  If you kill it with a move, you
can get about 55 exp., so definitely do that as it can help.

Another thing to note is that both Rattata and Poochyenna get the
ability Run Away, so they will try to get away when you hit them
with a move that gets them into critical damage.  Try to corner
them first BEFORE you attack.  They don't give too much exp 
anyway, so nothing big there.  Once you get to the end, you'll
automaticall enter a scene in which they are saved and you get
out.  You are hailed as a hero, and you go to bed.  Some strange
dreams occur, nothing big yet, but they do happen.

You wake up, and get no mail.  What a surprise.  You go to the
square for the first time here, so make sure to take advantage of
it now rather than later.  I suggest storing all of your money
every time you come here, as it will help in the long run if 
you die in a dungeon.  Here is a map of the city.

                      _ TO WISCASH
                      -           -
         SHOP   House -           -
         -  -  -   _  -           -
         -  -  -   _  -           -   Felicity Bank Wig. Shop
-----------------------           ----  --------------

                                            To Post Office>

---------------------             --------------------------

       Kanga's Shop
                                                Gulpin Shop

                            To Dojo

So anyway, the shop of Kecleon is to buy items and Tms, useful;
The Wigglytuff shop doesn't come YET, it will soon though after
the next dungeon.  The Dojo will be covered later, since it isn't
open yet either.  Kanga's shop is to store items.  Let's go to 
the post office now though.  Once you hit the post office it will
be important to just go over to the board and read and accept a
request.  A scene starts up autimatically as you enter the screen
so you can't really miss it.  One big thing to look out for is 
the Pelliper post office.  Before we hit the bulliten board, lets
just take a quick look at what can be found there.  The Pelliper
on the right will be taking care of A-Ok pass codes, while the
one on the left takes care of Wonder Mail and SOS problems.
Back to the board, you have to accept a couple of missions to get
going, so just do your best on those couple of missions.

Normally, the first couple of missions will be in Tiny Woods,
but as you progress you will be seeing a couple of Thunder Wave
Cave.  The majority of missions that appear will be simple
rescue ones that require you to be a good person and rescue a
pokemon on one of the floors.  All you usually have to do is
just go up to it and press A.  Now, in a circumvented way, you
should try to do multiple missions at once while you are doing
these, as it can both save you time and more time in the long
run.  Taking three missions at once is usually a good idea, best
used in consecutive floors.  Once you have done a mission or two,
you will make a cutscene occur in a dream sequance, after which
you wake up and get a mission from a Dugtrio.  One big thing to 
note is that you should not go to Mt. Steel until you are at 
least Lv. 11.  That will save you time, as well as sanity. 
The Skarm at the top is pretty hard for some, but being at that
level will make it easier.  On a side note, I beat it at Lv. 7,
but then again I did almost die a couple of times :P.

To level up, I suggest just doing a couple of extra rescue
missions.  Fight every pokemon you encounter, and make sure to
take them out with a special move.  Once you get past this
dungeon, you'll gain access to the Makuhita dojo, but for now
you have to rely on regular missions for exp.  Gets money as
well, as well as rank points.

Once you are ready, go out the bottom of your rescue base and
prepare for a doozy.

You start on B1, and have to go to B9.  It's a long treck, and
here are some items I'd reccomend:

2 Apples
1 Reviver Seed(Save them for the future)
3 Oran Berry
1 Pecha Berry

Now, the reviver seeds will be useful later in the game, so save
them for that.  Here is a list of the pokemon that appear and
their moves.

Floors: 1-5
Moves: Peck, Growl

Floors: All
Attacks: Tackle, Harden

Floors: 5-8
Moves: Meditate, Bide

Floors: 4-8
Moves: Tackle

Floors: 4-8
Moves: Tackle, Defense Curl

Floors: ?
Moves: Confusion, Rapid Spin

This dungeon can be very dangerous due to two main things, either
you are underleveled, or you get surrounded by attackers.  Don't
let this happen, as it will hurt a lot.  Notice that as you get
towards the bottom of the cavern, you start seeing more and more
of the Meditite and Trygouge.  If you are underleveled, they
will kill you pretty quickly.  Try your best to pick up some
items while you are in there, as there are some good things.

