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How do I get Legendary Island?

Help Me get Legendary Island!

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cr4zyyxm4n answered:

Recruit any of the legendary birds. They are not recruitable until you beaten Rayquaza.
The three legendary birds all have a 30% recruitment rate.
If you want a higher chance of recruiting, level up more and make the leader of the rescue team hold a Friend Bow.
Here's a wondermail for the Friend Bow.
4?89 !CS? 4R?1
K+?T 64?6 KN?W

The recruitment bonuses are given depending on your level.
lvl 0-29 Bonus: 0%
lvl 30-39 Bonus: 5%
lvl 40-49 Bonus: 7.5%
lvl 50-59 Bonus: 10%
lvl 60-69 Bonus: 12.5%
lvl 70-79 Bonus: 15%
lvl 80-89 Bonus: 17.5%
lvl 90-100 Bonus:24%

Also make sure you have enough room on your team and make sure the leader takes the final blow.

Zapdos - Mt. Thunder Peak
Moltres - Mt. Blaze Peak
Articuno - Frosty Grotto (Frosty Forest)
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protodude77 answered:

"Friend Area - Legendary Island
How to Unlock - Obtained when you recruit Articuno, Moltres or Zapdos.
List of Pokemon -
This is taken straight from the Friend Area FAQ. Next time, try there before asking a question. There are a bunch of good FAQs for this game that can get you an answer much faster than waiting for someone to respond.
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