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Whats the easiest way to level?

I am only at level 23,at sky tower,and each time i go in i die where should i go?

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SmokeRulz answered:

If you're that early in the game, you'll just have to go back to earlier dungeons and grind it out, sorry. Just do your best. However, here's a copy/paste from hswbaz's FAQ here on the site, for some good places to level up fast. However, I don't know anything about these dungeons or how powerful they are, so they might need to be saved for when you're a lot stronger than you are now:

Q: Where is the fastest place to level up?

A: Fastest place to level up that I have seen is either the popular 1-room
Monster Houses of Lugia's Silver Trench or spending some time on
Floors 40-60 and 89-98 in Western Cave where most enemies (Skarmory,
Absol, Tyranitar, Alakazam, Charizard, Blastoise) all give over 1000
experience each when killed by a move, and if you manage to get a monster
house of them you are looking at upwards of 5000-6000 experience from
just that room. If you manage to nab yourself a Tight Belt you can
spend alot more time on these floors just farming the experience.

Submitted by Sixftdwarf:

Just wanted to let you know I found a neat little trick. If you use a
One Room Orb on a floor with a monster house, the whole floor becomes
a monster house. A useful trick if you're trying to level, but not as
useful if you're barely surviving, like I was at the time I discovered
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