BOSS ONE: Skarmory
Estimated HP~90
Moves: Peck, Steel Wing
Rec. Level: 13
This guy is a doozy, so make sure to either stock up or get out.
There is one big strategy that most use, and it includes using
a Blast Seed on him and finishing him with it.  They do about
30 a pop, so that's a lot.  If not, follow this strategy.
Start throwing rocks immediately as the battle starts.  It takes
him about 2 turns to get to you, so you have to be quick.  When
he gets to you, start using moves to weakne him, while healing
when nescessary with an oran berry.

After you complete this, you'll be transported out of the
dungeon autimatically, so if you have more to do, finish it
before you actually start the boss battle.  You will get a scene
in which you recieve your first GINSEG.  This item is very
special, as it increases the amount of damage a move can do 
at once.  Use it on Multi Hitting moves to make them utterly 
broken in every respect.  On that note, you finally get back to
your base and are confronted with a big problem.  It seems as 
though your partner wants the Magnemite to join your team, but
due to the fact that you don't have a friend area, you can't
keep him and your partner mopes around.  I almost feel sad for 
the guy.  Anyway, you make a resolve to go to the Wigglytuff
shop when it opens tommorow, so get some sleep and prepare for a

Okay, you immediately go to the square and talk to the puff ball
when you wake up, so just watch the scenes as they unfold and
roll with the punches.  It seems as though since you are new, 
she's giving you a special discount on friend areas.  Mainly in
the fact that they are FREE.  You get two autimatically, then 
another when that Magnemite shows up and asks the tuff for the
Power Plant friend area so that it can join you.  If I were you,
from now on when you get money and you don't have anything better
to do with it, buy friend areas.  Too many times I had to go and
restart an area to recruit some pokemon that I could have
recieved on my first run.  

Weaknesses: Grass, Water, Ice
Resistences: Electric
Rec. Level: 27
Rec. Items
3 Oran Berries
3 Reviver Seeds
6 Sleep Seeds
3 Apples
30 Gravel Rocks

Now you obviously won't be needing all of the gravel rocks, but 
it is nice to have them just in case you get a break and have 
a couple of turns to kill him. Now, there are two strategies 
that you should follow:

As soon as the battle starts, start popping gravel rocks at 
him. If you are lucky, you can get a good 100 hp off before 
he gets over to you. Then, pop a sleep seed. He goes, 
down, you run away. Get a good four or five spaces away, then 
start popping gravel rocks again. Rinse and repeat until the 
big giant goes down. If he does get close, it all comes down 
to who you have with you. There are many different strategies 
depending on what starter and partner you chose, so I can't 
honestly tell you what to do. I can tell you a quick strategy 
though for every starter type.

Water: Start with the strategy I told you, but instead of 
running once you pop the sleep seed, do yourself a favor and 
pound him with either water OR ice attacks.

Fire: Use the rec. strategy that I put on the top.

Normal: Depending on which normal starter you took, strategies 
differ. If you chose to take Skitty, then pound him with the 
Double Slap Link combo.

Grass: Use thes trategy at the top as getting close is 
EXTREMELY dangerous, as although you have a type advantage so 
does he.

Ground: Cubone can do a lot of things with this guy, but 
you should focus on that sick bonemarang combo he has, mainly 
because it will kill him fast.

Electric: Probably the hardest to truly use, do yourself a 
favor and stay back.

