Question from Emilin_Rose

Gameshark code for changing partner?

i'm trying to change my partner to machop, since i can't pick him as a partner normally.

But the internet doesn't seem to have a code to do this, or if it does i can't find it. does anyone have the code for it?


artamisa08 answered:

no need to cheat, but first youmust enter of all dungeon ex.
Tiny woods 10x
Thunderwave cave 10x, try it
then all 16 choosable pokemon from the begining will come in your rescue team base asking for help then say yes,thats all, thank you for asking
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A_nonymosity answered:

What a laugh. That is false.

I don't think many people would have the code, sorry
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A_nonymosity answered:

I'm sorry, I meant that artamisa's thing was a lie
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artamisa08 answered:

Hahaha that's true hehehe.
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falzarLCH answered:

Haha! Good joke!

Well, it is partly true. If I really enter all dungeons 10x the starters that are in those dungeons would have asked me if they can join my rescue team and if you can unlock all dungeons you surely can change your leader.

There! That'show you change your starter.
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