Question from Sebastianekk

Asked: 6 years ago

How many people can I have in my team when going to dungeons?

The pokemon i am talking about are size 1 because i want to bring my absol,hondour,eevee,and pickachu.So my hondour can evolve in the cave.

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From: Genesis_Dragon 6 years ago

You can only bring 1 Pokemon at a time into the Evolution Cave.

For other dungeons, you can bring up to 3 Pokemon from your rescue team in, INCLUDING your leader. And the size must not be greater than 6. The fourth spot is reserved for recruits and escorts, and their size counts towards your total, so be careful.

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lol theevolution cave you are only allowed 1 pokemon to enter... It tells you that when you go in... any other time tho... yeah check size but for evolution size doesnt matter only 1 person a trip

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The "evolution cave" is called Luminous cave and what genesis dragon said about the size 6

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Duegon Max 3 Pokemon Max 6 stars Lumrouis Cave Max 1 Pokemon

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Max 4 (including yourself) 6 stars and 1 pokemon in lumrouis cave!

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