Weaknesses: Electric, Grass
Resistences: None
Rec. Level: 30
Rec. Items
4 Oran Berries
4 Reviver Seeds
5 Apples
6 Sleep Seeds
40 Gravel Rocks
5 Blast Seeds
Strategy: One big thing to remember when fighting this guy is
that he does boast a very high special stat in both categories,
so you will either have to fight from afar or close depending on
your starter.  It definitely makes sense to take an approach that
depends on being away from it anyway, as it probably, depending
on your starter at least, can kill you in about 6-7 hits with
the level I gave you.  Now, it does depend, but that is what it
took after some experimenting for him to kill me.  Now, first 
things first is to start the chucking gravel rocks right when the
fight begings.  You should be able to get at least two in before
he gets to you, as he is pretty big.  Once he does get to you, 
pop a sleep seed and either stay put and wack him or get away
and start popping gravel rocks again.  Depending on your type, 
I normally like to stay put and wack him, especially if you have
an advantage over him with type.  If you are daring, choose a
poke that has access to a smokescreen attack and hit him with it,
then stay put.  The main problem with this is that he can
and probably will get out of it and smack you, and it hurts if
he can get several in.  I like to just play it safe, but it is
up to you.

Weaknesses: Rock, Electric, Ice
Resistences: Ground, Fighting, Bug, Grass
Rec. Level: 23
Rec. Items
4 Apples
6 Oran Berries
3 Reviver Seeds
3 Sleep Seeds
15 Gravel Rocks
Strategy: I don't know that makes people believe this guy is any
harder than any of the other birds, as they all carry one big
weakness that truly makes the fights cake IF you know how to 
exploit it properly.  Are you going to be chucking gravel rocks?
Probably, but only for the first couple of rounds.  After that,
take advantage of one of the biggest weaknesses he has: ROCK.
He has a brutal 4x weakness to it, and through it he can
seriously be bought down within a turn or two of his appearence
once you get to him and you play your cards just right.  Rock 
type moves are rare though, so it will be up to you to find
them.  I suggest rock slide, but you may not know where to 
honestly look.  I suggest it, but in the case you don't, and of
his other weaknesses can work, under the protection of a sleep
seed of course.  You shoud pop one on him though anyway, but
in a rock type case you don't really have to wait that long of
a period of time to see him kick the bucket, so whatever floats
your boat.

Weaknesses: Rock, Electric
Resistences: Ground, Fighting, Ice, Bug, Grass
Rec. Level: 20
Rec. Items
5 Oran Berries
6 Sleep Seeds
3 Apples
8 Blast Seeds
15 Gravel Rocks
Strategy: All I can say is that take advantage of his rock 
weakness, as with it he'll go down quicker than Zappy.  I prefer
to go and hit him with them, and the gravel rocks; it's up to 
you though.  One big thing to notice is that he WILL take a ton
of damage from each blast seed you pop since he IS an ice type.
Once he gets close, start blasting them in his face until he
falls.  This works even better if he is asleep, so knock him out
first for the win.

Weaknesses: Water, Electric, BIG ROCK
Resistences: Ice, Fire, Fighting, Grass, Bug
Rec. Level 24
Rec. Items
5 Oran Berries
5 Sleep Seeds
15 Gravel Rocks
5 Apples
Stategy: Take advantage of that weakness he has to both water and
rock, as either will work perfectly.  Water attacks are probably
easier to get than rock, so take your pick and stick by it.  One
big thing to note in this fight is the fact that he can't be 
beaten by the go around ice way, so you probably will either have
to capatilize on either of the aformentioned weaknesses if you
want to come out in one big piece.  Same gravel rock throwing
applies, as well sleeping him early.

Weaknesses: Water, Ground
Resistences: Ice, Bug, Grass
Rec. Level 35
Rec. Items
30 Gravel Rocks
5 Sleep Seeds
5 Apples
10 Oran Berries
Strategy: This is probably the first really challenging fight
that you will be fighting since some of the regular game battles,
so strategies do differ.  He has a ton of HP, and it takes a 
long time to go through it.  Couple that with his ability to 
literally anniliate you in a couple of turns, and you have a
definite problem.  It makes sense to hit him with a water type
move, as it does provide you with protection to his brutal fire
type moves.  Lead with a water type, and back him up with a good
ground type such as Marowak.  Beat him up for a quick victory.
If anything at all, your biggest problem will be his fire type
moves, so if you get rid of them you get rid of him.

