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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find the HM Dive and/or HM Surf??

Im not sure how to get dive so i can go to silver trench.and while on a mission,i was defeated and lost my HM surf and i was wondering how to get it back.

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From: barboid 6 years ago

Find Dive on Floor 10 of Solar Cave (bring a key) and Surf is on Floor 20 (bring a poke who can cross water).

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You can find dive in the solar cave, i'm not sure which floor, and you can find surf there too. I think..

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You can obtain dive for the first time by talking to whiscash.If you lost it u can only obtain it back by heading to solar cave at floor 10 and it in a chamber.You need to use a key at the door which is white to open the chamber. And dive will be inside. You can only obtain one. If you try the second time, it will be a link cable which helps in pokemon evolution. For surf, you have to head to floor 20 and remember to bring either a water type pokemon or pokemons wiht all terrain walker and super mobile.Just like dive, you can only have one.I hope this helps.

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4?-N ?CF? ?P?X
S2?Y 64NR C9?W

1?8N J3F? 1P6H
S5?! 64NR 5W?W

Use those wondermails and if you need any more go here:

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If you are looking for HM Dive then get to floor 10. (Don't forget a key) If you're looking for HM Surf go to floor 20. (Bring a pokemon who can fly or can walk on water) If you're looking for HM Waterfall go to floor 15. (Also needs a key)

Note: If you already have HM Dive in its place you will find a Link Cable

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HM Dive- Solar Cave F10
HM Surf- Solar Cave F20
HM Waterfall- Solar cave F15
need- Key (found inside the dungeon starting from F9~20)/ Scanner Orb

tried and tested on Scanner Orb. Just found it out awhile ago. I got my Waterfall and Surf that way on the same run.
party: 32Dragonair,32Pikachu,32Venusaur,25Natu<recruited at Solar Cave

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