Weaknesses: Electric, Grass
Resistences: Ice, Fire, Bug
Rec. Level: 37
Rec. Items
10 Oran Berries
3 Apples
4 Sleep Seeds
15 Gravel Rocks
Strategy: Wail on him immediately with your best electric or
grass type moves as soon as he gets in range.  Gravel him until
he gets in your face, then beat the heck out of him with sleep
and moves.  He's not as hard as Entei, so if you beat him you
can beat this guy easily.  Note that this is for a second run.

Weaknesses: Ground, Fighting
Resistences: Bug, Grass, Electric
Rec. Level: 40
Rec. Items
5 Oran Berries
5 Sleep Seeds
15 Gravel Rocks
5 Apples
Strategy: Get a Marowak , make sure it has Bonemarang as a link
move, and proceed to beat this guy to kingdom come and back.  
Honestly, with the damage that he will be taking it probably
won't even last for more than a couple turns, and if he's asleep
it will go by even faster.  If you have a problem with that
strategy, what a shame.  You can get the darn Cubone easily 
enough, and it doesn't take much to seriously beat this guy with
him.  If you by some way mes up with him, than I pitty you, as
he resists almost all of his moves.

Weaknesses: Grass, Water, Ice
Resistences: Electric
Rec. Level: ~
Rec. Items
6 Oran Berries
10 Sleep Seeds
15 Gravel Rocks
3 Apples
Strategy: Beat him royally with a water type or ice type assualt.
He won't really last that long if you abuse those two things
while he is sound asleep.  If he wakes up, be prepared to take a
brutal beating that you won't foget.

Weaknesses: Fire, Electric
Resistences: Steel, Grass, Bug
Rec. Level: ~
Rec. Items
4 Gravel Rocks
3 Reviver Seeds
5 Oran Berries
5 Sleep Seeds
10 Blast Seeds
Strategy: KILLLLLL HIMMMMMMM.  Just joking, this guy, like all of
the Regis in general, is a joke that you should have no problems
with.  If you do, then you're either not leveled or just are 
horrible at the game itself.  That and your team is probably
garbage, but who cares? :P.  Anyway, blast seeds take this guy
out pretty fast, just be careful since he can kill you in a
couple of hits, so sleep is a must.  He could probably put me
to sleep with his lame battling :D.

Weaknesses: Fire, Electric
Resistences: Grass, Bug, Water, Ice
Rec. Levels: ~
Rec. Items
5 Oran Berries
5 Gravel Rocks
10 Blast Seeds
5 Reviver Seeds
4 Apples
Strategy: Look up and see the carnage that the last one took, 
only this guy can take a tad bit more than him.  That and he 
actually can take a couple of blast seeds and keep on going.
Same as usual, sleep him then go for the neck.  If he wakes
up, do it again, or finish him if you are close.  He can kill you
in about 7 turns, so nothing big.

Weaknesses: ICE, ROCK
Resistences: Too many to list :P.
Rec. Level: 30
Rec. Items
5 Oran Berries
5 Sleep Seeds
5 Reviver Seeds
Strategy: You'd be a fool not to take advantage of that ice and
rock weakness sheet, so please do so.  Either way it is a long
as heck fight, so just sit tight and keep it up.  The spread of
items that I gave you didn't include gravel rocks, but you can
include them if you please.  Just sleep him, then blast him.

Weaknesses: Everything :P.
Resistences: Everything :P.
Rec. Level: 100
Rec. Items
Whatever :P.
Strategy: He's not a boss, but people still have problems.  
Seriously, just take it to him and beat his brains out.  He's 
really not that hard once you get into a groove.

Weaknesses: Ice, Dragon
Resistences: Too Many :P.
Rec. Level: ~
Rec. Items:
Strategy: Capatilizing on a weakness is important in any battle,
and this is no different.  Just kill him and beat him back
when he gets close.  Sleeping works wonders, as well as other

You may not copy or reproduce ANY of this guide without my
personal permission.
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